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Bubbles, Information Minister...
...That made me smile. #2.7
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Wow, he seems to like it, but uses a negative-sounding title, but for those who won't go to the article
*Go. He seems legitimately impressed, but the unfortunate wording of the title minces words. #1.6
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I like pie for the same reasons.

Mmmm, M! PIE! #1.1
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Just bring back Tecmo Bowl, snitches...
...and leave the pop 'n' shoot to Kill.Switch #4
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Eve kinda sucked
On my first missions when I was supposed to make an upgraded perpetual motion machine, I never got all of the pieces from the compu-agent, so I was stuck and forced to get rid of that mission; then I got rid of the game.

I don't remember the exact name, but it was one of those tech orbs or something like that. I got the one from my mission, the other was supposed to be provided by the agent and I never got it. I tried to buy one, but there was nothing like it on the market.
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These pics are old
...and quite stale as the Killzone 2 game is even better looking by now. #20
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It's called a "word-of-mouth" campaign
...but the fact you want people to stop talking about Killzone 2 while at the same time complaining about Sony not talking about Killzone 2 boggles the mind. :) #17
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You underestimate the power of a fanboy with a website
I'm almost sure before Killzone hits, you'll get 900 reviews from "nobody" sites giving everything from a 8.9 to a zero just to get hits and to hate on the game at the same time.

Also, let's not forget established fanboy sites like Kotaku, GameTrailers, and others... I'm sure if they jack this review out, massive demonstrations in the form of not supporting the site with hits anymore will be the rule of the day... 1up already shot themselves in the foot, so I wonder wh... #15.2
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ChrisGTR1, I can't agree with much of what you said
I admire the reason for you statement, but I disagree with your points.

1. The 360's lineup was not mediocre'ish; they have Left4Dead, Gears 2, Fable 2... That's a pretty good line-up for last year: the only difference is that I have to admit that the PS3 had a better line-up in terms of sheer volume of games, most of which came out in October... which makes my second point:

2. LBP "only" sold over a million because it came out when a bunch of different gam... #3.10
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Yeah, he was shot to death at 30
by someone younger.

Just kidding. #9.1
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@ Balrog...
...yeah, I think they could, like Bioshock...but would they is the question... I think maybe not, but you never know. #11.3
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martini, I don't think that's correct; Microsoft said they sold 10 million their first year,
so I don't think their lead is growing.

Anyways, this articls is based on VG charts, so take it or leave it; it's just like the one Apple put out, but I do trust Apple a little more

http://www.roughlydrafted.c... #2.5
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I wouldn't drag in console wars over something like this
This was a horrible crime committed by a diseased low-life with a perverted, immature, malfunctioning mind. What console he owned is irrelevant. #5.2
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What a horrible story
just goes to show a person could use anything to lure a kid if they're determined enough.
HIV-positive, two strains of hepatitis, AND syphilis?
Can we say chemical castration?
I knew we could. #7
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Twisted-Hawk-Metal Wars: Black!
Trabampoline! Trababapoline!
*calms self down after Simpsons reference*

Okay, okay; just kidding. But given the great gameplay Warhawk has, I must say that I'm a little more than interested in this news. #12
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Nice pic, slinkey123 :D ...
...When I run it, I have to disable everything because I have a weaker setup.

What I really need to do is get a new graphics card and some ram. #1.23
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In my grade school, a teacher and principal were let go for molesting kids...
...but it was covered-up by the local school board and media because of the area they were in had social implications. One of them wasn't even an American, he was a Canadian.

I feel sorry for those kids and the parents, though (they were all female kids if I'm not mistaken) #3
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looking forward to it
I wonder how they'll push the franchise forward without Chief... I do still have a feeling that he'll be back, though. #10
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Sorry, I can't find any game that exists that compares to realism
Which plot-line, the one with the plumber going after the Gorilla, or the Serbian-like soldier in "Liberty City" that keeps running over everyone to which the police quits pursuing after a little while?

Maybe the guys fighting space Nazis or the other guys fighting space Communist lizards that take down whole cities on Emergence day. Maybe the aliens who are fighting in War World II era Earth.

For all its realism, I have yet to play a character who got a la... #18
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I'm not for abusing children...
...but I'm all for properly spanking the crap out of a kid when appropriate.

As long as it's the parents doing it, of course. Spank a kid now, or have a cop beat his head in later; it's your call. #34
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