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"Shalome! XbonePS4WiiUPCMobileHandheld fan"


If it has to go, I hope Nintendo buys the Xbox and not Sony; that would put Nintendo near the cutting edge in terms of advanced technology, plus there should always be two consoles, two rivals to constantly sharpen each other's claws to make sure they aren't dropping the ball.

The best liked Superhero out of DC, Marvel, etc., is batman; conversely, the best liked villain is The Joker.

Not because of their powers or even their intellect, but because of... #1.1.40
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To the victor goes the spoils. #1.2.6
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There is no "mix-up" if the buttons were blocked; that shows a clear intent to deceive; why else would Ubisoft cover up PS3 buttons for a PS3 video?

What do these people take us for, morons? #1.1.4
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No worries. :) #1.1.30
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"MS can't demand XB1 footage if Ubi isn't ready to show it."

Is the game supposed to come out on the PS4 and the Xbone at the same time? If so, then there ought to be some footage by now; not to mention the fact that the game is pushed-back to 2014.

"you all really sound like children who MS personally abused. I don't get it...i really don't."

Well, you should by now because there's an undeniable patter... #1.2.3
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Xbone, Xbone, Xbone...

This is not good.



Yeah, in 2006 the PS3, as well as everyone else, had projected goals they made in animated form; the only difference was that Sony execs made the mistake of claiming that one of the games, Killzone 2, looked just like it's vid (or said that... #1.1.5
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"You completely missed the first shot, 2nd shot not much better, the only bad thing was when the lag kill happened, but not only that your head still shows on top of the concrete wall unless prone."

It's an odd coincidence that I saw a JFK vid not too long before I read your comment. #1.5
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No, this was an open invitation to anyone, including Sessler; I mean, I want to see if he has integrity concerning this issue; if he does, then it should be easy for any of his hardcore fans to source this one up multiple times, especially since he's a video personality. I'm not saying I'm not a fan, I just won't go as far as to say he's the *most* sincere out there, because all he had to do to shut-up the so-called "fanboys" was to me... #7.1.4
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"When people say "PC graphics," they're talking about what PCs are capable of right now, regardless of its install base."

Well, you actually made my point because PCs are also capable of making graphics as good as a PS3/PS4 right now, and the needs of those people aren't being addressed; irregardless of the install base. Seeing that most PC players won't play with the graphics and settings the minorities will have the privilege of playing with,... #1.1.7
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@ kleptic:

"what kind of math is that haha?"

Sorry to tell you this, but your math is wrong:

1080 * 1920 = 2,073,600

So yah. ;)

Secondly, 1080x1920 isn't a universal standard yet, which is why I used just the 1080 and 720; until all HD broadcasts worldwide use a set standard, there's no real reason to for me to because heck, 1080x1920 isn't even the max standard anymore seeing that there... #1.1.28
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@ Jokes


Good call:

http://n4g.com/news/1387042... #1.1.25
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It's NOT a negative; That's good marketing to help spread the word.

I gotta admit, good job, Microsoft. #1.4.2
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"10% doesn't get u from 720p to 1080p or 900p just saying"

10% of 1080 would be 108; 1080-108 = 972

That sounds about right, round abouts, anyways. #1.1.25
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Okay, I'll bite; maybe I'm wrong and would like to be proven incorrect because I believe that he is at heart at least a person who tries to be honest:

If graphics doesn't matter to Sessler, then by now he should already have a similar rant talking about how these same cross-platform graphics don't matter between the PS3 and the 360, seeing that for the most part this gen 360 graphics were better than PS3 graphics for a number of cross-platform games.
... #7.1.2
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@ MidnytRain:

Well, yeah; it's not relevant:

When people talk about such a small percentage of their gaming audience pretending that they're 100%, they totally skew the conversation, plus overlooking the needs of the average PC gamer. #1.1.5
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"Why is it that when discussing graphics in a PC vs console format, graphics don't matter as much and it's all about the games, but once it becomes a matter of console vs console, graphics take center stage as proponents from each side engage in a blood lust fueled fervor?"

Why is it that when people say "PC graphics" all of a sudden every PC that ever existed can do 4k, 1000fps?

PC graphics are arbitrary and variable, and the peop... #1.1.3
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Does it matter?

Did it matter this gen, or the last one?

Yes. #1.1.26
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It ain't a 10, but I'd say between quality and diversity alone would give it a 9.5; the quantity falls a little short at 10 (/s lol) giving it a total average of 9.67.


Sorry Microsoft fans, you just have your head in the clouds on this One (pun intended).

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"getting paid big bucks just to lie to millions of people"

"So does barrack Obama my friend so does barrack Obama!! "

Well, you're basically saying all US presidents are paid to lie.

I don't know how to take that because that's untimately unproven, and there's presidents that fought for the people like how Andred Jackson fought hard to get the American people off of under the thumbs of banks; but you have p... #3.1.7
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@ starchild:

No, not a bias, backing up what you say with actual FACTS.

Microsoft's executives have been caught too many times already saying stuff that's questionable already, and by doing so, they would not have been on there long. Get it? Talking bull and not backing it up with facts=banned, not bias. #1.2.12
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