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@ Battle Ax:

of course, but that card won't be the standard card in a gaming computer, that's why they didn't do that; if you want to use the best of what a computer can do, that's fine; but it's absurd to use a high-end PC card and top of the line specs as the de-facto representation of what the average standard gaming PC can do and that's why it's not done in sensible PC-Console comparisons.

I'm not saying you are like this,... #1.1.8
Genuine just posted a nigh-half-hour video that details exactly what he said, and you guys are saying how it's not true?

Where's your counter-video? #1.2.11
No doubt that 4k is awesome Hydrolex...

...too bad that less than 1% of the gaming population can view it, and about the same percentage of games utilize 4k graphics. #1.1.5
I thought massive errors that could bring down your game and save file was a thing of the past, too; if a game has an error that can do that, then it's no more than a type of virus. #8.1.1
lol I just put that down and I scrolled and seen yours on like 10 hours earlier :) #7.1.1
Hmm... They have Gungan shields, but no Gungans. #1.1.9
Hey, what if the one post is a really bad one that deserves to have a bubble taken away, and you take it away and then give them one?

That will be surreal. #123
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! #1.1.6
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@ breakpad:

It's a two way street: if Nintendo had the right to do that, then why complain when the creators of Evolve wants to make half of their game DLC, or Capcom/Sony doesn't release a Monster Hunter this gen, or a developer makes a game 72p, 30fps on modern consoles and the PC...

...is it not their right as well? #1.1.25
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Bad Nintendo; Pixel will write about j00. #1.1.7
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Nintendo hasn't changed since their old repressive NES days; and that will kill them as a company in the end. #1.1.11
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Take care Cat and give your little kitten plenty of milk!

(We'll miss you). #32
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"Why reading this Article is a Waste of Time" fixed. #1.1.9
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Heck, no that's not new; I used to get a lot of health by getting laughs from people... I used to put "sticky white stuff" on Blacksmith Ed's bed and get a jillion health. #1.1.6
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@ andreslb:

I poop in my home, and I eat in my home.

Should I move?

;) #1.1.8
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Yeah; selling things ruins companies all of the time.

*rolls eyes* #1.2
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Yet another thing ABC doesn't do right.

...But when any Disney game comes out, I'm sure it'll get 4s or very high explained 3s. #1.1.11
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I've been fighting it for a while, but I will get a PS4 probably with the MGS5 bundle or earlier. I also have to secure Shadow Fall before it goes off shelves. #1.1.12
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Why do they want it? It's not 60fps, 1080p; the criteria they keep on bashing other console exclusive games for not being. #1.15
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