I like all the consoles and PC


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Are you high? The average cod kid is not smart enough to play CS. CS takes skill to to win and cod takes luck. To win in cod all you have to do is throw a knife and hope to kill a person and shoot the whole time.

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It's good to see there are people in the government that care about videogames.

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Witcher 3 will also probaly be on Wii U as well because it will be out by the time Witcher 3 comes out

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The Vita is not as powerful as the PS3, if it was than Uncharted will look much better on it. We will soon see articles comparing all the games.

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Both systems are good in their own way. They both have different games and some people will prefer the 3DS and some will prefer the Vita and some will like both.

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Instead of playing that, you can Play Mario Kart for the Wii, Forza 4 for the 360, GT5 for the PS3 and Tracmania 2 for PC. Each gamer games on at least one of these systems so they already have an awesome racing game.

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I would love an open world game that has four campaigns for each turtle, and has a co-op campaign that you can play up to 4 people with.

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It already has it. StarFox had it

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I already have it downloaded. After they see you try to log in from it you can be in the beta

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It can always be a typo. And if it is the ones like this will be worth a a lot.

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I wish I still had my copy

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I hope I get an invite.

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Shigeru Miyamoto is even a bigger troll than Gabe Newell

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Awesome. I was waiting for this to come to PC. and no DRM :)

This will probably be 30$ on Steam like Sonic Generations.

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The name doesnt bother me, but I dont care if they change it.

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I like the Jeb us actually improving Minecraft and not taking breaks like Notch

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I just want to know what day it will come out on

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Games are never scary because when a thing pops out at you, you expect it and you can defend yourself. But games like Amnesia: The Dark Decent are scary because there is no way to defend your self.

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If the PS4 is a lot more powerful than the other consoles it wont get all third party games.

And I think the xbox will be the most powerful next gen like last gen.

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I want it to be on Wii U and PC and than ported to PS4 and xbox 720. The game can be much bigger and it wont be limited by this generation of console.

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