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When MS was putting out statements talking about getting rid of the xbox last gen, what makes anyone think that it would sell well THIS gen?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

I currently own no next gen console, although that may change after tomorrow.

I also like to add that all consoles have great games on them, exclusives merely need to focus on the strengths of the consoles to prove the worth of the games and the consoles they are on.

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"Point is that some games have subscription based fees where as on a console with a sub you are paying for unlimited access to all the games available to it for online play. It isnt like you have to pay within the game you are already paying to play online. "

I see what you are saying, but that's not entirely true either. If Dust514 didn't just announce its end, you would of had a game with microtransactions, plus DC Universe online you paid for episodic con...

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I agree, the article makes no sense. Why double-dip on fees when no one wants to pay fees in the first place, plus you get nothing from X1 fees. Playing on the PC is a logical choice, I'm not paying extra just to get started some exclusives I may want to play on a console when 1. The PC has the best graphics 2. The PC doesn't charge to play 3. PC controls are the most precise. Heck, the only down-side to playing PC games that I can think of is that some online games die off quicker t...

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This is Resident Evil dlc all over again... : /

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There are more games on PC, but we're talking about tons of free games on free sites, plus I don't think anyone needs to get special permission to make a game on the PC so the abundance comes with a degree of quality control as well.

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To be blunt, Microsoft is putting out feelers to see if two things will happen:

1. Can they make as much money or more on the PC as the X1

2. Will the X1 crowd object to an all non-exclusive console

That is not bad if it keeps money going to Microsoft, and by extension the X1, for the sake of keeping the games division profitable; the bad thing is that some might try to pin a sound business decision on the overall power of the X1.

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I see what you are saying, but there's only room for three consoles, always have been, always will be.

That being said, the dreamcast would have to gun for the #1 spot , yet be distinct enough to be different from the three various consoles out now. I already thought of a way, well, several ways for something like that to happen, but a company would have to have the drive and commitment for it to come true, and I'm talking about edgy, smart, innovative games that are ...

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Why is it when the flagship game of a certain company goes mulitplatfoem, all of a sudden exclusives don't matter anymore?

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Wow, the gaming industry gets rid of Kevin Butler and this guy stays.

What a world.

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The disturbing variable is what Microsoft may or may not define as illegal... like a deep web browser, or if they possess enough influence to have congress pass a law stating that any video player that doesn't have such and such technology in it is illegal, which could do things like allow a legal monopoly (even if temporarily) or force an "original" x-bone configuration for your pc.

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^ ^ v v < > < > B A douchebag, Konami.

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My face looked the same way after repeatedly hitting my head against the screen going "oh, DAAAAAAANG!" looking at clips of this game.

I found out later that it was catsup, and that I'm a very sloppy eater.

Just kidding.

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It's not bragging, it's propaganda. If Greenburg wanted to announce this as a win, he could have done it the following week; but he chose to do it on the one day he knew bad Xbone news could be coming out.

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You realize that ocelot hypnotically induced himself to believe that, don't you? In MGS4, they even had a scene where he snapped out of it for a second.

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It's like showing your wing-wang to your woman for the first time.

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They can't show what they don't have.

In poker, they call that a "bluff":

"I didn't want to depress you by showing the awesome hand that you folded on".

*reshuffles the useless cards into the deck*

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*Slowly claps*
*stands up and clap faster*
*wipes tear from eye*
*murmurs to self "Now THAT'S a potential game changer"*
*farts a little*

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I think this would be a good open world game (if they truly portrayed the would like in the movies) but as it stands, it looks okay to me. waiting to see more. I wonder if you can leave phone messages like Mel Gibson...

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I still think yes, but it's just like any other game; if you like the one, you'd probably try to get your hands on the others, if you could.

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Glitch in the Matrix; post below.

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