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Looks like a cool game!

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I did say probably ;)

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I agree, although at the time I remember everyone writing Far Cry 3 off as a no-hoper because of how late in the year it was launching.

But even Far Cry 3 didn't have this much competition, Horizon 2, DriveClub and Project Cars... Amazing.

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Weird name!

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I hear that the Warlock isn't great at taking damage though, and that seems to be one of my main flaws haha..

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I was a Hunter in the beta and enjoyed it, but because of that I'm wondering if I should have a change for the proper game. Warlock sounds intriguing!

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Maybe he was just saying in comparison to Borderlands it doesn't have as many? Borderlands 2 did have a "gazillion" guns afterall...

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Could listen to him talking all day. Destiny is going to be amazing!

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So excited about this game now. I can't wait to load it up for the first time. Only problem is I'm not sure which class to choose!

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I'm really intrigued by this. I love the art style, and the branching story lines and character relationships sound interesting.

I just hope the episodes are released close together so we don't get a Walking Dead situation.

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I'm eager to see how they put the game/TV show dynamic together. And hopefully it's good quality live-action and not some cheap looking production that took a few hours to film.

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Can the Xbox One finally start playing catch-up to the PS4 now? I worry Microsoft have left it too late, but at least they've released an Xbox One bundle without a Kinect included.

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Good point, but you're still going to have to pay money to unlock the same amount of content as Forza Horizon 2 is offering.

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I can see your point, Titanfall was fun but the hype has definitely died down now.

But this shared-world shooter, MMO thing that Destiny is looking to bring to consoles just has so much potential. If Destiny is a hit I think future games are going to look to implement their main campaigns into online environments.

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Definitely, although I have to admit I was a fan of the EA LOTR games ten years ago! Played them to death!

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I was cynical at first but now I'm really, really looking forward to Destiny. I think it could be a game changer, something we look back on in five years and say it changed the way games were made.

I can't wait.

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The chance to take these cars off the track and onto fields/cobbled streets has me more excited than what Drive Club can do.

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Or maybe EA is saving some content to release as paid-DLC? :P

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Some people might find it strange that they're talking about making this into a series already, but at least they have confidence in it!

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Not sure what to think of this. Would definitely have preferred Firaxis to work an a sequel to Enemy Unknown.

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