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"Game news"


Used game must allow on next gen #3
That's crazy! #1
@sandman, sony care for their gamers they try to provide us better improvement which is why they always have maintenance, just to put everything more secure for us (gamers) and yet we havent giving them a penny, unlike XBOX. You want to know the best part about PSN? Free! #10.3
My guess is, more maintenance = More improvement and more strong security #9
Treyarch all day nufff said #1
I cant stop myself from lol but 3DS just got f ing pwned in their azzz #7
lol wow #1
Uncharted 3 like honestly and MGS 4 teh best! #10
I think Grand Theft Auto V should have been in there, overall this article is stunning with many great game #12
THE LAST GUARDIAN!!! cant wait for this game to come out #1
can't wait to watch it. At 3 minutes, looks like it's going to be pretty long. Damn, am excited now. #1
am excited about Epic Games new title and the new Sony PS3 exclusive. Bring it ON! :D #1
that mage must be on a really high level. Can't wait to skin some me some dragons though. :D #3
the less space required the better, I just hope the game lives up to expectations though. CoD titles are getting more generic by the day. #4
speak for yourself, I do think that was the very reason that he delayed the game. Anyways, good choice, TM would've stood no chance amongst the fall line-up of titles! #5
the visuals are amazing, there's no doubt this is going to be the best looking PS3 to date, but am more excited about the gameplay, it has the potential to become the best PS3 game in itself, overall. #2
MGS4, Rain and UC look stunning #8
The graphic is so reality, speaking of multiple disk for 360 it might aswell be possible but then again it would most likely be aa playstation exclusive #3.2.1
Agent probably coming next year. or we might get a trailer tease or a game play about it next E3 #19
Last guardian and versus are the only 2 im excited about the most and great article man! Like it! #4
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