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When Nintendo are popular it tends to affect Sony more than Microsoft.

And when Microsoft are popular it tends to affect Sony more than Nintendo.

PS2 155 million sales - Gamecube approx 21 million. Total= 176 mill.
PS3 80 million sales- - Wii 100 million. Total = 180 million.

Yes the Xbox 360's increase in sales will have affected PS3 sales but, even so, Microsoft just tends to sell or not sell regardless. You either must have Hal... #20
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I don't get the love for Journey from Western audiences.

Why don't you speak about Papo and Yo, a metaphorical journey of a bullied child- even a tiny bit of what you speak about Journey? #12
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Approx 50% of Wii U owners own Mario Kart 8 then.

Only Wii Sports on the Wii and Super Mario Bros on the NES probably have a higher percentage ever. Even Tetris didn't reach a sales rate of 50% of the Gameboy market. Although, given that each of those games sold far more than Mario Kart 8 (Tetris on numerous platforms), they probably don't care. #8
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Since 2001/2002, Microsoft have charged for ALL online play.

The original Xbox was probably worth it because it was the only way you could easily play a PC in a box at home. Its tech specs were big.

Since then, Microsoft have opted for only mid-highish range tech specs yet still charge for online play (as do Sony now of course but only many years later). #25
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Insomniac would do well to consider trying to get Sunset Overdrive on the next Nintendo console if their deal with Microsoft will let them (even though Insomniac own the IP). #7
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It's better than part 3 on the whole. Resident Evil 2 would be a most popular choice for a remake.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be buying myself. The mechanics were accepted because that kind of gameplay hadn't been seen before and the hardware was more limited so you allowed yourself to enjoy the tension and the unknown instead.

Now you know more or less what kind of scenarios there will be. And post-Bioshock, lots of people are turned off by th... #22
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'Trolling refers to any Internet user behavior that is meant to intentionally anger or frustrate someone else in order to provoke a response'.

That's not what my joke was. It DOES have far better resolution than any of their or any other console's games - it's a real life glass for goodness sake. Even Xbox One fans can take a joke- and they know it is a fact that the Xbox One is known to struggle to hit 1080p for some of the more complicated, fast moving,... #11
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Consider this:

Sony have (and still give) the ability to play online games free of charge for 8 years + on the PS3.
That must add up to- what - what would have cost at least 8 x £20 = £160 over 8 years on Xbox 360.

About 60% have Xbox Live subscriptions/ Let's very conservatively say that they only signed up to 3 months a year, maybe working out at £10 a year. That's still £80 per subscriber. 80 million x £80 = £6... #19
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That glass has far better resolution than any of their games. #10
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The Gamecube sold around 21 million and now I think that sales would have been more like the WiiU's if only the Gamecube hadn't been sold at such a low price, both at launch and afterwards. Which is a shame as the Cube actually had better tech for its generation.

I bet Nintendo wishes they'd kept hold of Rare at this stage. The Wii's sales didn't need them but they could have helped Gamecube (only 1 Rare game) and WiiU sales a bit. But Rare were a bit unpr... #6
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It is a touch disappointing that Rare couldn't work on making an Uncharted like adventure (they could call it the next Perfect Dark if they like) instead of Microsoft relying on third party games to fill that Uncharted sized gap. However I don't begrudge Microsoft having timed exclusivity. I understand them seeking it. I also understand that having the financial and developer support of just one console company can substantially improve your game from what it otherwise would have been... #59
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It had sold close to a million at last count:

Alan Wake sales struggled for a while and now it is reckoned that it's sold 4.5million, which includes sales of American Nightmare:

http://www.gamespot.com/art... <... #64.1
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"If this had been PS4 exclusive it would have been less colourful"

To clarify as I realise that you might think that's an odd thing to say about the company that has had Ratchet and Clank and the relatively colourful (for a shooter) series Uncharted - those games tend to veer towards 'filmic'. Colours are not generally made hyperactive retina hurting bright.

By comparison, when a colourful game comes on to a Microsoft console such as Ba... #4.1.2
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In the extremely unlikely event that mega richMicrosoft didnt provide enough funding and love to make Insomniac wish to keep such a distinct Infamous custom made game exclusive , it would almost certainly be 1080p but still 30fps. Dont hold your breath. Jet Set Radio Future is Xbox exclusive to this day and this game will be seen as the popular series that deserved to be. Insomniac have been open about the excitement of Microsoft for the project. You dont need extra shaders when its this col... #4.1
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If Nintendo and Sony had partnered as planned then Microsoft might have asked Sega in around 1997 if Sega fancied essentially being bought out by at least 49% and the Dreamcast being a truly joint Sega/Microsoft enterprise. To this day, Sega's games division could have ended up essentially being owned by Microsoft with Sega games with no Sega games being published on the Nintendo/Sony console except in special circumstances such as some of the less iconic / popular games.

... #20
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It seems apt that there is something extraordinarily immune to logic about many Last of Us fans it seems. They disagree with any comment that states something that tries to give a balanced view. It's as if they've been on a rollercoaster and they don't want to consider its design or its nuts and bolts. They don't care whether the rollercoaster is particularly original or what foundations it came from. To them, it's as if The Last of Us was written specially for them, ever... #74.1
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Uncharted 2 had some gorgeous detail and handled a love story very well but Uncharted 3 was a pretty good sequel, although very strictly ordered in that the first two thirds of the game were easy and the last third of the game was very hard.

If only they had a bit more time to make an actually good ending. To show a whole city and then only let you fight in a small part of it in one of the easiest boss battles ever- it wasn't handled well. Uncharted 2's end boss was t... #10
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There's a lot of truth in the article.

The Last of Us can easily be looked upon as a product of its time. Released during the fall out from an economic depression, it's practically 'find out who matters most to you and kill anything that threatens them without mercy because the system won't care about you'.
In Joel's case it's a surrogate daughter.

The game seems to borrow location ideas from games including Half Life 2,... #74
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To my eyes, Scalebound looks a bit rough and I would rather play Deep Down and Gears 4 looks like a remastered Xbox 360 game.

Sea of thieves appears to have saved a lot of its graphical power for the sea animation. It looks fun but I hope that there is a single player adventure as well.

Cuphead is visually and sonically interesting but it is a collection of hard boss battles whereas some might have preferred a platformer with bosses at the end. And the visual... #1.3
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The banana controller always looked a bit wrong. Look at how the D Pad controls are skewed instead of being straight. And who needs such lengthy handles separating you from feeling like you're fully in control of the actual controller? It might have been good for the Sixaaxis but motion controls were mainly about the Move so the DualShock3 only needed to be a conservative design. Possibly a bit too conservatively like the PS2 controller but Sony were getting a bit too wacky with their des... #1.7
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