I like all the consoles and PC


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Why did it start with an ad?

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What else would they use instead of zombies for a game that is not sifi or fantasy? They cant use people and its not an alien invasion game.

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The 6 looks like a giraffe looking back

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Maybe because your not 10 years old anymore? When people grow up they dont get scared as easily. If you show a 10 year old kid this they will get scared.

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I also like Saints Row more. I still have to play SR2.

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If they can make multiplayer work than I welcome it. In the next Batman game one person can be Batman and the other can be his sidekick/partner like the comics and do missions together.

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Actually 1 exclusive and 1 multiplatform game. Rune Factory is also on Wii.

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A mean a handheld experience text more instead of voice acting(you cant hear anything a a noisy bus) If it is an adventure game you can save any time and if it is level based the levels will be small or be big and have a quick save feature.

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For PC.

Make sure you game in on Steam.
Make sure there is a demo so people can check if they can run it.
50$ as digital instead of 60$ like retail
Put it on sale after it sold a certain amount of copies

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Jaffe had an interview and said he took away characters because you almost never seen them and made the cars better.
Skip to 15:30 for the interview http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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IMO Sony should learn the Vita is not a console and its a handheld and make games built for handhelds not consoles. When I buy a handheld I want a handheld experience not a console experience

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If you like more than few games on it than yes, if you only care for 1 game on it than no. No point on buying any system for one game.

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I am happy we are getting ALan Wake

I want to play Halo Reach on PC

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I find the 360 controller a lot more conformable than the PS3 controller. I dont own an xbox or PS3, I rather use an xbox controller on my PC.

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And they sell everything but Sonic games.

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The combat is great in it

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I am getting good with the Juggernaut. I play capture the flag and protect the generator

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I wonder what game they will copy

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It would be fun to play that.

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Rockstar said at E3 they will put it on the Wii U. If The Wii U get third party support it may win next gen with its exclusives and the third party games.

The Wii had Bully and Manhunt and the DS has GTA CW. So Rockstar is supporting Nintendo even more

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