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did mommy buy it?

if not this guy is a fewl at the highest level

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i have never and WILL NEVER use a credit card online.. I get PSN cards

not sure why i am commenting on this when it says its the finding of ONE person and i have faith in Sony that they have this covered... I just dont use credit cards online

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i still buy CD's because i like to think i am helping these bands make some cash off the skills they have and enjoyment they provide with those skills

same for games... I would never pirate a game

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if it is worth a sh!t

i dont see any real games being made for it unless real games for you are dance or yoga

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but let me say

in 3 years we will start seeing and hearing about PS4 and about 2-3 years after we will see it on market

PS4 in 2015 is a slight maybe

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they said 10 year life cycle


PS4 out in 2016

thats about right

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your also right

like i said in my first comment.. some ppl do a halfass job and when you can get over a hundred reviews you will get a % of fools that have no right reviewing a FPS let alone a video game

Yes you have sites like you said that have a higher standard and leave fanboy bs at the door but you can find a review that doesn't.. I can find a fanboy review of anything including movies and music

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your right... reviews on most things like cars for example are based in a objective manner. When we go out and eat we judge everything not just the food. We judge how clean it is or if the coffee/tea was hot and good. We judge many things

i think when you talk music, movies, shows or any form of entertainment personal taste comes into play much more

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feel a need to respond to a small handful of reviews... Its the opinion of the reviewer!

Im sure it will be 8.sumthin on metric when its a month in

We all know ppl that do a halfass job in real life.. Reviewers that give this game a 7 could be one of those ppl

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i love Socom and they will have the classic mode for online.. You need to remember when your talking about a trailer your talking about something that is made 2excite anyone that will see it...

The PS2 Socom had run n gun dude. Sure you might remember it different because you like myself played the games but IT did have ppl run and gun

I doubt they would make a trailer using someone playing the game tactically... meaning CAMPING

oh let me add...

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anyone that hates on this good news for another human needs 2just walk away from the article and [email protected]@k off

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sure it can happen but it wont be gameplay related IMO

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no need for that.. We all know it.. lets start using what WE have as PS3 freaks

btw my last comment
i love when great multiplats are not needed for my gaming needs because i am being flooded with exclusives


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my backlog will be huge soon enough and this game will be at the top of the list along with Dead Space

i still think the 1st one was the coolest game besides Red Dead last year and maybe one of the coolest this gen... Thanks to the Joker battle rooms :-)

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thats awesome
i hate cheats and i love when they get butt hurt

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its about games

2011 is proof all you need what system is better for GAMES

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online feature
there u go


please list the features you talk about... I would like to hear it... Advertisement all over your dashboard does not count

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you think you know anything about me?

check ur in box

god its funny when ppl say

"i know your type"

i bet your 19 and think your soooo smart

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paid MMO's

Sony doesn't need 2defend it

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