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Wow, looks like PS2 game #1
WiiU is dead... #6
WiiU is dead... #5
You are not correct. Remember that you have to buy hedset for Xone and battery recharger with cable. So thats probably another $

On ps4 you also have to play for PSN+ but you gaet a free game with this - Drive Club.

So to sum up.

Xone + Live + Game + Headset + batteries = ~699$

Ps4 + PSN+ +game +headeset + rechargable battery in controller = 449$

About 250$ of differance!!! #9.1
PSVita has the same amout of quality games as 3ds. Just look at Gamerankings and check how many games have avarage score higher then 80% on PSV and on 3DS. #8
BTW regarding the prices of consoles and games:

And still there are many gamers in Poland #10
Vita has the same amount of great games as 3DS, just look at Gamerankings or Metacritics.

Vita needs only a price cut. #7.1
True HD - means 1080i, Full HD means 1080p.

Misleading title #17
Cry Nintendo fan, lie down and cry.

LOL #15.1
Rayman Origins run on PS3 at 60fps and 1080p. 100% origins on PS3 will also run at 1080p 60fps #8.2
Hmm since Rayman Origins run on PS3 at 60fps and 1080p, I think it is obvious that Legends also will be 1080p and 60fps #13.2
"Xbox One $399 " LOL, just check price of X360 250GB with Kinect bundle, gues what? It cost 399$ so now way new console with new Kinect would cost the same. #3.3
One thing we all know for sure: Xone will be more expensive than PS4. #15
No way. How much is now for the 8 years old system X360 250GB with old Kinect? 399$

So it is obvious that Xone is more expensive than X360, olus Kinect 2.0 is faro more advanced in comparison to Kinect 1, so it gices at least 499$ #8.1
Currentlu X360 250GB with kinect costs 399$. So it is obvious that Xone will be more expensive and plus new addvanced 1080p Kinect it will ad much to the price.

So Xone will cost at least 499$ #2.1.1
Hmmm, GT5 was running on PS3 in 60fps and antialiasing #7.2
From what we all have seen till today 9 of of 10 multiplatform games looks worse on WiiU and the 1/10 looks better but came a lot months later so developer have more time to polish the game. #6.1.3

All of a sudden all people who criticise Nintendo is Sony fanboy? Why not X fanboy? LOL #8.2.2

- graphics is only avarage/good
- geme looks simple
- there are many download only games bigger/more complex with better graphics #8.1.1
Lets see:



Big Daddy
Heihachi Mishima
Jak and Daxter

Maybe kids prefer childish characters from Smash Bros. #7.1.1
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