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So, is it safe to say AC2 and AC4 are the ones to play in the series?

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The Oculus team needs to seriously address the motion sickness issues if that thing is going to fly at all. Not sure how it can succeed if it makes people sick.

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100% on ALMOST all of the game. :)

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In a market where people might not have $50 or more to throw away weeks apart - being the first to get a game out in the same genre might have more of an impact than we think.

The money is one thing, but it's also a question of engagement and loyalty. I bought Batman: AO a week or two before Ghosts came out and I haven't bought Ghosts because I'm so into AO. (For better or worse)

Being first is a big deal.

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Particularly frustrating. Wasn't a fan of the game to begin with but started getting into it and the storyline as I played. Was eventually really enjoying it until this happened...and now I'm stuck as well.

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Don't click the link. Just assume he's a moron and call it quits.

End of story.

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I'm single for a reason.

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Jesus Christ EA, just make the fucking Dinos will ya?

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Yeah, his post is the kind of post that brings all the tech guys out of their basements.

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I totally agree we need to be thinking more about how we are communicating in this industry.

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Nice article. Enjoyed reading it...but be aware it will probably be pulled or reported by admin for being opinion and not about games. There's been a few pulled today for this exact same reason.

Shame, because more people should read this.

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He quoted Futurama in that 'kill yourself' tweet. See here:

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I agree...but there is going to be some old auntie who wants to buy a Christmas gift for her nephew or niece and doesn't know where to start...and goes for the reviews. I know it's a long shot, but there are plenty out there who aren't down with the industry and have NO idea that there is even a difference between an Xbox and a PS. Even if it's only hundreds or low thousands of sales, it makes a difference.

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Would be great if they announced something about their new Source 2 engine. I doubt they will release any "3" titles on the existing engine, it's just too old.

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Check out that L.A. Noire style flashlight!

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