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Thank you... you're too kind
I'm glad everyone is seeing that I'm not trying to bash the games, I love the games; I have no problem with them: I'm focused on the media. The media is causing otherwise friendly gamers to go at each other, because these guys get paid by the word and don't really care if there's any objectivity or facts guiding their articles. #7.1
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I agree with you, Jinkstar
Although I do remember FPS games for earlier consoles like Quake II for the PS1, Turok for the N64, and other games, they didn't play well. Controls for just about any game I can think of that I can remember weren't tight at all. I think the best controls that I can recall was for Codename: Tenka, but even then it was a confusing mix of buttons and D-pad sequences to make your player competent.

And I totally agree about the COD4 innovations. :D #6.4
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Hey, games didn't make me fat and lazy...
...I was fat and lazy WAY before video games! #9
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If I'm not mistaken, Halo brought two things that lots of people are using today...
1. Halo was the first FPS to limit the guns you can carry to two. That brings an element of strategy and pre-planning to FPS that wasn't there before

2. Halo was also the first FPS to have the health bar automatically renew itself, making health packs unecessary.

There may be more, but that's the only two I remember.

And thanks to everyone for the kind comments; you all are too kind. :D #6.2
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Well, they said Blu-Ray and HD-DVD can co-exist...
...see how right they were with that one... but I do believe these two can co-exist.

DD is the future though, but not the immediate future.

It may be the immediate future of renting, maybe; but for sales, until you get five things:

1. a hard drive that never corrupts

2. a hard drive that can download hundreds of 1080p quality movies

3. a way to sell your Downloaded movies

4. cheap, fast internet with unlimited bandw... #13
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lol in this case I'm glad I'm wrong
I loved both games, but Halo makes me sweat! #3.1
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You hit the nail right on the head, Halochampian
Games are longer when you crank up the difficulty.

Hopefully, Killzone has a difficulty level that you can crank up. #6.7
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I got a feeling someone's getting a black box soon, pansenbaer
I've seen these symptoms before with a guy I used to talk to online at gamepro.com.

Anyways, Resistance 2 was shorter than Resistance, but the first resistance had a little more meat to it in the story; which made it okay to be long.

Killzone 2 will probably be just as good in it's story as the first story, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. #3.5
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If you are complaining about the time, Play on the hardest level the first time out.
A harder difficulty means more initial playing time.

For me I'll play this game on hard off the bat like I did with Uncharted. The first time I played Uncharted, I got 15 hours out of it instead of the normal mode's lesser hours.

Then I'll go for the trophies in a harder mode if a harder mode unlocks.

Personally, I don't understand a person's reason of not playing a game on the hardest level when you first buy it. A rental I can, but not something you bu... #2.13
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It could be the end of the world...
...or those huge Playstation ads that were on their site a few weeks back.

Check musta went through. #1.1
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Name one game that has 300,000+ levels...
...and I'll show you a game that will last for years to come. #1.10
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panasonic23, I know exactly what trailer you're talking about
I was going to put that in this blog. Here's the link you're talking about:


But also please READ the blog. I included a clip of Bill Gates saying that the initial trailer was IN-GAME footage, which is different from IN-ENGINE(shown @ 1:17:40):

htt... #2.2
Well, the first killzone had multiple ways of achieving objectives...
...plus four different characters to play with.

The didn't keep the different characters as far as we know, so I would guess that they would've kept the ability to traverse multiple paths, but you can never be sure. Hopefully yes.

Also, I don't see you point: if you haven't read any of the reviews, I encourage you to do so if you're concerned. #32.2
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Lord willing, they changed the more recent voice acting...
...because it sounds like they rounded-up a bunch of hillbillies and gave them sandwiches to read the lines and the hillbillies were eating while they read the lines.

It made my earholes cry...

blood. #5.7
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Explains why Sony supported Mario before the PS1
Now I wonder... #3.5
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Nawww, graphics don't mean nothin' to the general public...
...which is why Blu-Ray is out-selling DVD in terms of the number of years out.

Which is why people are getting or planning on getting HDTV's.

Which is why people own color televisions instead of black and white ones.

Which is why glasses/contact lenses are so popular.

Which is why large televisions are more popular than small televisions.

Which is why people prefer a "room with a view".

Which is why prett... #25.5
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Halo was just one game...
...that saved the original xbox. #23.2
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Just like the First Fable did damage...
...which didn't stop the second one from being a success. #2.3
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Using your logic... why would I want a DVD player...
...when I already have one? #15.1
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No, I talked to one of they guys directly, he said they didn't have time for a re-release

If they do re-make, I guess they'll do it as DLC or hopefully like Tekken 5, 60 fps at 1080p. #6.5
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