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Yeah, its more than xbox and N64 and Gamecube combined :D

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Enen dmc1 remake would be amazing

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With such graphics I suppose it runs at 4k, 60fps, 4xAA and some crazy anisotropic filtrering.

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So, fro9m your comment you have to acknowledge that N has zero racing games (only shiity ones from mobiles :D )...
Zero mature games...

Almost zero new ips (arms is simple multiplayer game - quality of dozens od indie games for 5-20$, "Pikmin, Yoshi, Smash, Animal Crossing" - nothing new, Splatoon - still only good an multiplayer and with "quality of dozens od indie games for 5-20$"

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What about new ip?

Maybe racing game?

Some mature games?

Its pathetic Nintendo console is only mario, zelda, pokemon.

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This is shiety as$ graphics so what would you expect!?

BTW many elements has been downgraded :/

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Heh, that's the life of xbox fan, waiting...

You are waiting for x1x, while milions of Ps4 pro users play 4k games with hdr for more than a year.

What is more many people will have to wait another year for a price drop od x1x to the acceptable point (e. g. price of Ps4pro).

Yeah, so keep waiting for slightly better experiance.

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I wish there would be an option of removing wheel and hands from the interior view for the people who play on the stering wheel.

The camera should be closer to front window also.

Drive club has great camera view for playing on stering wheel.

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By the time Xone X gets reasonable price (such as ps4 pro has), milions of PS4 pro users will play HDR 4k games for 2-3 years.

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I've bought 2, my brother and friend the same :)

I think there could be even 10-15mln cocsoles sold that way.

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People are buying steering wheels for 600, or gaming headset for 400$ and you claim 599$ for comepletely new experiance, for motion tracking device with TV screen built in is too expensive?

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I've never bought any DLC, season pass, early access or even pre-order.

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Quite good First game for its time, avarage second... why should be excited about the 3rd? Pobably it will be avarage/good game as dozens nowadays. It will be lost in crowd.

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Xone fans are so desparate that from even medicore games like Crackdown series they make a "ggamechanger". The same with Tomb Rider, it was medicore games all the time, untill they announced Xone exclusive. LOL

It looks like this:
but for Xone.

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What about Merceneries and Merceneries 2 ?

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Wow, this is really stupid.

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The more PS4 have lead over Xone the more exclusive content it gets, the more exclusive content PS4 gets, the more lead over Xone it gets...

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Why in every WiiU article N fanboys are mentioning Vita?

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But PS3 was #1 on last generation (not counting Wii - which was totally diefferent market console).

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