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Mr. Bear!

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It would be nice if N4G maintained some level of consistency to its submission process, as well as designate less power to users set on flagging every submission unfairly.

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@ SpinalRemains138

A better and more able camera would intelligently realign to the player, rather than force them to constantly correct it. That's the big difference here.

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Actually, what this and other controller attempts prove is that not ENOUGH people care about buttons; if they did the support would be better than it is, there would be games designed for it, and the users would vote overwhelmingly with their money to support it.

Sadly, most of these attempts fail because, simply, the interest simply isn't there. Even a dedicated portable GAMING console like the PS Vita, which was touted for its buttons, has failed to take hold with the v...

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Actually, a real journalist would welcome any new platform with open arms, allowing themselves the opportunity to experience something new and letting the platform rise or fall on how much fun or entertaining it is.

Gamer Snobbery is a cancer on the industry, one that shutters innovation and keeps those who might be willing to try new things from attempting something original. Thank goodness they are in the minority and not the "voice" they think they are.

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For the record, this article doesn't answer the question it poses. It's not a 'doomsday' piece or pot-stirring, either, but actually a cautionary look at what 'might' happen in the current environment to the Vita and why that is.

Hopefully, those who actually read it will see this.

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Agreed; this article should not have been reported. Is there a way to remove this report status?

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It's an animated GIF waiting to happen!!

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No doubt about it, the 'game' (or whatever it is at this point) looks amazing. Hard to believe that's running on a mobile device!

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