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@ andreslb:

I poop in my home, and I eat in my home.

Should I move?


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Yeah; selling things ruins companies all of the time.

*rolls eyes*

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Yet another thing ABC doesn't do right.

...But when any Disney game comes out, I'm sure it'll get 4s or very high explained 3s.

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I've been fighting it for a while, but I will get a PS4 probably with the MGS5 bundle or earlier. I also have to secure Shadow Fall before it goes off shelves.

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Why do they want it? It's not 60fps, 1080p; the criteria they keep on bashing other console exclusive games for not being.

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I did, thanks.

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Nice little list, Winback used cover for a protection, not shooting from cover; when you shot in Winback, you were fully uncovered unless you stood behind an object, which you could do in quite a few games.

In Kill.Switch you shot from cover whilst keeping your vitals protected behind an object, making your demise less likely, and the firefight more realisti...

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"Do yourself a favor and read the article. Not a single negative word was said towards Bloodborne."

Other than the phrasing of "Bloodborne only has one Shield in the whole game", of course.

While the title was phrased factually (if true), if the emphasis was on actually talking about the differences between Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, then the title should reflect that. I would respect that and read the article.

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Maybe because the Battlefield burger was sampled from actual meat.

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Satire.. lol

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Dude, where's my frickin' lemonade?


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Almost missed that. :D

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Naw, Peach is totally into animals; that's why she's with Bowser all of the time. Don't you think a kingdom's army could protect it's princess even a little bit better than ONE plumber?

Now Mario might be a druggie, taking things that makes him think he can fly, grow/shrink, and throw fire from his hands and bummimg his stash from a rich girl; sounds like a classic crackhead that's being used as a pretend boyfriend to me... That&#...

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@ mixelon:

That may have been the idea, but it was executed poorly; but I'm glad you put that there because now I know it was intentional, but there was nothing leading up to that part to indicate that there was any sexual tension between them prior to the kiss. You get an agree for that one. ;)

I see girls kiss all of the time, and they really hammer each other, but they seem to always say that their straight; I took it as a girl thing, just like how the...

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Get a jillion HP weapon in 100 hours and "I iz bored wit" Destiny:

Get 12 weapons in 40 hours and "I iz disappoint".

Maybe you get 12 in 40 so you can play 500 hours and get that jillion HP weapon, thereby rewarding the true veterans of the game.

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A part of me thinks that they should change the title to "Project Cars Delayed" since everyone knows it by that name.

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I'm torn: they shouldn't put out a game that needs to be patched, so I laud them for that; but on the other hand, they should have never announced the game's release date because they obviously can't keep a design schedule.

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"Really F****** Proud"

Really Feeling Proud? They should be!


@ Chrono:

Why not? They used to be free.

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I like that idea, but a Gears/Killzone crossover would be more feasible; seeing that neither species in the Resistance universe seems to be capable of space flight as they stand (Chimera are cut off from their homeworld and therefore from their factories, humans being technologically inferior).

Wormholes? It appears that the Chimera are capable of doing that given the technology that's already there; but not interstellar space flight as it stands.

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How can you be a fan of something you've not experienced yet? That's like saying you're a fan of the next Star Wars movie; that's a foolish thing to say at best because you don't know how it's going to turn out.

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