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Just realized what ffs meant...


I wouldn't say they weren't meaningful, just not bundled with a new thing for gamers to play with.

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Oh, do please hype yet another new IP before it's released; we know doing so has such a great record with the general gaming audience, like Watch Dogs and Destiny did.

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@ TimeSkipLuffy:

You'd think China's government would at least welcome the original XBO because of it's ability to watch and listen to you 24/7, recognize who's in the room, and can't be shut off even if you don't play.

In the XBO's first iteration, it seemed to be the ideal vehicle to monitor the Communist populace.

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Exploits are a good thing to me, I use them when I find them; but at the same time, if exploits, which is fine although they're ideally not supposed to be there are okay, then why not lag switchers, hall hackers, or people who know how to put there characters into god-mode by re-programming the game by mods?

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...and that's the secret: think hard before you commit.

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"PS4's Early Lead Might Be All Smoke and Mirrors"

The layoffs at Microsoft beg to differ.

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Ah. I see.

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It's still Xbox's division so his statement is apt; and if the didn't spend two billion on one game, they'd probably wouldn't have to make job cuts; how many years could those eighteen thousand employees work at Microsoft work there on two billion?

and what if the guys who made minecraft make a game better than minecraft that they were working on and sell it?

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@ Macdaddy71

I wouldn't worry about that; if it's true or false, none of us here can do anything about it.

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I don't understand; wasn't there already a female assassin? The woman living in the age of the American Revolution?

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Thanks, both to you and NeoGamer232; I bubbled you both up under "helpul".

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Looks good, especially the grey car at the bottom of the article.

I am wondering two things that weren't mentioned:

1. can you customize your cars?

2. is there weather in the game?

If anyone knows, let me know, thanks

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LOL That was a good story, but only one small part I have a personal variance with:

All kids are geniuses: you just have to invest their faith into true things and you'll be amazed what they can do.

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If you're desperate, and exhausted everything else, erasing your game file (not your game save file) and reload it... I think that could do it; that's what I did on the PS3 when my Ratchet and Clank file wouldn't load.

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*laughed till I farted... or something*

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The same issues more or less come up in DCUO, especially when people bail on 8-player raids.

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Is that pic of the frownie face the interface for the AI from the movie Moon?

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@ headblackman:

If it's any comfort, The Xbox One and the PS4 both are made in China, so the lack of pride goes to China. The only pleasure that Americans can derive from Microsoft is possibly the vicariousness of watching Microsoft Executives cash their paychecks.

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Yeah, I liked the three reviewers, I remember thet!

Ah, the memories! :_)

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Really, give us poor slobs a chance lol

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