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This article making it to the front page speaks ill of N4G.com more so than Kotaku
...Legit stories get shot down here all of the time, but this stuff, which can be PROVEN incorrect, is still standing.

Everyone knows Kotaku's a joke, but by constantly using often wrong and slanted articles from Kotaku only makes it appear that this place is becoming more and more of a joke.

Everyone is noticing it, too; especially when gtplanet.net called an article re-posted on N4G with a "sensational headline".

Last Remnant on the 360 sold 78k

Otome-dius gorgeous on the 360 sold 5~10k

and Blue Dragon on the 360 sold 70,000 (I'm not sure about play.tm; they are kinda weak for news
http://play.tm/wire/click/1... )

It's not great, but it's doing a lot better than most. #1.14
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That's cool that you got it, and I hope it works out for you...
I hope I can get one. I got burned twice by microsoft, and now I'm down AGAIN.

That's the main reason why I won't get XBL or go online at all with the 360; I hate that you have to baby it all of the time. Scratches by vibrations are solved by keeping your 36o away from your speakers, and not stomping your foot or cause vibrations when you game, so far, I've been blessed that I never lost a game by a scratched disk or had disc drive problems. #3.6
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LolZ pennis!
that was funny #5.6
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So that site is basically calling OXCGN and the N4G poster ignorant...
... and when I see certain factual N4G articles fail and moronic ones pass, I can't say I blame that site entirely. #14
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None for me, thanks...
...I don't do downloadable games. #22
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A free theme. That's it, huh?

Anyone with access to MS Paint can make a theme if they try hard enough.

No Sale, Best Buy. #21
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Trust me;
If the PS3 drops their price before Killzone 2 comes out and stays competitive with the 360 in terms of price, I think the PS3 will sell in leaps and bounds. I don't know if it will outsell the total numbers of 360's sold, but I think it will regain consumer confidence after Sony's boast-fest at the beginning of this gen.

The real problem is both sides are underestimating each other, while still underestimating the Wii (this gen's leader) for some reason.

The 360 rea... #1.1
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Beat this game? none...
...beat OFF to this game?

plenty. #6.1
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You have to give him credit for his tenacity...
...the Next time I get to play GTA IV, I'll shoot a hooker in the head in his name. #14
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HA! I own King's Field!
I still have it, as a matter of fact. I can play it on my PS3.

That game was graphically lacking and moved a little slow, but it was actually a very good RPG when all was said and done.

I can't believe I played PS1 games without the two little joysticks.

PS2 changed everything for me. #1.5
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I don't get it...
...how can UTIII mod The Chief and Marcus Phoenix, but LBP can't make cardboard mock-ups of them? #3
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Gamespot sucks...
...Their opinion doesn't matter to me.

Not a jot.

Granted, they explained themselves well, but they have a tendency to be "bought", so until they purge themselves of that taint, their motives-- and reasoning-- will always be suspect. #1.11
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I don't see why people are self-consous...
I don't care what they look like.

Although I don't think I'm "handsome" personally, I was blessed with a lot of very pretty girls liking me, including two fashion models.

So what if I'm no Nathan Drake: he's no pixelsword, either. :D #14
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Yeah, I got Uncharted this month, and I'm a few trophies away from Platnium
...But Warhawk? ha! 28% and getting my buns kicked in the process.

I had that game the longest for trophies, but I have the least trophies on them.

That trophy list is hard. #7.2
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Yeah, but they're mostly bronze
...Who cares about those so much? #10
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Killzone 1 was awesome except for the following:
- melee made the AI go stupid.

- Worst. Sniper. Rifle. EVER.

- On The shuttle level, sometimes the switch that let you into the shuttle didn't work, keeping you on the stage and forcing you to reset to play possibly the hardest level in that game over again.

- The Helghast rifle/machine-gun was an excellent concept, but you could only load one gunshot shell at a time with auto-reloading on the spot: which on the multiplayer, meant insta-death if you miss... #11
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Dennis! could you tell me something?
...When Too Human was first thought of, were there computers? #5.3
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