I like all the consoles and PC


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It will look like free DLC :)
Nintendo did some DLC before, for Professor Layton and Picross 3D has downloadible puzzles

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MS killed them because they made them work on bad games. They should have let them use their creativity to make great games.

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I said it because Colwyn is a PS3 fanboy and hates Nintendo.

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What if he works for Nintendo?

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The video they use was f*cken funny.

@Darth Stewie

Nintendo makes a bunch of new IPs but they are not as popular as Mario or Zelda

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It would cost 2000$ more and sell a lot more

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If they wait they can add a lot more content and not be held back by this generations consoles.

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Cthulhu Saves the World breaks the fourth wall so much.

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More devs should do this

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and sports

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Cool story bro

I will probably wait to get the Vita

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If this was on PC there would have been a nude mod in an hour

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I see fanboyism blinded you. A real hardcore gamer would not care if a game has motion controll, 3D or not HD, they would get the game for gameplay and/or story. People who own a wii know all the great things about it and people like you know nothing about it because you are a fanboy to another system.

And what about Move? Was Sony trying to be hard core with that?

Do you even know what PC gaming is?

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People who say they will stop gaming because Sony won't make any more console are not real gamers in my opinion. A real gamer would continue gaming on a diffrent system or have have more than one system. If price is an issue save your money.

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Is it just me are beat em ups and hack and slash games getting violent? Shank, Mad World, Ninja Gaiden and God of War

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What AAA publishers?

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More like Bioware selling out and EA milking Mass Effect. Anyone who were fans of Bioware last gen know this is true

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Give them to charity, that will get a lot of attention. Like Childs Play.

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I should have need clearer and said RPGs don't need jumping.

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I started playing Witcher and that has no jumping and it is excellent a games. Games dont need jumping.

Witcher 2 has no jumping and is better than Skyrim

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