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Its really sad that a developer has to justify its decisions based on some people who couldn't create a proper series if they tried.

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Im just thankful to be alive. Life is short. enjoy it to its fullest

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I personally want backward compatibility because of all of the ps1 and ps2 classics that I purchased on PSN. Pesona 3 and 4 are waiting for me. :)

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Its funny because my wife is a double d, so shes going to be like wtf. And not because its not there, but because its not there because of censorship. I wonder if these idiots understand that they are discriminating against big busted woman. This is pretty funny in a weird way.

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I understand what your saying, but that's what you decided complain about?

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I know right. What a strange phenomenon. (Sarcasm)

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this website is full of ignorant people. Kotaku gives you all the proff you could ever need about how the dlc in the taken king was part of the orginal destiny and was cut out. Then tells you that the silver was added because they wanted focus on destiny 2 instead of making 2 dlc expansions and people still play ignorant. Newsflash People, The original destiny and the taken king were once ALL PART OF THE ORIGINAL GAME!!. You've been trolled and you still dont care. Thats why you are the p...

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Thats.....pretty weak on Sony's part.

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Yep Amd gpu series because dx12 is based off of the mantle api

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I just don't like how he always cuts off his cohoss and doesnt allow them to speak without his permission. That's disrespectful imo and that's why I unsubbed. But I don't hate him or anything

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Um... that wasn't the point at all. The extra power would be to benefit 3rd party developers in creating next gen experiences without having to downgrade their products. Nintendo on the other hand does not need to utilize the extra power for their games just as you mentioned. but its their for other developers to work with.

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How in the world is wanting to play a game at a friends house being spoiled? How is it that if me and my 2 friends want to play halo 5 together, the 2 of them will have to buy a new console and a new game just to play in the same room. How is something so basic now considered being spoiled? Maybe its not us and its the gamers who are obsessed with highy fidelility pixels are the ones who are actually being spoiled.

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and the funniest part is that he's playing the victim on twitter by randomly blocking people who accuse him of bad journalism. #no-morals.

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welp. here we go

edit: damn im getting disagrees for nothing lol. damn fanboys

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Did it ever occur to you that some of these people are just fed up xbox one owners? People are not always going to agree on everything

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You'd think a price drop would of occured after 3 years. But nope.. Sigh...just drop the damn memory card prices sony

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how the times have changed. I remember back in 2009 when this website was accused of being full of xbots. Something to think about huh?

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Lol you never know hahaha

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Umm.....did no one else notice that THE PS4 GOT A PRICE DROP IN JAPAN!!! It roughly comes out to 299.99 in us dollars. Price drop coming soon guys!!!!!

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