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WiiU is dead already, deal with it people and just move along.

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Another hope lost:

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Miscosoft never mentioned dedicated chip for streaming, downloading etc. tasks so 99% sure that main processor is doing this.

What is more, PS4 has dedicated sound processor saving even more power from the main CPU. Xone doesn't have such thing.

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"... impressive features"

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WiiU is dead, deal with with already!

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Wow, WiiU is completely dead. Not even milion in last 7 month?! That is just pathetic, LOL.

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It's time for Nintendo to become software developer only.

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WOW, only 3mln WiiU for all time! Damn, system sellers won't be avaiable in this year so it shoudn't even got to 5mln till 2014.

After PS4 and Xone is launched the support for WiiU will be even less.

Sorry to say, but I don't see hope for WiiU.

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Tell me where am I wrong?

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Backgroung looks like from PS2 game. LOL

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WiiU is dead...

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LOL, almost no differance. Characters have practically the same models.

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Bubble up, because it is "well said"

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Sony and M$ deliver top-quality hardware with low price, Nintendo sucks at hardware development and always claim a huge price for outdated hardware. So it would be better for all that N would quit console market and not M$ or Sony.

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And what is more, you have to buy headset and rechargable kit for Xone.

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Wow, looks like PS2 game

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WiiU is dead...

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WiiU is dead...

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You are not correct. Remember that you have to buy hedset for Xone and battery recharger with cable. So thats probably another $

On ps4 you also have to play for PSN+ but you gaet a free game with this - Drive Club.

So to sum up.

Xone + Live + Game + Headset + batteries = ~699$

Ps4 + PSN+ +game +headeset + rechargable battery in controller = 449$

About 250$ of differance!!!

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PSVita has the same amout of quality games as 3ds. Just look at Gamerankings and check how many games have avarage score higher then 80% on PSV and on 3DS.

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