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I think that is the next step in Fallout. Vehicles are a must in Next Gen, because the terrain is going to be monumentally bad ass. #5.2
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Funny thing is, if you google what is on you are lead to two websites talking about fallout 4 in russian. It has some screen shots that look much too good to be current gen Fallout. Check it out. That's all I want is a new Fallout game, much overdue. #4.2
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The one game I want from NES brought back is The Guardian Legend. #2
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I have a small collection of NES/SNES games that I still play from time to time. I also have a playstation 1 with FF7-9 and love those games still. I also have Earlier FF titles that I play from time to time, it's amazing how much those games remind me of my childhood. Live on gamers. #5
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Meh. Yay. #19
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I haven't even played games on PS3. I can't wait because there is an entire back catalog of games that I can't wait to play. In addition to having a PS4. Couldn't have had a better XMas Item this year. #51
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I'm excited for the tablets being used for console gaming. I'm still playing consoles, shooters etc., but my girlfriend (who doesn't play shooters) would actually get down on tablet play and rock out. I could see her doing some buff stuff on RPG's and stuff. I have the greatest girlfriend in the world FYI. Totally cool. That is going to be sweet playing the games that I want to play and she is next to me rocking out. But yes I agree that people were dogging on the tablet... #23.2
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^ good point. I kinda like the controller, looks sick. It would definitely do well with FPS, having complete control of the sticks at the touch of your thumbs. I'm down to try it, but it's PS4 this year suckas. Unless they only release FF15 on XBO. #1.4.2
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That's almost 2/1 in favor of PS4. Insane. Twice as many as XBO. Keep it real Sony! #16.1
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Add another to that list . . . as soon as I get my funds in order. #17
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I can't wait to get a PS4. I had to move and was completely screwed financially, but rest assured gamers, a deposit is coming in Dec. and don't forget tax season! I might just actually get a new tv to boot. Show me the money!

It's a shame that Killer Instinct is FTP. I hate that sh**. I just wish they would have made the game "the game" instead. Also I hate that MS owns it, because I want to play that on PS4. #21
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I like how this is all about Game of Thrones instead of video "games." I love the show, but I love my video games more. Peter Dinklage is the voice of "ghost" on Destiny, and now this guy is the voice on the Witcher. #3
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I agree. The games I'm interested in aren't launch games though; Destiny, The Division, and Final Fantasy 15. #1.1
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That's just stupid, just because you botch your own event doesn't mean, you need to "reintroduce it" just to appease consumers. That's redundant, and foolish. Glad they aren't doing this, because I would totally make a spoof video about this on youtube. #26
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That's my argument, I haven't even played Halo 4 yet, and from what I saw my buddies playing I was just kind of like "meh, it's another Halo game." Destiny looks fresh and awesome in all it's entirety, I can't wait to get into that game, create my character and job class, and start blasting shit. Going to be stellar. #1.3.1
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I'm a troll because I have an Xbox and support Xbox, but I'm buying a PS4 because Xbox One didn't impress me, please down bubble me because you think that your vote matters when consumers show MS with their wallet and not a random post on N4G.

We all have opinions, good or bad, just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean that the person should be down bubbled or call them a "troll" cause you don't agree with what they are saying. It... #20
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I'm getting really tired of this. People are just harassing each other because they believe in a different box than theirs. Get over it, people are going to buy their respective consoles and that's that. I am literally losing friends over this, and it's just getting stupid. We are fighting over video game entertainment. I just want to punch people in the neck every time they start talking about video games. If you want to stick with your console fine, but don't be a frea... #8
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Wow. You apparently spend way too much time sifting through the phone book for a friend.

I have an Xbox that does nothing for me right now. I'm burnt out. The new controller sucks for XBO. I don't have cable, so I don't care about TV on my XBO. I think the XBO has cool features, but I think that they are pointless considering that I'll be playing games instead of using them.

If I want to watch TV, i'm not playing my XBO. I am not wat... #1.3.14
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Octodad for the win. #2.1.5
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"LOL Octodad is a really weird game, Knack's gameplay looks awful and bland, Driveclub is the only decent title in there"

I don't think you have an original bone in your body. Octodad looks fun, and different. It's just random. The whole line up of indie games looks the same way, Secret Ponchos looks cool too. Galak-Z looks awesome.

The point is I haven't seen a single indie label game come out from XBox. . . Period, not at E3, nada... #1.3.1
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