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*Puts razor on lap... just in case* #2.1.3
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@ Beef Curtains:

Because up until this gen = no one cared, ever. #1.1.11
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I'm glad you noticed: most people pass it off as melancholy. :) #1.1.2
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@ someOneCalled:

Because every PC player on Earth has a graphics card that can do "up to 4k60fps+ max gfx, ssaa, better shadow, draw distance, texture, and physx, the list goes on"

I actually agree with you that console players don't give PC graphics it's just due: PC graphics on the best cards will probably never be trumphed, I'm not disagreeing with that; but dude, even if your PC's graphics card can do a jillion things, PCs get, o... #7.4.3
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Well, I keep on saying this, but;

if you can't tell the difference on youtube, and you're only going to see a comparison on youtube, then who cares what one or the others look like because you'll never see the others in real life?

- If you're happy with what you see on your console or PC, then forget the others: even on PCs there are different graphics cards, and a number of them can't pull off what the best can do any different than what... #7.3.2
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I just hope "voodoo shamans" translate into "competent", I'll be happy with that. :) #1.1
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It would be a VERY BAD thing to do because most people don't have the guts to do the motion, and once they are acclimatized to doing so because it wasn't that bad when they did it in the game, doing something balls to the wall crazy and ending yourself will be that much easier because they've practiced it. #2.1.2
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So would be the ability to rape various segments of the populous (whatever you can [or can't] imagine), to kill animals at will, to take drugs (and see simulated "highs" and the effect of being drunk), become a serial killer, to choke random people at will, and to pleasure yourself in the presence of clergy, but as a killzone developer said (I'm paraphrasing): "realism in a game doesn't mean a better or more fun game". #3.1
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Mayweather beats Pacman! #1.1.2
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Yep, too true.

I already set aside a sum of money to upgrade my PC to a top of the line gaming PC (I'm getting a new Nvidia card to replace my old one; I'm debating between the 980, 970, and the 960), I already got a PC monitor as big as a decent-sized 1080p television and a surround sound system for my PC, so that's why I'm in no rush to get my PS4, but I do want to play the exclusives (especially Bloodborne). #3.1.1
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High AF not being implemented and not working are two different issues: it seems more like a developer choice or lack of experience than an inherent inability. #1.10
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It won't catch on with me.

I like to own the games I buy.

I will eventually get a PS4, but I'll most likely never buy console DLC again, ever because now as long as I want to play PS4/One games online, I'll need a subscription to do so and that's not acceptable to me. #3
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You'd be surprised:

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #11.1
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Between A.D.D. and porn, I'm surprised that many people finish their games. #1.1.7
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@ gapecanpie

I'm sure your 5-year old PC craps on them both. Your PC with the eight cores and 8 gigs of GDDR5 ram.

Because we all know that five years ago, all PCs had 10,000 gigs of GDDR-50 ram and 40 cores. #1.1.21
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@ Battle Ax:

of course, but that card won't be the standard card in a gaming computer, that's why they didn't do that; if you want to use the best of what a computer can do, that's fine; but it's absurd to use a high-end PC card and top of the line specs as the de-facto representation of what the average standard gaming PC can do and that's why it's not done in sensible PC-Console comparisons.

I'm not saying you are like this,... #1.1.8
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Genuine just posted a nigh-half-hour video that details exactly what he said, and you guys are saying how it's not true?

Where's your counter-video? #1.2.11
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No doubt that 4k is awesome Hydrolex...

...too bad that less than 1% of the gaming population can view it, and about the same percentage of games utilize 4k graphics. #1.1.5
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I thought massive errors that could bring down your game and save file was a thing of the past, too; if a game has an error that can do that, then it's no more than a type of virus. #8.1.1
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