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I can understand why PS2 might have sold as many as it did due to brand loyalty and first to have a DVD player (it seems incredible and quite admirable that , to date, no Nintendo console has seen the need to have a DVD player. Nintendo accurately realise that it is no longer a big selling point and that many people have too many DVD players in their house. It's not 2000 any more. Plus they know that some will have consoles that can play Blurays so including a DVD player would be a little... #4.1.2
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WiiU might not have broken sales records but I think it's been good for Nintendo's future. It's tried something different with technology. Like the Gamecube sometimes did (e.g. Luigi's Mansion), it's made a virtue out of smaller games (e.g. Captain Toad's Treasure Trackers). I don't know whether or not they would have had quite so many exclusives released and lined up if they hadn't had to try their hardest to get sales.
They could probably do with an e... #26
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Nearly matching, in 26 months, the sales that the Dreamcast managed to reach in 18.

The WiiU is a clever idea though so I'm going to go with the idea that the WiiU is mainly paying for the fact that people got bored of the original Wii and certain parts of the WiiU haven't changed enough from it. Make those Miis look better for a start.

Put more effort in to the visual appearance of your 'party' games to use the technology. They should never l... #13
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I think it's going to be a finely crafted atmospheric piece. For lovers of a Victorian steampunk look.

Hardened FPS fans are bound to be disappointed.

This is just the first game in what is hoped to be a series. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune didn't tackle online and didn't do much radically different from Tomb Raider.

Give the game a chance. It's clearly not meant to be a game with huge environments. It's about savouring... #4
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Since I can only buy or have the time to play so many games and most consoles, regardless of how many games in total they have available, achieve the aim of having half a dozen really great, generation defining, games, the fact that PS2 had lots of games available on it has no bearing on me, particularly as I don't like RPGs, one of the genres the PS2 was identified with.

The competition satisfied the other genres as well or better. PS2 had some interesting, niche, surviv... #4.1.1
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I'd just like to add that I never saw any special reason to buy a PS2. It had some interesting niche games but they were a bit TOO niche- and, anyway, the Gamecube had a few.

I owned a Gamecube and Xbox instead.

I never felt particular loyalty to Playstation until Uncharted 2 came out on Playstation 3 in fact. It was the fact that, for the first time, Sony had a world beating blockbuster game all of its own and you could play it online free of charge.
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PS1 was the cheapest and you could play Resident Evil first on it. Simple as that.

PS2 was the first console that you could play DVDs on and few trusted or were taking notice of Sega for consoles any more. Xbox and Gamecube weren't out. Simple as that.

PS3 eventually had some great exclusives. The free online, better reliability, Bluray and iconic Dualshock controller might have helped too but Xbox360, popular in America, had a big head start. Simple as t... #3
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He does more than that in Paper Mario for a start.

In Sunshine he gets FLUDD so he can rocket propel himself through the air or water.

Mario might not be the most interesting character- he's more like what Mickey Mouse is to Disney - but he's innocent-seeming and works hard at his task of saving the princess or whatever. His goodness seems to give him Peter Pan-like properties of never aging. In fact, he gets better looking between Mario 64 and Sunsh... #5.2
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As well as Donkey Kong Racing, Conker: Twelve Tales. Conker's Bad Fur Day's great but Twelve Tales looked to have more action and context sensitive characterisation. It actually reminded me of Super Mario Sunshine (I wonder if Nintendo were taking notes). I don't care if people thought it looked childish or too similar to what they'd released before. #16
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Despite the rocket propeller powers of FLUDD, Super Mario Sunshine was the most realistic-seeming Mario game in that
you were actually doing a 'proper job' for a change. Not quite plumbing but being an environmental cleaner.

I haven't played Galaxy to compare the 2 but I know that, despite Galaxy's generally slightly higher scores, some people prefer Sunshine, probably because it is like a giant sun-drenched playground to use FLUDD in with more of a tr... #11
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Uncharted 2 - literally a cliffhanger opening instead of a cliffhanger ending. #5
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There's always been something extremely corporate about the Xbox One though. From its opening presentation to its dashboard appearance to the typically corporate idea that it wouldn't matter if the controllers still contained batteries and that it wouldn't matter if you're charged to access an internet browser, it's easier to admire its relative refinement as a 'Microsoft statement' compared to previous Xboxes than to love it as a personal, customer focussed, often... #9.1
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I will bet that many of you are playing huge open world games where so many different items, characters and situations can be combined that it wouldn't be surprising to me if something occasionally isn't forecast by programmers to be needed to work. #12
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The first major remaster that was I was aware of is Resident Evil on the Gamecube.

But it wasn't just a remaster. They'd completely overhauled the graphics of what was a 5 year old game and they'd changed the puzzles. The game was a testament to what the Gamecube was capable of.

The remasters of today are of games that are barely a year old with just cosmetic changes.
They are taking up the time of top developers who should be working on n... #2
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That's what some say and it did get Shenmue 2, Jet Set Radio Future and Project Gotham Racing (successor to the Dreamcast's Metropolis Street Racer) as well as being the first console to get House of the Dead 3 and Outrun 2.

Microsoft couldn't have easily launched the Xbox if Dreamcast had still been in the race, keeping hold of some exclusives that the Xbox needed. Microsoft didn't want to help Sega stay a console maker.

But it wasn't a... #3.1.2
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Personally, I didn't like how it decided 'let's have a locker scene' and then moved on to 'let's be Resident Evil 4 from now on'. I hear that much of the game sticks to a RE4-like formula. I liked the bosses and the changes in environment in RE4 but I never felt the need to have a rehash of that style again. And the difficulty level of The Evil Within seems too dependent on how bothered you can be to run away rather than fight. #4.2
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That's a lot of disagrees - I know that all of the Uncharted games have had jungle / cliff sections but the one shown so far is most reminiscent of the first game.
I don't really see what you disagree with so much- you certainly didn't feel the need to explain what it was.
Grappling up walls, swinging on ropes all very nice but surely you don't think that what's been shown so far is the radically different kind of environment that, say made Uncharted 2 so... #8.1
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So far I've seen what looks like a reworking of Drake's Fortune. A long way to go to convince me although I was very pleased with the artwork hinting at an Alantis-like area. #8
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I wonder whether The Order 1886 will feel a bit more like a Quantic Dream game. If so, as long as it doesn't play itself like Beyond Two Souls, I'm happy with that. #11
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I preferred Uncharted 2, Dishonoured and, to some extent, the original Bioshock last generation.
The Last Of Us borrows heavily from other games more than even those 3 games do. #18
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