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"Shalome! XbonePS4WiiUPCMobileHandheld fan"


LOL That was a good story, but only one small part I have a personal variance with:

All kids are geniuses: you just have to invest their faith into true things and you'll be amazed what they can do. #1.2.4
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If you're desperate, and exhausted everything else, erasing your game file (not your game save file) and reload it... I think that could do it; that's what I did on the PS3 when my Ratchet and Clank file wouldn't load. #9.2
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*laughed till I farted... or something* #14.1
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The same issues more or less come up in DCUO, especially when people bail on 8-player raids. #17.1.1
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Is that pic of the frownie face the interface for the AI from the movie Moon? #2
@ headblackman:

If it's any comfort, The Xbox One and the PS4 both are made in China, so the lack of pride goes to China. The only pleasure that Americans can derive from Microsoft is possibly the vicariousness of watching Microsoft Executives cash their paychecks. #1.1.21
Yeah, I liked the three reviewers, I remember thet!

Ah, the memories! :_) #1.1.1
Really, give us poor slobs a chance lol #1.2
Maybe it isn't a 10/10 to you, but it's a 10/10 to the people who bought it and think it so; after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. #4

If you put it on 1080p, you'd see the difference, because I had the same conclusions until I changed the video settings. #1.1.12
Both have their plusses and minuses; the plus for magazines is that since they were publicized, writers were held to a standard. the minus was the cross-talk is limited to a bunch of your friends.

The internet has a wide variety of opinions and perspectives, which is a plus in my book; but the minus is that people with a certain mindset and opinion can gang-up on people with differing opinions, even if their assertions are innocent enough. :p So I guess if you have a thick sk... #1
I know!

..."with an ending."

gimmie my crownz! #22.1.1

It could be something for a person who could not afford both a PC and a console, or an expensive PC to look into, especially if you want an alternative or work on your PC. #1.1.28
You almost got it, DonDon: Read my comment above, read the article again, read what YOU wrote, compare the two and tell me if I needed to say what you just said, or what was not said not needed if you just step back a moment and swirl it around a little, and keep this in mind:

Sometimes things are written to stimulate conversation, not just to inform; else, I would merely be a reporter, and not a writer.

In graphic design, noticeable gaps in the design are ca... #2.1
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Thanks Silent, I believe you and maybe one or two more got it (well, one of the other two guys almost got it).


For everyone else who must play the Apologist card in lieu of actual reading comprehension and/or competency, I'll try to explain the subtlety of my sentences and concepts in fewer and much smaller words.

What basically very few people understood is that the article is dealing with one thing: the actions/reactions to soc... #1.1
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As bad as all of this is, I'm going to say that hopefully this event will shake gaming up to the point that some social change will alter the balance of power in game reviews. #1
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At least to me, console gaming in terms of power is a little better in that although they don't have the power of a souped-up PC, neither do most PC gamers; and so the PC devs mostly design for the average PC specs, which is currently inferior to the PS4, and perhaps the Xbox One this gen. In terms of control, I to love the PC as the kb/m is vastly superior to controllers. I hate controllers compared to kb/m. #1
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Okay, I have a huge comment, so I'm just turning this into a story. lol #1.1.2
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A Double post, because what I said was sooooo true that the internet itself wouldn't deny my post (rolls eyes). #1.1.6
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The last thing I would count on is an American translation of a Japanese sentence; don't take it at face value... I'm almost willing to say that the next front-page article will be on how it wasn't what was said, and probably from the same website. #1.1.5
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