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Whatever you object to, I assure you that Quantum Break had that punch move first out of QB and UC4. The fact you haven't commented might suggest you have no argument about that. Even if such a punch move has been in other games before, it's not a move I've seen in many adventure games of this nature and I doubt that Naughty Dog were unaware that such a high profile game as Quantum Break was showing it off.
Before you say that all games are accidentally or deliberately der... #19.1.1
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Trouble is, Uncharted 4 nicked that punch move. It was in Quantum Break first and maybe Remedy should have kept it secret. #19.1
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It's surely not going to sell bad. At the same time, it's only due to be on 2 platforms at most- Xbox One and PC later on. And Xbox owners are notoriously fickle in supporting anything unusual, even if it has shooting in it.

Sales of anything less than 4 million between Xbox One and PC might be regarded as disappointing. #20
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I think it's a big shame for Microsoft that they either didn't try to buy Sega or Sega wouldn't let them (Sega didn't need to be bought ,because of the very generous bequest from their president). But I suppose if Microsoft bought Sega then loads of employees left Sega, it could have been costly for Microsoft. And gamers would be worse off as a whole from having to buy an Xbox to play a new Sonic game. #27
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Maybe they are actually dating other people and this attention has not been helpful to their partners?

Romeo and Juliet, of course, was a tragedy so the comparison is like saying 'Aw sweet. Jack and Rose from Titanic'. #39
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The White Xbox One is the best white console. Yes it could definitely be smaller but all the hate from people saying that it looks like an old VCR are, basically, old people. Young people, if they remember seeing VCRS, will regard the Xbox One as a different retro kind of design instead of the minimalism of the PS4. Minimalism has been out for years- it's nothing new. #51.1.1
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Sony are playing many people like a violin. Gameswise, the PS4 isn't even PS3 version 1.5 #7.2
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Sony are treading water this generation. No expensive risks like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive. #2.3.3
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The Order 1886 special edition looks best. The PS4 controller looks awful in anything other than black. #51
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Can you give some examples apart from helping indies more?

I see that they once had Bungle exclusively and now don't.

They once had exclusive Sega games (e.g. Jet Set Radio Future) and now don't.

They once had Rare releasing games at a better rate than they do now.

They've had Remedy exclusivity (in effect) for about a decade so let's not bring them in to it because Alan Wake was from 2010 so it's been bus... #1.2
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I only played the demo.

It's simply not my kind of game at all as I don't like RPG games. I don't like any form of entertainment where there's supposed to be a mysterious lore to the whole world but it just all sounds like moody rubbish to me (because it is, if you don't care for the world or the characters then you never become immersed in it enough for it all to not annoy you.
Metroid Prime is the only scifi game that had lots of logs to read tha... #78
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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
Good or bad, it was memorable and we're likely still talking about it.

Death of Satoru Iwata

3. Best New IP

Super Mario Maker

4. Best New Video Game Character

Maxine Caulfield from Life is Strange

5. Best Single Player Experience

Until Dawn

7. Best Story

Life is Strange

13. Best Ar... #103
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Well it can't arrive any later. #1.5
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'For each of the below listed award categories'.

You have to vote on EVERY category to have a chance of winning the gift card?

That's just an invitation to make up a winner even if you never played a game in that category. #32
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You don't take in to account that Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country 64 sold significantly more than their later games Banjo Tooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Starfox Adventures.

Rare had a habit of annoying Nintendo (and Miyamoto, not particularly to his credit, was no Rare fan) by trying to make their games more mature than they really needed to be on a Nintendo console. Look at the concept art of Kameo 2- it's all dark, ugly and... #43.1
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Rare have never done a game quite like Sea of thieves.

So if innovating is part of what makes Rare alive then how is it dead?

Why release an article like this before Sea of Thieves has come out to see just how much of Rare has supposedly died?

We all know that Rare didn't continue the exploits of Banjo Kazooie, Conker (and arguably Perfect Dark, although I thought Zero had its moments) in sufficiently popular ways.
We all know tha... #39
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So that the game sold more copies and so that Wii had a Zelda game available at launch obviously. #7
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OK Joerc. I appreciate you bringing up things that I admit were not foremost on my mind. Sony is probably far healthier for the future than I gave them credit for.

My personal concern is that studios are running out of games ideas for AAA games (or playing relatively safe with them) and Sony are heavily associated with indies. But that's a different matter. Sony and Microsoft are arguably just a bit boring right now and even Nintendo often is. #28.1.1
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To those who are smug about Japan supposedly not mattering so much to the console market anymore- please be aware that Japan were the greatest defence against consoles being amalgamated in to one PC-like console. If Microsoft ever decide to significantly outspend Sony and Nintendo on hardware, then you could see Microsoft and Nintendo as the two in any race and Sony making games for either or both of them. #28
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The NX is bound to do pretty well in Japan given that they no longer care so much about Sony.

Even without the game line up consideration, the Japanese do not like 'PC in a box' consoles. They like exotic architecture if they're to invest. #25
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