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Sorry, I can't find any game that exists that compares to realism
Which plot-line, the one with the plumber going after the Gorilla, or the Serbian-like soldier in "Liberty City" that keeps running over everyone to which the police quits pursuing after a little while?

Maybe the guys fighting space Nazis or the other guys fighting space Communist lizards that take down whole cities on Emergence day. Maybe the aliens who are fighting in War World II era Earth.

For all its realism, I have yet to play a character who got a la... #18
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I'm not for abusing children...
...but I'm all for properly spanking the crap out of a kid when appropriate.

As long as it's the parents doing it, of course. Spank a kid now, or have a cop beat his head in later; it's your call. #34
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GTA IV for as much as it is open, it isn't open is why I didn't like it...
...which is different than games like PROTOTYPE, InFamous, or Crackdown, which doesn't allow for a "normal" lifestyle type of gaming. Here's what I mean:

going anywhere into a city is one thing, going inside everywhere in a city is the next step we are (read:I was) looking for, and to be honest, GTA IV didn't deliver on that front because they couldn't deliver it; heck, they couldn't even deliver crowds of people to make the city look alive.

For everything... #4
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It's Ultimately Square's fault
for holding back the game; it's their decision alone. #116
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If Blu-Ray can stop Piracy then yes, Blu-Ray is very much needed...
...other than that, Blu-Ray is not needed in terms of space because of the compression technology available for PC's.

...Now, if they include bloopers, dev diaries, mini-movies, and other trinkets that the Blu-Ray can hold to fill-up the disc, that will make the switch even more appealing to the point of Blu-Ray gaming being a must-have. #2
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Reading the story, it seems that UBI and game engine problems contributed to HAZE's downfall
which is quite sad, really.

But on the other hand about it...

an Evil Obi Wan?

Aw, cheez dudes... just stick to the script; not everyone appreciates non-canon tweaks. With all of the Jedis that existed in these stories, I'm sure you guys could have pulled dozens of interesting characters instead of bastardizing ones set in stone.

Star Wars games (and well, everything else) practically write themselves when you keep to the basics if you haven... #9
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Well, that's good to know...
...that the best looking game on consoles has the best gameplay on consoles, or so it infers.

I didn't get into the beta myself, but from what I heard the Killzone multiplayer demo was very well done. I like multiplayer games, but only if the gameplay is there. And I only like the games if the story is done right; I'm fickle like that. #19
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360 man , you know why that isn't impressive?
Because those are both tech demos, and not actual gameplay.

Anyways, when Crysis hits the PS3, I'll make the comparison myself... because I can. #1.21
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@ 1:58-2:03 or whatever, the shadow is jaggy because of the aluminum/tin siding is wavy, and the shadowing reflects that
I don't know what that type of metal is called, but it's a common building material for shanty-town type buildings like from this pic:


by using that type of building material is to give the impression that the Helghast are still in the state of poverty on some level.

(and yes, I know that this is a tardy post :D) #11.4
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Yeah, I wonder if that's why GG sent another disc
because they may have fixed that. Now the reviewers that are fanboys may not even have that to stand on... unless they "refuse" to review the code to "make a statement"... and lose all credibility.

It can happen. :/ #8.1
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*Mahem*, *Blehem*, ack, ack, ack...
...cough, "superbowlAds4PS3", sniffle!

:D #5.4
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I hope it comes out in '09; I'm looking forward to the game...
...Alan Wake and Heavy Rain were to be my adult games to get this year, but if not, hey, maybe in 2010... as long as the game is done right when it come out. I probably would've got Heavy Rain first anyways because the synopsis seems a little too bizarre to miss out on.

People shouldn't be in a rush to release a game when they aren't ready anyways. #2.16
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For some reason, clicking on this page made my anti-virus go off...
...but it pointed to a pic. My Heuristic sensitivity is set to high, so it could be nothing, but just in case anyone else gets it, it wasn't just you. #1.21
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who cares; I already bought mine...
...and as long as there's 60 people online playing Resistance 2, I'll have a game.

...and when MAG comes out, 256 people. #107
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As soon as a reviewer can’t trust the content s/he is being sent to consider for review, it throws the entire process into question.
Yet, getting a note from Ninja Gaiden didn't disturb him.

These same people would complain if they had to wait for the finished version, which would put their review schedule behind, so I don't wanna here it, besides; these people likely played the game on easy anyways.

People complaining to play games for money don't deserve that job.

*rolls eyes* #19.2
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Actually, yes...
...OLED would be the screen that uses the least battery power, so it could extend the life of your laptop, and the screen is mind-numbingly thin, so to put it on a laptop wouldn't be a task at all, and the OLED screens started off as very small screens, so (hopefully) the tech ought to be considered 'old', and therefore cheaper.

OLEDTV + PS3 bundle in 2009 for under $1000 would be the best thing SONY could do; OLEDTV to be $500 or less would push the HD generation forward. #4.1
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That's why the Cell Processor is heraled as 'the solution' to that situation
...and any meaningful processor in the future will be based upon that architecture, which was conceptualized by (but not made into chip form by) Philip Emeagwali... although you do see his non-chip concept and computer versions today: being the internet and the modern-day massively parallel supercomputer. #5
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That's just the injustice and bias of fanboys with blogging power
hardly any of them are objective or rational.

(little secret: Halo 3 wasn't the only trailer that didn't hit it's "in-game" target render...)


You're talking to one of the biggest halo fanboys out there, so I know what was expected out of every game past the first Halo. I'm not saying that the games that came out were bad, but what I am saying is... #4.1
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Weak article... here it is:
(I don't want people to reward flamebait, so here's the article)

With NPD's December and total 2008 sales data coming out tomorrow, it seems like a timely moment to ask: Why is the Playstation 3 performing so badly? After a decent start to the year, Sony has been slipping further and further behind its competitors. By November, it wasn't just a distant third place, but the only current gen console to see sales actually decline from 2007, despite two heavily hyped new games, one o... #1.15
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LOL best way to sum it up...
...like playing videogames on easy is so hard.

The boy needs to get his panties out of a bunch and do his job.


If this "reviewer" complains about the length, he'll make himself look even more foolish by posting this article, which will only provide proof that he's just complaining just to "be heard", and has no substance behind his statements... which warrants a perma-ban of UGO from my list of game sites. #10.1
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