I like all the consoles and PC


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The guy just should have left the games on with out playing it.

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More devs have to be like Notch

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This proves he knows nothing about gaming. It doesn't matter how weak or powerful a system to be part of the next gen(8th gen) The 3DS and Vita are part of it already. Back at E3 devs said the Wii U was 50% more powerful than the PS3 and those weren't the final specs.

There can be a console with an Intel atom and it will be part of the 8th gen

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I want The Grinder, it looks like a great game. I hope it doesn't get cancelled.

It can always become a downloadible game on the Wii U

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You can mod it so you can emulate games you cant buy and they will all be digital.

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1. Get a PS2
2. Get games you like for the PS2
3. ????
4. Profit
If you really cared about these games you wouldn't care what you play them on.

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Of course they will, it will be super cheap. It will be like how Sony supported the PS2 after the PS3 launched

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Its good to see the he ranked BF3 and MW3 the same

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Gonna download. I loved Orcs Must Die.

Gotta support devs I like

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No no one wants to play COD multiplayer on a handheld.

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I don't like HHG because I find him annoying.

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I played it on PC at night with no lights on. You know stuff will pop out and try to scare you and that's why it isn't scary because it's predictable, the envirment is creepy and that's about it.

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It won't be hard. Dead Space isn't scary. And I hate playing horror games because I hate getting scared.

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And these consoles came out back in 2006/2005. And all the games on the ipad are not technologically advanced like console games. If Dark Souls was on the Ipad it will run horribly

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I found this funny glitch. I fliped a car between two building and couldn't get it out and when I got out of the car I went into the building.

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Because they dont like fantasy games.

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Any roguelike game. You die you make a new character and try to get a better score

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I missed that part

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How can you play board games with out any light?

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Sadly no. Only way to get it is to pirate it

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