I like all the consoles and PC


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Some of these are pure luck.

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Thats a tramp stamp

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I don't know why a person would want to be a fanboy. They are missing on so much great games by being one.

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And at the end of the day you buy their games and play their games and enjoy them.

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He was in the Wolverine movie

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I see many people calling ARMA 2 the most realistic game. I never played it so I cant say.

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It's just your average PS3 fanboy


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Hack the government so I can get megavideo back and watch movieis.
They should take N4G down

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If your launch is only triple AAA titles no one will be able to buy them all. They just spent money on a console they can't buy so much games with all the money spent. And if the Wii U has proper online it may win

1. 1080p HD
2. Nintendo exclusives
3. A great online
4. Third party games
5. A new controller design for more ways to play
6. It may use Steam

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I hope Bethesda doesn't make it because than it will be supper buggy

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I see many people here started gaming this gen. People in here make like Somy always had the most powerful console. This gen was the first time Sony had the most powerful console all other ones they had the weakest. And people are thinking the PS4 will be so much more powerful, it won't be like PS2 to PS3. The difference will be much smaller. The PS4 will be a little more powerful or weaker than the Wii U. If one next gen console is a lot more powerful than the other two console, games wi...

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I have a question about all 3 dualshock controllers. I used all of them one time or another, can someone tell me the difference between them all? I remember the first one had no anolog sticks and dualshock 3 has 6 axis

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Who the f*ck will buy this? This is such a waist of money. The games are like under 100mb and are easily able to be digital games. Watch them be 60$ and never be on sale and a collectors addition that come with a carton of eggs for 100$ and people will buy it.

Edit: checked the app store, this game is 12mb. This game is so small it can be on WiiWare

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I guess they want people to watch E3

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But what if they take it down befor the next patch? So you are screwed because Skyrim will be super laggy with all the memory and you don't have cloud saving with PSN down.

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You can alway play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for a new experience . It a dungeon crawler

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I agree with this article. But I only support piracy if you can't buy the game anywhere, you don't have the money for it at that second or you want to try it out. I game on Wii and PC, I love my Wii games because they are fun but according to some people it is not "hardcore". If I did buy another console it will probably be an xbox because it has a bunch of games I like and tons of indie games.

Every game I ever pirated I never beat.

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This is so funny.

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I played the mod a few days ago. Will this be free? I wont buy it if you have to pay

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You can see it in HD if a person mods it for PC so it can work on windows 7 and be HD>

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