I like all the consoles and PC


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I would welcome it with open arms. Zelda is my favorite series, I love Darksiders, Uncanny X-Men and Deadpool comics are great.

I read The Ultimates mini series and it was very good

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And this has what to do with gaming? This should be on Techspy

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I knew each one, it took me a while to get 19
For those having trouble
29 chun li
28 kirby
27 yoshi
26 raving rabbid
25 mario kart
24 angry birds
23 boy and his blob
22 ski free
21 mario kart
20 paperboy
19 snake
18 ice climbers
17 lakitu
16 hammer bros
15 sonic and tails
14 goomba
13 pacman
12 navi
11 fruit ninja
10 lara cro...

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I am surprised this isn't banned in Australia

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Pokemon Stadium is an awesome game. I had both of them. I hope they make a new one for the Wii U with online play

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Nintendo. The Disney characters from the new shows bring them down

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I liked the demo. I was sad when it was over

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I love Bioshock, but I don't think Bioshock Infinite will be better than Bioshock

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Just played the demo and it was awesome

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DLC with in DLC

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Now we just need LEGO Minecraft the videogame

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So well I will know what game it is from when I hear it. But it has to be a game I play.

I was able to guess each one I played and the Skyrim and MVC3 was easy to get, even if I didnt play them.

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Games like the one in the video are easy. All you are doing is dodging a small amount of bullets from all of them, you just have to figure out the paturn.

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I hope the Wii U is the weakest console next gen but still gets the third party games. Because in history the weakest console always sells the best.

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I don't own an xbox so I don't follow the games for it, I only follow the games for Wii and PC because I own them

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MS should do what Nintendo does with it's points . 10$ for 1000 points, it's easy to understand and not confusing like microsft points. 800 points for 10$, that confuses me.

Next gen I hope we can pick the amount we want

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If you ask any person who only owns an xbox and follows news about and ask them every console exclusive game coming this year is they probably can name a lot retail and downloadible.

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If you work so hard on something and people don't relies, don't work hard on it. You don't know how people will feel in a world that's not worth living in(The Last of Us). So instead working hard on that work hard On story and gameplay

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If you don't have Trenched/Iron Brigade you should get it, its an awesome game to download by Double Fine. Also Happy Action Theater is also coming out soon for the Kinect by Double Fine. Happy Action Theater uses Kinect very well, watch the quick look of it on Giantbomb.

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We know nothing about this game and people are treating it like the GOTY.

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