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At this stage I encourage people to play the best of last generation that they haven't played. Wait until The Order before you consider getting a PS4. Wait until Quantum Break or Sunset Overdrive reviews (or longer) before considering Xbox One. Here's some that I either liked a lot or never played:

Multi (haven't played):
Alice: Madness returns
Anarchy Reigns

Multi (have played):
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The Unfinished Swan (by Giant Sparrow)- PS3 exclusive

Papo and Yo (by Minority) - PS3/ Windows

Limbo (by Playdead) - multiformat

The Cave (by Double Fine) - multiformat. If not technically an indie game (it is published by Sega) it could at least be appreciated by 2D indie game fans.

Rain (by SCE Japan so not technically an indie game)- PS3.

Quantum Conundrum - by an indie developer Airtight Games but publish... #4
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The not taking indies / PC ports seriously enough will be the death of the Xbox brand.

PC ports of niche games should be where Xbox One had more than the PS4. #14
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If you had time to be bothered about jagged edges in a game where there were lunatics with bottles with jagged glass round every corner then I think you weren't in to the rawness of the story in the first place.
Jagged edges can be excused by artistic licence in such a game. The visuals being a metaphor for the feelings that your characters have. Not that I noticed many problems.

The PS3 was well known in general for not having anti-aliasing on a par with the Xbox... #39.2
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It's not a rip off if you never owned the PS3 game is it.

Smart buyers will either make do with the PS3 game or wait for the PS4 version to come down in price.

And if you want people to buy the PS4 version right now, Naughty Dog, then come on N4G and ask us to! #37.1
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Microsoft use yesterday's answers to today's requests.

They still seem to think that indie games aren't a popular enough proposition to make the difference to console sales!

It's like they think that a console is just something that bored housewives and their layabout sons will whip out now and again to fight the flab, watch TV and 'be a big robot'.

Ryse is Heavenly Sword in sandals. It's relatively nice looking bu... #18
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I can't actually remember whether I've got up to a bit about giraffes. I'm up to a cabin restaurant section where I creep around trying to hit someone over the head with stuff lying around. I say that as if I only just got the game- I got it on PS3 release but I find that part both scary and tedious so I now play the multiplayer a lot because it's so fun. Regardless, I'm sure that playing violent killers all this time will not somehow be redeemed by patting a long necked a... #32
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So why risk spoiling in the comments section for those who just like to look at the comments! #1.1.12
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You can either play Tomb Raider on PS3 for £5.99 (1 months PS Plus subscription) or you get it on Xbox One for a far higher price with a few extra graphical effects.

You can either play Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons on PS3 for £5.99 (1 months PS Plus subscription) or you get Max : The Curse of Brotherhood on Xbox One for about £34.99.

You can either play Alice : Madness Returns on PS3 for about £6 or £7 or you can start getting mad ab... #27
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To properly do that though they'd have to invest in more exclusive games including properly supporting indies like Sony has been doing for many years. And they'd have to give Xbox Live free for a few years. Just to get them on an even keel with Sony.

All these things cost time and money whereas MS would just prefer the money income part from huge cash cows like Titanfall.

With Microsoft, it's like asking a feudal king to be nice to the peasants. T... #26.1
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What kind of company could make Kinect 2.0 mandatory (not in itself a bad thing if it was put to good use) and then not have any major Kinect games?

It is not good for interfaces let alone gaming.

Don't get me wrong, it can be slightly enjoyed as a gimmick. But gimmicks should not be so costly - for Microsoft or consumers. #57
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What'll hurt them personally is when not enough people give a damn about buying an Xbox One because all their essential needs are catered for by Sony and Nintendo combined.

They get a few exclusives but they just never quite live up to the longevity of the competition. Titanfall excepted of course but to have so much hype about one game to the exclusion of nearly all else is not healthy.

Here's one example from last gen:

Remedy releas... #20
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Wow. That's a lot of money to spend on something I care not the tinest bit about.

I'd rather that they spend it on gold houses for each executive than spend it on a sport that I couldn't give a damn about. #32.1
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You sound like a Microsoft employee.

It's an update, not a game. It's not supposed to be all that exciting. #1.1.15
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There are so many unknowns about the Xbox One as a gaming machine though.

Rare were coy about talking to the media even during the N64 days.

Insomniac and Remedy haven't said any more on Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break respectively.

Sony are far more consistent with both the number of AAAs and indie games.

Microsoft do just enough to hook in a buyer but after that they hardly satisfy much further. From past form, don&#... #33
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I also started off with a ZX Spectrum.

Every single generation has had unique facets compared to other ones. There's literally never a 100% good reason to get rid of your old consoles. Unless it's an Atari- I hate those. But you'll never beat playing Lemmings with an Amiga mouse. Or playing N64 games on - an N64 instead of an emulator (or on an Xbox360!). And the Dreamcast was the most beautiful looking console ever made.
Even the breeze block that was the... #16
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I think that the game is very replayable actually.
It gives you an illusion of choice and when you play it next time you'll try a different strategy to what you last tried even though there might only be 1 way that's most likely to end in success. The thickness of the atmosphere , like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, is so well done (including sound effects and music) that I want to enjoy its quality again.
But the fine multiplayer is so endlessly replayable that it migh... #2
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If Nintendo ever decide to stop making major consoles and only concentrate on their handhelds , and if either Sony or Microsoft got exclusive rights to publish the games that Nintendo would have previously published on their own major console, then that would be a huge deal for either company.

It could be game over for Microsoft if Sony got the deal.
Whereas if MS got the deal Sony could still survive on its own great exclusives.

However, like Sega,... #16
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I still feel a bit awkward about how the Dreamcast got killed off and then the Xbox steps in to the ring not long after.

Let's put it this way- not as much as could have been done was done to keep Sega as a hardware manufacturer.

I suppose that Sega was just seen as too niche by a lot of people and it was easier to let it end there. Despite some of the acclaim that the DC got it did tend to overkill some genres such as fighting games and underdelivered on... #59
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Xbox Con #45
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