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Yeah it does and to be honest I also prefer Defense Grid. Still I am glad that they put effort into porting the mobile game and adapting it for the PC market. Bigger devs could learn a thing or two in that respect.

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Never really enjoyed this game, but I'm amazed it took so long to come on the PS Store since it's a well known classic.

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If you hadn't noticed Ubisoft came out and said a few days ago that people are ready for always on. So apparently 300+ articles against always-on isn't enough. And you should permanently care about bs like this or you're gonna get fcked over by the companies.

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Maybe I haven't made it clear enough. When it comes to next gen Destiny has only been announced on the PS4. Also I don't have a problem with the Kinect 2, I have a problem with MS focusing their new console around Kinect 2. And last thing, motion control isn't the future for gaming, and it's not the thing that will replace our traditional means of controlling games, simply because not everyone can use the Kinect(gamers with disabilities for instance). P.S: next xbox and ps4 us...

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