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create a room #1.3.2
doesnt mean the PS4 wont be out at year 8 but i know i can play my PS3 for years 2come... Sh!t my backlog of games that i want to play is a year long easy #1
Socom on PS2
was set up real nice for friends to play with each other #2.2.1
i didnt read this
but i will say

The PS3 is leaps and bounds better online then it was at launch! It was almost useless with friends that first year #2
thanks #3.1.1
whats the biggest selling Kinect title? Im sure its Dance Central but how much did it sell... #3
its was more a joke.. guess i needed one of these :/

i played some Gears 3 and its very good in a different way #4.1.1
getting this... I have been playing, well i played, for going on 20 years but lost most of my chops. #1
still need this game
Just got UC3 so maybe a couple weeks #3
just looking for hits

NO WAY is this game DL only #2
are a very tiny part of the gamer community! VERY SMALL part

the only ppl that bivker over anything when it comes to games ARE FANBOYS

Gears cant hold Uncahrted JOCK!
:))) #4
this same question was asked last year and im sure the year b4. This time of year is when all the heavy hitters want to come out.

is the end of 2011 the best in gaming history? I will never say yes but i will say it has provided me with a LONG list of games i want to play

end of year=Sept-Dec #7
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I dig AC
and i have played the sh!t out of em all but it feels like i just beat the last one and with all these games coming it is getting pushed back

Skyrim is also getting pushed back just because i have beat Batman (mostly) and will be getting UC3 today or tomorrow. I still want to get BF3 also. Its about time and money and being smart with both 4me #3.1
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:) #1
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yea interesting

NOT #1.3.1
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8575309 #14
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look at that... a multiplat selling faster on PS3! I would flame this up and talk about systems being bought and used but i wont

Batman rules #1
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got this game for PS3
my boy loved it. It was a bit tricky and didnt always work right but he had a ton of fun with it #1
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i would agree and i also think that is the case most times... You can skip em after you seen it once #1.1.1
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i dig em

If you skip em then your not really into the story and the game has failed you #1
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