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Yeah, me too, but I've posted slightly negative sales articles before and been hounded by commenters who accuse me of trying to start a flame war.

At least this way it's clear that this isn't a Microsoft fanboy who's glad the Vita is doing poorly, but a genuinely concerned gamer who just can't help but admit the truth.

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To be fair, there are so many factors that could be included, which is why this article only uses one example, simply to illustrate a point. It would be near-impossible to factor in everything, but to counter the argument about Americans having a higher average wage, this doesn't factor in the massive cut that health insurance takes, which is free in the UK. Okay, I know that the NHS is paid for by taxes, but it's no where near as pricey as health plans in the US.


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Oh yeah, I can totally see parents sitting down to play this when the kids aren't around, but I can't imagine too many picking it up just for themselves. However, with no more Potter books on the way, the exclusive backstory elements - while minimal - may be enough to entice some childless fans to check it out.

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We've been hearing for a while that the next-gen PlayStation may drop the custom chips used in precious Sony consoles and move to a more standard configuration of PC parts. Therefore, there's a chance that even if this PC is not an official development kit, it might be based on planned PS4 specs.

That picture is beyond the capabilities of current-gen consoles, and it would be foolish of Konami to hype everyone up with such impressive visuals only to scale them back be...

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I'm sorry, but I've bought every Sony device on day one, at least since the PS2 launched in late 2000. I've never pirated a game, and purchased plenty of content from the PSN store. I understand that there are people out there who steal and copy software, but taking a step like this only sets things back.

We're at a glorious age right now, where international borders are being broken (at least in the online space), and hardware manufacturers are trying to figh...

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Ah, that takes me back....

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I swear, I'm getting every single one of those achievements. I have an actual copy of TJ&E right here (along with the sequel), but I'll buy it again on XBLA for the achievements alone.

It's one of those strange games that some people don't like because of it's slow pace, but I've gone back to it in recent years and still find it fun to complete. And that music....

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3D does seem to be a trend that's going away now. I feel sorry for all the movie theatres that spent millions on 3D technology, only to see declining ticket sales.

As far as gaming goes, it's interesting that Sony spent their last couple of E3 conferences promoting 3D, then completely ignored it this time. However, since Nintendo have committed themselves to 3D, there may be a chance that it takes off in this generation.

We're seeing a decline in ...

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You just named some of my favorite games, and I totally agree with everything you said. However, the problem isn't getting the right games for the platform, it's stopping people from pirating them. Android games are just too easy to copy and we'll never see titles of this calibre if developers can't figure out a way of stopping thieves.

Oh, and Elite Beat Agents FTW!

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Does anyone remember the controversy surrounding Rockstar's Bully when it was discovered that you could kiss a boy? Just this one action, which has no bearing on the story, caused a media frenzy. As much as I like publishers taking risks, I'd hate to see a great game get negative press because homophobes can't handle the main character's sexuality. Then again, I suppose someone has to break the ice.

Oh, and by the way, Bully rules. Go play it.

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Complain? Who's complaining? Is there anything wrong with having a wishlist?

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Okay, this is for everyone complaining about "another person calling the Vita dead because it has no good games".

Did you read the article? The whole point is that it's way too early to start preparing for the funeral of a system that's been out for so short a time. I've been buying consoles on launch day for a long time, fully aware that none of them get any must-buy titles for about a year. It happened with the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, and pretty much e...

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Are really getting them? Tried to order one a while ago, then found out that many online sites were putting up pre-orders without securing stock. I hate to think what the re-sale value on these things will be once all the shipments are sold!

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It may turn to wine, or become vinegar.....

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Better than a game about Ashton Kutcher!

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Nice article, but you forgot Bowser in the original Super Mario Brothers. No matter how many times you face him, all you have to do is run under his jumps and hit the drawbridge switch. I suppose this game was made before the idea of a boss was fully fleshed out....

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