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PC devs are largely moving away from DirectX, and while it is still huge OpenGL and others are gaining ground

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As much as I'd love this to be true, I seriously doubt it because Sony doesn't seem to want to pay for 3rd party exclusivity (KH3, FFXV).

But still, Timesplitters 4 on ANY platform (except if it was exclusive to X1) would be absolutely amazing

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Getting Danganronpa next month for the Vita, cannot wait.

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actually, there were quite a few TV ads for Tearaway over in Europe (and likely NA?).

there were many more PS4 ads though

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It is the law to include taxes in British pricing though, plus our minimum wage and average wages for most jobs are higher.

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I don't want to play Titanfall. No, really, I don't, I really don't understand its hype.
And IF I did, I could play it on 360/PC

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well you gotta remember that Sony don't set the prices, but they probably set the prices themselves at an inflated price to test the store and then contacted the big publishers about how much they will charge.

idk though

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it hasn't really changed at all since the very first games, it isnt challenging and is in my opinion getting a little stale

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Ni no Kuni was what Pokemon should have been.

I really hope that it is coming to PS4

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I have only saw two 2 minute ads for the PS4 so far here in the UK, it seems like they focused on the US when it came to TV ads.

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what is this

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Sony are going to push the UK hard this gen I think.

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and they've been losing market share for quite a while actually, Sony has been pushing the PS3 hard for a while over here and the sales seem to prove that it's working.

PS3 tends to sell about 2-5k less than the 360 per week (PS3 even outsells the 360 on the odd week), which is an improvement compared to a few years ago.

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wrong, I meant aligned launches

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Sony Online Entertainment has virtually nothing to do with SCE, they do their own stuff mainly on PC (though starting to come to PS4)

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and the 3DS is about 11 million behind the DS

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only one ad at one time though, plus you need to go into the "What's new" section"

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looks great!

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going from PSP to PS4 isn't exactly a small jump

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Ready at Dawn are really good devs too, plus they have Sony Santa Monica to help them out (these guys are helping out just about every second-party devs right now)

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