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Please stop voicing your ignorance #1.5.7
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For verification purposes, when did your generation start? I've been gaming for over 25 years, so I am talking about the success of the NES till the present day. Any press before that generation was part of the reason the industry collapsed. #8.2.1
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Once people get it in their heads that game "journalist" are not really journalist at all, people will start to understand that their was never any ethics to break in the first place. Stop trusting the Adam sesslers of the world and watch indie YouTube game reviews if you must. But gamers need to let this go, because 'gaming journalism" never had any integrity in the first place. #8
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I think people are focusing on her actions so much is because of the massive media blackout about the situation. Especially when their are articles that prove it was at HER request. That's just wrong and unethical. #1.2.1
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I'm really looking forward to this game #5
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632 #4.1.1
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They were available here in jacksonville about 2 weeks ago. I picked one up at gamestop at that time and I saw 3 in target earlier this week. Its still pretty hard to find if you are only looking online, but there is a good chance that you can find some stragglers in some stores. #1.3.7
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The ps4 is already being manufactured faster than the xb1. no hate just facts #1.1.6
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Yea kind if ran straight into that one huh? #2.1.1
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exactly, Nintendo needs every positive announcement that it can get. Im still trying to get the wife on board with buying one because shes a fan of Mario, but cant see the justification of another console in the house besides the ps4. Its all about the games lineup. #3.1
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well i definitely want it #457
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why is this not coming out in America??? I just dont understand squarenix anymore. Is it really that hard to add subtitles if you dont want to pay for voice acting and put it on psn? #4
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You guys do understand that they are basically saying that the sold more consoles per day on average, but they did NOT say that they sold the most. The only reason why there statement is even remotely accurate is because the ps4 had a 2 week delay between north america and European launches. that sales gap makes it seem as though xb1 was selling at a more consistent rate. I can almost guarantee that the difference in sales will be at least 1 million after the holiday rush is all said and done. #61
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this has nothing to do with the industry as a whole, just a bunch of weird creeps with sick fetishes. No one should ever be treated that way. But I swear if i see more "pity the women in gaming" article on kotaku im going to flip. This is your civil rights movement women in gaming, endure and press on to victory! #12
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The problem isnt whether its a fact or not. we all know that it is, but why keep bringing up the subject for no reason whatsoever??? Either your a fanboy or your buthurt. #18.2
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I would agree with you if that was the topic of the article. But the topic is about how nvidia is still crying about pc superiority even though the console makers are engaging in an argument with them about ANYTHING. This is a pretty pathetic attempt from Nvidia to downplay the legitimacy of consoles. #10.2
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YES YES F***ING YES!!!!!!!!! I love you sony #5
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Just a reset, i've seen it done many of times are my local stores. disclaimer I use to work at walmart and kmart #14
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I think this is hilarious considering that i was actually excited about the console after watching him unbox it. I never had any intention of buying an xbox 1 before, but his youtube vid really made me want to take the early plunge. Now im saying screw it because Microsofts being a dick about his legally purchased console. We all would of done the same thing if our console came in so soon. #14
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i just dont understand why squareenix tries so hard to shove lightning down out throats. #9
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