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if ppl are using a metric score to know what game to buy then they need help

i have never even visited that site

anyway i am going to retire from N4G....

when you allow ppl with multiple accounts to push out the news you get a load of Sh!T! I lost 3 bubbles in 5 days and i know for a fact that doesnt happen unless i have a couple XBUTTS using multi accounts to take a toll

plus i have been seeing disagree's at a new level. We have 5 or 6 XBU...

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right on dude

and your right

Fanboyism isnt just for games and systems! Fanboyism can be used in a broad term for anyone that cant see both sides without thinking of the bad b4 they see the good. I do think fanboyism was a word created by gamers! I could be wrong

Just when you say the PS3 hasnt made a spot in the market with its software i think your wrong..thats all

Im not all that great writing/spelling out what i think and sometimes i mig...

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you say this:
Otherwise, they've put out some great software while the PS3 is still trying to find its place.

Now i know you said you are not anti-PS3 and that you write for gamer 2.0....well there is my problem with the SO CALLED gaming media press.

for one thing MS has not put out any software! Unless you are considering NXE and games that come from that game makers club they have, 100 bucks a year, as software. Whats it called? NGA or something....anyway

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and still cant download the dam demo

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No it will suffer from any large increase

Just like games on the PS3 will suffer

its called a patch

ok i guess i should be a bit clearer! XBL will not crash like last year but it will have its moments

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that someone should have had years ago


always good to streamline that process

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Randy vs Broc is very interesting

If Randy wins he should be carved into a mountian! 45yrs old and beating a 31yr 6'3 280pound monster would be awesome

im rooting for Broc thou

I want to see that guy put the hurt on ppl! Its scary

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Cote does have a rock solid chin

im saying 2nd round flying knee to the ribs! The Spider is a true master and when he starts to tee off ppl fall!

the fight to watch is the Sherk fight! That fight is going to rule! Lots of good fights on this card really

Spider FTW
best fighter in the world! I think he could hang with fedor

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has said he has 18 months left to fight

he has 6 more fights on his contract!

Chuck is still a bad man but his chin has been chipped and with his style of fighting, counter puncher, when u lose a step you get crushed! He got crushed by Evans and will reritre soon. Still one of the best fighters to watch because you know he is going for a KO

The Spider is the best fighter in the world and i cant see anyone making it past the 2nd round vs that guy! He is t...

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You know whats good for gamers?!?!

Stock prices and share holders are not good for gaming! In fact this has nothing to do with us!

Since when is stock prices and share holders NEWS FOR GAMERS

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Sony has earned a fanbase!

and thats the truth

and the PS3 is selling just fine! Its selling at a faster rate then the PS2 did!

The PS2 didnt take off in sales till a couple years into the life cycle! Its like you think the PS2 sold 130 million units in 4 years!

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i dont really care

but if they are good and under 15 bucks i might just buy me some PS2 games off PSN

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things will turn around

the world economy will rebound

within the next 5-10 years!

2009 is going to be very hard on the poor and the middle class! Im middle class...own my own home and stuff! I didnt want a bailout! I wanted to see what happens when it hits rock bottom!

Let those ppl on Wall street die! Let them go from making 500,000 a year to making 150,000! How hard life must be for those ppl huh! FUKN thiefs! Everyone FUKN one of them

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poor PS3 sales?

is 225,000 not good? I mean really? When did the 360 top 225,000 in one month? Oh i know when...when Halo launched and when they made the system cheaper then the Wii!

B4 that they where well under 200,000 almost every month in 2008

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is right

water is wet

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anyhoo i know you can list about 80 review sites but really i only use 3 or 4 if im not sure i want to buy or rent

and i know im buying R2 day one! So i dont need a review to help my feet move out to the store to buy it! The last game i used reviews to make up my mind was Dead Space and i can say i am VERY happy i bought this game! It is a stunner and it really does spook u...

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im not sure if you are the one that gave us this already...i know for a fact we seen Sony slashed 57% a few days ago

this is why this site is a bit sick

We can hear about this from 20 different websites when its all the same story!

and BTW

Cnet is not owned by MS but they are partners!

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3432d ago

where are all the ppl saying a 6hour game is weak?

atleast it has 5on5 online to extend that

R2 offers much much more game for your 60 bucks

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and i agree with him

ppl react out of fear of Islam when in fact it, like all other major religons, is based off peace and loving the other guy

even if that other guy is a

i dont believe in a God so i can careless because i always have love/peace in my mind when i meet other ppl's and i didnt even need a book to teach me how to do it

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