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I believe Saints Row 2 will be good. After some of the videos i saw u can do almost anything...From balancing on the hood of some guys car going 80mph, to streaking in a park in front of old people, to running around in a hot dog suit killing someone with a chainsaw, the graphics might not be as good as GTA4 but theres ALOT more customization and activities in Saints Row 2 #14.2
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Or all the gamers can chip in some money to hire a big hitman squad and take all the EA workers out without a trace and itll be like EA never existed...

But for real this is gonna suck, expect an annual GTA with 1 new feature and no F bombs #16.4
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well said xhairs...although ur name is ironic with wat u said...only place hair looks good on females is their head #2.4
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Im really looking forward to this game...The combat system looks badass with no health bars even for bosses it just depends where you hit them...If you cut off their arm they cant attack, stab their leg theyre much slower, cut their throat theyre dead, and every attack is different #1
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I prefer COD4 I was seriously addicted to that game until last month and i bought the game release day...I only played MGO for a few days then stopped, I was expecting the game to be more stealthy but instead its everyone running around with guns blasting eachother up, so when I walk around with a Knife im dead in 2 seconds and I dont like using guns in a game thats made for stealth...So MGO wasnt really good for me... #11
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Hmmm ive yet to see an expression on anyones face in this game, A guy getting burned alive has the same expression as a guy that just saved his teammate, thats a bit odd but im sure theyll fix that up...If they lift that little T rating and bring it up to an M this is a definite buy for me, Army games ARE NOT supposed to be rated T, its so fake when you get a headshot with no blood and they follow it up with a fake death animation, i like to see someones arm fly past your screen from a 50 cal... #22
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I agree with this article, Within 10 seconds of playing MGS4 i felt like I was in a movie theater watching an intense war film...Ive never felt this into a videogame before...the game is flawless, the graphics are great, sound is great, cutscenes are great, and great comic relief (Which in every other action game is corny)...So whoever disagrees with me played the game right??? #33
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WTF does the laser designater do? #5
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Agreed, at times I have 5 grenades on me at once and thats only with 6 enemies so that means with 30 enemies ill have 29 nades on me...thats rediculous, but with a bigger map the battles might spread out so it could be a 10 vs 10 on 1 side, 10 vs 10 on another, and 10 vs 10 somewhere else so who knows #10.1
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If EA launched a console
...There will be a new one every year with 2 new features #18
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If there was a warriors sequel to a crappy game console that just came out id buy the system just for that game...but no other game, only the warriors #9.1
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All four of us

Jk only them 3 fail #14.3
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At first i thought this was people that died from handheld games...I remember someone got 3rd or 2nd degree burns from a psp he left in his pocket during school #3
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lol before i clicked on this i betted 20 dollars to myself that there will be someone posting a fanboy comment trieng to start a flamewar, Damn you fanboys never prove me wrong :)

I bet $20 the title of an article will be "Top 10 Movies" and there will still be someone bashing a console...grow up #32.1
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So you think I go on this site to start bashing other consoles and not listen to what others say? If I see someone bashing the PS3 like crazy and just losing control then I post a few comments to shut him up (as seen above).Youll never see me go onto a 360 section bash it then leave the area with 20 disagrees, I just put ppl in check and get their facts str8, Bsides i spend most my time on the forums because it gets boring from all the fanboy nonsense, I just visit the main site every 3 weeks #62.7
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huhh did someone call me? #50.1
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After all of the intense moments of playing the game you finally get to relax with a nice long cut scene watching how the story progresses and unfolds, so you can grab some pizza chips soda and watch the beauty of the game and deep meaning of the story in action...then go back to playing it and live the action and intensity of mgs4 #27.3
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@ xteampro
Every reasonable person and every gamer would know that but you wont put it through the titanium thick skull of some of these rabid fanboys that foam through the mouth when someone points out a true statement about their console (as seen above) #62.5
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FIRST!!! of all do you know your lowercase and capital letters??? Because lowercase of D is d U DUMBASS. 2nd of all youre an ignorant racist POS, I guess everyone with dark skin looks like Mike Tyson to u??? And 3rd IDK why im arguing wit a DUMBASS fanboy like you...No matter how crappy the 360 is youll continue to jerk off to it everynight and everytime you see anti PS3 news i guess you do the same, Its fine by me go on and troll stories on a gaming website while im enjoying my PS3 EXCLUSIVE... #62.3
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The wii wont have many mature games because majority of the wii gamers are young kids (Not saying there are no adults)so it will be more profitable to make rated E and T games for the wii and put the M games on the 360 and ps3 #2
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