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The Bone won't play games at launch without the update...

It also doesn't change the fact that, on launch day, the PS4 will be able to play 3D Blu-rays while the XBone won't. #2.1
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The thing is a mess inside...

The size is simply because the heating solution is inadequet. #6.2.1
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Meanwhile, I pre-ordered with Zavvi and had a lovely chat with a rep who confirmed my pre-order will be sent out to ensure delivery for release day, if not before, and they're sorry I couldn't pay in advance. #9
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It's just amusing because when the original XBox launched, they did exactly the same thing... let's not even mention Dew and Doritos. #84
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When you have games you've maybe played once and got 0 trophies in. #2.3
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Equally, if it's not a cartoony platformer, Nintendo fans won't buy it and the result is the Wii U.

Luckily, I buy a wide range of games and don't limit myself to one genre or style because I don't like to pigeonhole myself. #4.2
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Sega: Washed up mascots belong on Nintendo hardware.

Hilarious, it's a good thing Mario is still consistantly good quality. #3
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I just don't understand why anyone would trust a company that is blatantly lying to them and expects them to be happy about it. Who changes policy like you change clothes, Who is charging more for lower speced hardware.

Oh well, it's your money and I'm not going to tell you how to spend it. #4
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Remeber though, there's people who want you to think Sony are going out of business and the PS3 is the last PS console.

Oh... wait. #26
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I'd expect someone who works at Microsoft to be aware of People Can Fly since they made the last Gears of War game. Maybe I'm expecting too much of a Microsoft exec since they seem to know absolutely nothing about gaming given the XBone. #73.1
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The PSP remake of Mega Man X was called Maverick Hunter X. #1.1.1
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They don't have high budgets, but the developers also don't have tons of cash to throw around, so there's often a balance they try to strike. #5.1.2
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The remastered version is legitimately harder than the original.

It's not a bad thing, but there's some elements of it where I'm like "really?!" #2
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It's for people who want to buy a PS3 cheap and use their own HDD on it. Very simple, that hasn't changed since it was released. #2
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I know. You could focus on the powerbrick and size, but there's a lot more things to hate on with the XBOne. #1.3.1
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I always pictured it as the current Doctor regenerating into your created Doctor and, I guess, acting as an alternative time line to the series.

I picture Mass Effect style map systems through time and space and less of a focus on combat more on overcoming obstacles.

I don't know why no one will invest in it but maybe the show isn't as big elsewhere as in the UK. #1.2
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RAGE is one of the most awful experiences I have had with a game and I own Dragon's Lair on NES and Terminator Salvation. When you rotate on the spot, textures should not need to reload. The gameplay was boring. The biggest saving grace of that game is that it seems like wasted potential rather than just being outright the worst game ever. #16
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I feel it will.

Japan is sealed for Sony, they don't need to compete with Microsoft there.

The console is launching with huge demand and preorders in markets that Sony struggled in last gen. It makes sense to have a constantly supply, if not oversupply, of units in those countries. #1.1.1
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Nintendo's flagship console shipped 160,000 last quarter. It's pretty bad. #4.3.2
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When the PS4 had 4GB of RAM, it was 512, so people just scaled up.

In any case, it's all nonsense and I think the rumour has possibly stemmed from the dev kits being 8GB. They'd have to close off resources for overheads and debugging, but the new dev kits are 12GB and, as such, the RAM a developer can utilise increases anyway.

Besides, 6GB has now been said by multiple sources who have a good track record and Digital Foundary, once again, prove they h... #48.2
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