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last gen was filled with such morons, oftentimes making articles... #1.34
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vaporware #3
No don't give it a second chance, let this be a lesson for all devs: don't put out a game half-finished and expect everyone to roll over because it could be good after a few patches from launch, a few months later.

Get the games good BEFORE launch, we don't half pay, so don't half develop. #6
@ jumper:

I guess EA forgot that Battlefront will most likely be profitable if people who like Battlefront buy Battlefront. ;)

I hate to break it to you guys, but there's probably no switching option because 3rd person has a tactical advantage in terms of sighting the enemy, so it's probably just 1st.

What they could do is have 3rd and 1st person only rooms along with mixed rooms, but even EA can't be so stupid as to realize that... #1.1.6
Is this still a fighting game, or is it just very soft, soft-core porn now? #1
Devs should listen, they shouldn't listen to 90% of the gamers that give advice.

Some of them are just bad at ideas, others want the game to fail. some are just loudmouths with no original ideas other than "nerf all weapons except the one I use" and the rest of that 90% want to give innovative ideas that are either unrealistic or not fun.

The key is past participation. If they've played a previous game the devs made, that's kind of a q... #2.1
Hokey friggin' smoke!

I think I've made my console decision at last... #1.1.17
It would have helped if they actually advertized...

...I think this is the first time I've ever heard of them. #1

Is that still a thing?

:D #5
You are correct in that the essential services are identical; that being said, since both of them want to charge for their services, Microsoft's and Sony's services ought to be a lot better than they currently are. #1.3.1
It might be related to Microsoft taking off facets of their original vision and that coupled with updating their security; maybe this is a hiccup resulting to an ongoing process, maybe? #1.2.1
You're correct, Skate and Morgan. #1.2.4
lol people disagreed with you, so I guess you won't be enjoying the game

(it can't be that they won't enjoy the game, because for them not to enjoy the game they would have to experience the game to enjoy or not enjoy the game).

;) #5.2
Well, even the PS3 had 60fps games, but it's more of an optimizing thing than saying that the PS3/4 can or cannot "handle it". #4.1.4
I don't know about that, (haven't kept up with this game much on consoles), but even if they said that, that just means they they didn't hit that goal.

Kind of a bummer for those expecting 60fps, but unless it adversely affects the gameplay, it shouldn't be a deal breaker.

Now, if you can play PC players and this gives them a decisive edge, then it will be a deal breaker, but I don't know if that will be the case.

Edit: <... #2.1.2
Erm, higgins, it's not that bad:

you're talking about emulating a rather epic PC game with thousands of players in it, pretty nice looking graphics, and huge levels and as of yet, I don't see either one of those consoles doing anything remotely similar.

It proves that the consoles aren't up to the PC's level, of course (unless programming techniques can remedy that), but it does give an excellent opportunity for the Wii U and the X1 to mat... #1.1.2
Did they change their review/score for Drive Club? #1.1.4
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My brother used to work in a Sony store in Illinois (did repairs), but that closed down; his manager was so ticked that he sold the stuff in the store to the workers at 90% off, lol.

My bro got like a jillion tvs.


LOL Good one Silent! #1.1.2
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Thank you.

I never heard of that before, that was helpful. #1.2.6
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So what's the story behind Death Troopers, is that some midichlorian thing? #1.2.4
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