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How could Command & Conquer not feature!? I can hear 'Act on Instinct' going round in my head already. Some of the coolest games music ever. #27
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It's funny how people don't bother to read the comments so I think I might have to spell it out too.

=>It is from an in game poster in Killzone 1!<=

It's funny how the mind plays tricks on you though. Looking at it now the picture is pretty rubbish but when I first saw it i was thinking 'this must be good' which made me go "Wow, that looks awesome!". #44
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Woohoo! Thank you SCEE! Finally some progress, I love Crash just want to see CTR next. Now i've just gotta find some room on my PSP... #5
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We haven't even got PSone games on PSN in the UK yet! #15
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Looks amazing, but I do hope it has more than just America. What I loved about COD and COD2 (never played COD3) was the fact that you could play as the Americans, British and Russians. I hope they keep this feature running, so they have a few different teams. #17
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