I like all the consoles and PC


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Nintendo will make free DLC but the other companies will make payed DLC

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There will be a TNT on the Iron Brigade DLC on Gitanbomb this Thursday :) (when they play the game live and the people from Double Fine will join them)

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I also saw this mistakes, but they are other oness as well. It says Metal Gear Rising is a Wii game and DMC is a PS3 exclusive when it's multiplatform. Rockstar hasn't announced what systems GTAV will be on yet and they guessed they say Diablo 3 is a multiplatform but we don't know if the PS3 and Xbox versions will come out this year.

I wish people did research befor making listes

I agree the layout is awesome

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I love 5th Cell because they always do something innovative.
This game looks really fun
I wish I had an xbox

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what a b*tch. I can see why she got divorced

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This would make an awesome game

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The game was already announced

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All was worth it for the last line. Don't skip to it, read the whole thing

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Lets be honest the average 16 years old will have an xbox with COD because they think its the best game.

And the Wii U will have netflix

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So. Does it have to? Everyone in this day and age should already have a DVD player and bluray player. And it would add to cost if it played DVDs

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If you are like me and buy all the great games new than online passes dont matter

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I wanna get this game. I played the demo and really loved it, it shows what shooters are supposed to be. Is the update gonna be free? because a lot of PC exclusives get free updates/DLC.

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That is very good. It can get a bunch of ports from this gens great games like a Bioshock collection and it can get lead development for third party games next gen because its easy to develop for

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I only got to play a little of the first Half Life and I love Half Life 2. I just want this mod already

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The CEO is so stupid, anyone can come up with a great idea. I dont know why people want to work at Zynga, if a boss said that to me I will leave and make my own game.

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People go and say how they want better graphics. If you want better graphics go to PC gaming

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Best mashup I ever seen.

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I am in the beta :)

It has bugs but I dont blame Valve. Its still in the beta so I didn't expect it to be perfect.

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I always liked Tingle.

Issun is never on any of these lists

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I remember they said the PSP will beat the DS.

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