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Woowww LOVED Warhawk. Been wanting a PS4 Warhawk reboot for ages now!

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well it was still $700 to buy a new ps3 on launch up here. I remember because at the time I had to sign up for a future shop credit card just to be able to afford it.

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Our currency is just worth less than USD. It fluctuates but typically it is around 70 cents for 1 us dollar.

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That's exactly what we think too! If it's not too much to ask, please give this article an approval so that more people who think the same can see this!

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I'm from Canada, my friend. The land where we pay sometimes as much as 30% more for the same stuff.

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I enjoyed Liar, but sadly it left a lot to be desired. Especially at the time when game selection was very limited on the new $700 console.

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thanks for all the support everyone! Can't wait to show off more about it! Follow us on twitter @playhouse_ent for all the latest updates.

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looks like they did the Unity stealth game tutorial and are trying to make a full game out of it.

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Sony already has a ton of experience with OLED, 3D and head-mounted displays, I'd say that they're our best chance for a quality consumer VR kit. Not to mention they've got the funds and manufacturing capabilities to bring a consumer version to market much quicker than Oculus ever could.

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We're using the PS4 Eye for accurate head-tracking. Combined with the PlayStation Move for two handed motion controls, the experience is quite enjoyable. Check out an early tech demo we put together to showcase these PS4 features:

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Thanks so much! We really appreciate the support and you using our video as part of your debate!

We were initially bummed when Sony decided not to bundle the camera. They put a lot of work into upgrading the camera, but to have hit the $399 price point with the camera in the box probably would have been tough. Especially after confirming that the console is going to have 8gb of GDDR5 Ram.

With the greatly increased motion control capabilities of the DualShock...

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This was confirmed when the PS4 was announced in Feb. We've been working on a PS4 DualShock 4/Move game for several months now. Check out our old tech demos to get an idea of where we are heading with the type of motion controlled gameplay we're creating.

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Coming from a PS4 dev working on a ps move game that requires the camera, I can't lie and say I'm not disappointed about the camera not being bundled, but in the end it's 100% the right call. Now way more people will be able to afford the console and hopefully will see the added value of the camera once great games start coming out that make use of it.

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most likely just hiring for a companion app to a ps4 game. like nearly 99% of the other PS4 devs.

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The PS Move is capable of so much more than what has currently been released. Check out our old tech demos to see how we are working with the Move and PS4 to bring incredibly realistic 1:1 motion controls to hardcore video games.

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I thought this was already known to the general public..

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Winnipeg dev's doing some pretty awesome stuff! Everyone go back this project!!

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ps vita remote play is a requirement for most ps4 games. companion apps are for mobile phones. will show game data like maps, upgrades, stats, etc. The full game will definitely NOT be playable on mobile phones.

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Hate to break it to all of you that think it's "better [to] wait for Sony to do something slimmer", but it's not coming. Coming from a licensed PS3 and now PS4 developer, this is the best it is going to get. Might as well enjoy something that exists now and is fun to use, rather than talk about waiting for something that doesn't exist and isn't going to.

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The Move has only been out for just over 2 years and with the PS3 at over 70 million units it is likely to be around for many more years. I think it's possible to change peoples opinion of motion controlled gaming and I believe my company is on the right track for making that happen. We have developed a motion controller peripheral designed for hardcore gamers to allow for dual joystick character and camera control while still allowing for 1:1 motion control of both hands. If you want to ...

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