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Like I said...

They'll be lucky if they don't disappear.

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That's the million dollar question:

Why is a network, which is rated to be more vulnerable be only 40% down on xmas day (versus PSN's 70%), and not as attacked as a less vulnerable network?

And where and when was this 40%, exactly?

As posted by shin master:

"The easier game network to take down was Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Sony had apparently upgraded its security recently, which took 'a bit of time to work aro...

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They don't need to do anything:

According to the US definition of terrorism in Title 18 of the United States Code, activities that intimidate or coerce a civilian population that happens outside of the US makes them a terrorist organization.

If they did it inside of the US, the Patriot Acts says the same thing: When Lizard squad demanded 10,000 RTS on Twitter to "stop smacking #Xbox and #PSN offline", they coerced citizens; officially becoming ...

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Haven't been on PSN all day yet; not that I've tried, I've been working all day. I hope I can get on when I do.

Just wannabe geeks wrecking it for everyone because being a loser with a computer still makes you a nobody, so they drag everyone down into their own personal hell of being a social outcast.

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What was the names of those games that you got for free on Xbox One?




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@ king of nothing:

Obviously you didn't read the court information, and you ignored what the judge said, so you're not even worth commenting on.

So you can copy and paste, good for you; for being a lawyer, you sure don't pay attention to details.

Stick with your day job, whatever that is.

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If Microsoft's not willing to radically change their gameplan, the only way they'll win this cosole war is if North Korea declares war on Sony.

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@ AndrewLB:

I don't know if you were talking to me or not, but if you were, you're wrong.

Even the judge stated that as the complaint stood, they could not get money under the negligent misrepresentation claim the plaintiff filed under in light of the the economic loss rule. Did you read the article?

I only wrote:

"Like the judge said, it may well be; but it doesn't have to LOOK it, and that's where they ...

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The lawsuit is pointless, especially since they can't recover under the economic loss rule, which basically allows you to recover damages if there was a contract, which there wasn't, personal injury or physical damage, which there isn't, or any Tortious conduct or Tortious interference, unless someone in Sony or GG made a promise that it would be 1080p, 60fps and it was not actually 1080p, 60fps, which could be viewed as a verbal contract.

Like the judge said, it ...

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Don't worry. it's most likely a temporary move. A lot of their top-tier circuit players are Xbox players which includes, if I'm not mistaken: PIE Smug, Infiltration, Ricky Ortiz, Snake Eyez, Fillipino Man, PR Balrog, and an bunch of others... so I don't think it's a permanent move, as isolating them would be bad for their competitions. On the other hand, most of them use the big, 6-button platter contrllers (what my friends and me call them), and they could very well just ...

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I wish the DLC didn't cost almost as much as a full-blown game.

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Yeah, but meh: The title says "yes", but the article says "maybe", it's just like how reporters hype-up something that Sony never said, but then get mad at Sony for not doing something they never said.

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I guess I struck a nerve by downgrading "teh precious pr0n" lol!

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After that "penis-thumb" ad Sony made, I can't see anything else worse than that. :)

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Who are the lizard squad?

(thinks about it for a moment...)


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Games do what porn does: watching porn doesn't make you a stud, nor do you learn anything useful from watching such filth I would imagine; engaging with either one is for a release, not an emulation of what you see.

A lot of people use both for things they can't do, not for what they can.

I am not good enough to play in the NBA or NFL, so I do like playing games that put me in that world.

I can, however, play gym ball with my goofy,...

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If games make you violent, then what was Hitler playing before he got all uppity and killed a bunch of people?

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@ Venom:

That is exactly what this is about. last gen owners looking to convert can download the trial and either upgrade and get the game, or get the game and keep what they have.

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Okay, this one wins the upgrade war.

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They should release it; most of the bugs were conditional (slowdown on a certain lever because of constant incoming ships IF you don't destroy many of them after a while, for example) and might not show up on improved hardware.

Two bugs weren't actually bugs;

- The one bug on a review that showed massive clipping was the result of picking-up a soldier and throwing him, and holding down to see where his trajectory was, and sometimes, especially if you...

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