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You obviously haven't played it. #9.1
I was the biggest N64 perfect dark fan. When I saw that it didn't even come close to the essence of PD I was hugely disappointed. #13
They are going to drop it like a hot rock when NX comes about. #2.2
The hardware is still an infant. Successive generations that build on this as well as become more adept at programming for this new platform is where the it will have its strength. #5
I believe sony will sell their targeted amount of 1 million units so to them it will be a success.

This first generation will pave the way for more and better successive generations. #9
It's actually the water integrating with the circuits while energy is flowering through it. Turn off electronics right away, put them in a liquid absorbent material and let it dry. #5.2.2
Even though I love TWD, I just don't think it would fit in an MMO. The walking dead is a very story driven medium, the TV show and the comic have a cohesive story driving the overall narrative. This is why the telltale games fit the genre so well. Also there are so many zombie MMO's that it would be unnecessarily shoehorning a beloved franchise into something that it is not.

Keep it with something that tells a powerful story in the universe. #4
I am considering that because it would be portable although having it on ps4 it would be bigger and more cinematic. #3.1.1
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The tough thing is gonna be to decide wether I want it for ps vita or ps4. #3
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Then why haven't they used it now to improve performance on games? Most multiplatform gamers know that the best running versions are usually on ps4. #5.3
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Hahhaha "teh cloudz" #1.6
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I am joyous to see third parties developing for wii u. #9
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Oh really because nintendo has no history of being BC with their other systems right?

You sir are brilliant, absolutely and utterly brilliant. #10.1.1
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My guess is the NX will be backward compatible with Wii u but you will need to buy a gamepad screen seperately to use the BC. Otherwise it could use its new handheld to simulate the Wii U controller and you could play it that way. #10
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One key thing is that PSVR is designed to work in conjunction with the ps4. One hardware, one way of programming to rule them all. They will learn how to develop and optimize for PSVR just like they did with PS4, PS3, ps2 etc. #12
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Sonic adventure 3 sega! Damnit why do you never listen to those that actually purchase your products?! It's like you don't even want money from us! #6
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It looks amazing, can't wait to collect me some gumball machine figures! #15
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All VR is a 1st gen product, the technology will only improve from here on out. #4
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Mario maker for 3ds. #6
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Super wii #17.1
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