I like all the consoles and PC


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I got into the beta :)

Its still in beta and hasn't been updated yet, you have to give it time to get better
When you get in you get an extra beta key for a friend

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I never played WET because Yahtzee said it was stupid.

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DLC should be free when its a new character, skin, stage, puzzles and etc

DLC should be paid for when it comes out a few months after the game and it adds a lot more play time to the game, like what Rockstar does with their games.

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Thay guy should play kinect

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Why do you hate Nintendo so much? Sony copies all their ideas they have, so you should also hate Sony as well.

See I can troll to

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If people want a lot more features than you should want GTA V to be a next gen game.

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This game is like Fluidity on WiiWare

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I am surprised it took this long. I thought it would have happened closer to the launch

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I know who you are! you are Doom Collector the person who did the interview.

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If he is talking about free DLC than yes. There are devs that think games should have it. But publishers think you should pay for DLC and Nintendo is a publisher. I think Nintendo wants to give free DLC

I didn't understand that statement very well

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Only DLC that should be payed for are the ones that add a lot more gameplay. When they add character DLC to a fighting game it should be free

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This makes me think how much it will sell in a year. This game sells fast

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We all know the IPhone 4S is better because it is made by Apple and has super cool features and gets a new model every year :)


Every person with a brain know the 3DS and Vita are better than any iPhone. And they can also run games a lot better than an iPhone

GBA has better games than any iPhone game. Mother 3 beats every iPod game in gameplay and story

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Golden Eye was one of the first games I played and I still remember the first level

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People got there wish for Megaman to be in a fighting game

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Ninja theory made one exclusive for Sony, so I really wouldn't call them an exclusive team
Same with Quantic Dream they made one exclusive and people think they only make Sony exclusives, and according to Wikipedia they aren't working on any game.

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More devs have to learn from this. When you do a big update it should be free

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If anyone bans used games on their console it would be Sony since they are starting with online passes to make people buy new games instead of used. MS is only doing season passes so people buy new and they can get DLC for free.
But I doubt anyone will ban used games.

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I loved Singularity. Best use of Nolan North in a game no one played

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With this app I can do my life long dream. Buying a game while taking a sh*t

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