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If there recently hadn't been school full of dead kids, people might have taken this as a joke. Can't joke about shooting up places anymore.

What if he had later done something horrible? All the news stories would be
"he threatened to do it on Facebook, and no one did anything to stop him".

"jk" and "lol" don't make it ok.

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anything with an internet connection can have "cloud computing". It just means connecting to a remote server somewhere and having it do some of the thinking.

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Games looked good. Too bad I'll never buy a DRM machine.

If Sony does the same, I won't buy PS4 either.

I guess I'm just an old fashion person to think I should own what I buy.

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Why homebrew when, for a small entry price, you can put your creation on app stores (xbox, apple, android, etc...) and make some money?

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DREAM = DRM with EA in the middle.

now my mind is completely blown

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This is so stupid. You can't blame someone for looking like himself.

So I guess Sega should sue Robert Downey Jr for being in a Call of Duty commercial when they were trying to sell Iron Man games? Since RDJ still looks like himself in that commercial, people will assume Iron Man prefers Call of Duty games.

Furthermore (for those who are still reading), this is like when a music label tried and failed to sue John Fogerty because his solo album too much li...

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I guess Jerry Lambert is not having a GOOD YEAR.

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I think you meant "shiny COAT of paint"

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The Pro Controller is basically for any multiplat game that is designed for PS3/360 and got ported to WiiU.

You are not going to see any Mario/Zelda/Metroid/etc... game use the Pro Controller, they will be designed to use Pad or original Wii Remotes.

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Virtual Console
Online Play
Firmware Updates
Sharing/Downloading Miis

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I know a lot of people with iPads, but I've never heard of a parent buying one for their kids.

Plus iPads don't require additional, expensive, proprietary memory cards. Plus apple has a store with THOUSANDS of apps/games (many free or $1-$2).

I have both and in the long run, I really think I've spent less on my iPad.

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A solution for this would be to get rid of SP for these types of shooter games.

They could include an offline "bot" mode for people who don't play online, want to practice, or are playing years later.

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calls user reviews "a bunch of knee-jerking, man babies crying"

and then gives a user review saying
"big-name japanese gaming is largely in the toilet"


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3DS is 100% backwards compatible with DS games.
3DS uses standard SD cards that you can buy CHEAP.

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"When Call of Duty 4 came out in 2007 (makes you feel old, doesn’t it?)"

No, someone thinking 2007 was a long time ago makes me feel old.

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ND is a 1st party studio with Sony money and resources. They develop for one and only one platform. If they weren't the ones pushing the system the most, I'd be worried.

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I think if multiple companies are still complaining after 6 years, they may have a point.

Throwing more time and developers at a project is not valid solution in the video game industry unless you're working on a huge franchise or a 1st party studio.

Here, read Insomniacs presentations on how to try and get data sent correctly to the SPUs, and tell me that is something any sucky developer should just pick up.

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The 3DS XL is released in Japan next week (I think), that will make a difference also.

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I know there are new IPs "COMING" to Vita.
I'm only talking about what's in the store RIGHT NOW since we are talking about why sales are slow RIGHT NOW.
No one buys a system based on what is coming out in the future.

Also, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes, Unit 13 are not system sellers. Sony doesn't even bother to advertise them.

killerhog said:
[don't bring up "well I can play those on consoles" argument, beca...

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New IP's - Gravity Rush and....???
AC - Not out yet
CoD - Not out yet
Killzone - Not out yet
Bioshock - Not out yet

mario - Available in stores now
mario kart - Available in stores now
zelda - Available in stores now
kid icarus - Available in stores now

I own both, and I enjoy both, but Vita needs more games in stores and less on the "coming soon" list.

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