Playing Dead Rising 2 XD
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But overwatch is pure nostalgia for tf2 fans lol

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I got the game on vita. I am so tempted to get the ps4 version.
Even though I put more than 100hs on it to beat it hahaha.

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I second that. When I had my 4k monitor on pc. 1440p in games didnt look good at 4k. Simply because of scaling. It looked pixelated. 1080p looked better although a bit blurry the picture looked better.
I could push 4k but sometimes I had to scale down depending on the game before I got my 980ti.

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We already experience this on pc. It's not that hard ffs.
If devs can make use of countless hardware on pc why cant they use only a handfull?

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A marketing dissaster was microsoft anouncing 2 4k capable consoles. Some people wouldnt understand the difference.
Also the Xbox One S
Xbox one Scorpio both start with S.
Some people would get confused like people did with the wiiu.

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Any word on Yakuza 0 english release?

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I backed the kickstarter for this game. I get all the updates. I am happy I did backed this and not Mighty no9.

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The most evil and bloody musou game so far was Ken's rage. Hopefully this can top itm

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It doesn't look that horrible really. I am gald I didn't back the kickstarter though. The delays made me cringe.

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thats only cuz hardline bombed hard xX

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Actually I like to preorder. It let's me slowly pay off a game and get it on release. I would never preorder from the online stores that make you pay in full though.

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I am sure it's going to be awesome.
I loved the dot hack games. Even if they were like that. I played the shit out of them.
I am sure SE and CC2 are going to do a perfect job!

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Lmao he doesn't know shit. I run 4k on 40" 1080 already looks bad. 720p looks even worse.

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Still a an good VR headset if you ask me. You just need a really high res phone plus a good Cardboard headset not those carboard ones but the plastic ones they sell on ebay.

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Ok so why are they saying we can use 2 moves plus a dualshock controller? How the hell does that work on one player ? O.O

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That ass.

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Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they let us use the discs just like xboxone does with xbox 360 games.

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Lol that game was so umbalanced. Honestly, I wouldn't mind of nintendo gets a port of FF7. I am not even angry. I got a WiiU. I might just get the amiibo for him. I never liked FF7. Prefer 8 or 10

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There was not a single FFVII port to any Nintendo console. Wtf is the point.

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Yeah Ninja Gaiden Sigma on ps3 was amazing 1080p 60fps wow

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