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Xone fans are so desparate that from even medicore games like Crackdown series they make a "ggamechanger". The same with Tomb Rider, it was medicore games all the time, untill they announced Xone exclusive. LOL

It looks like this:
but for Xone. #24
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What about Merceneries and Merceneries 2 ?

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2.1.1
Wow, this is really stupid. #1
The more PS4 have lead over Xone the more exclusive content it gets, the more exclusive content PS4 gets, the more lead over Xone it gets... #3
Why in every WiiU article N fanboys are mentioning Vita? #13
But PS3 was #1 on last generation (not counting Wii - which was totally diefferent market console). #13.1
Worst selling Sony console have outsold best selling M$ console which had launched a year ealier :D #1.5.3
I'm a Nintendo hater (because I think this is most cash oriented company) but I have to admit that this game looks great. Beatiful, great ideas, varius gameplay features, amazing tracks only... only those characters :/ #14
LOL, are you serious? #11.1
"operating with a full 1280x720 framebuffer." #3
My friends in Poland says that in every shop there were a 40-70 people in queue and only 30-40 of thet got PS4. It's crazy! #15
I was hoping for a bigger leap in graphics. Remamber Gran Turismo 2 on PSX and Gran Turismo 3 on PS2 or T3 and TTT. Even between PS2 and PS3 there was much bigger graphic upgrade than now from curent gens to next-gens, even though current gen started very long time ago almost 10 years.

There ware bigger leaps even shorter period between generations. #9
Just like they mention that some Xbone games are upscaled to 1080p. Every X360 game was upscaled #5.1.1
Damn, this is some terrible ad. I felt embarrassment watching this.

BTW who is that guy, i'm not from USA so I don't recognise him. #5
Greeting for all X360 arcade/core system owners!!! #6
You are poor N fanboys who just can't stand the truth. #5.1.2
Wow, looks like Dreamcast or at most PS2 game. Great job Nintendo! #5
Wow, improvement from Saturn graphics to PSX graphics. Well done! #8
"he Wii U has the highest FPS, the Ps3 manage to catch up bcos it was 720p"

Do you know that WiiU version is rendered at only 720p, the seme resolution as PS3 and X360, and only then it is upscaled to 1080p.

Are you aware that WiiU version runs at ~28fps copmared to ~30fps from PS3 version

"For me, the Wii U load time is faster than my ps3 by 6secs, i tried it several times"
LOL, just LOL. #9.1
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