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Right right. Ive seen you whine about people bashing the Xbone and having never tried it. Yet you sit here and draw out PSN like you've had been testing it for months.

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Dampen... Bwahahahahahahah.. Oh you guys kill me. Xbox can get all the buzz it wants, doesnt change the fact that PS4 has a wider audience.

And you should take Penello's advice and stop holding your breath, you may faint.

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Your butt must always hurt, because you cry out a lot ;)

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Your wish will be granted.

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You seemed phased by the tide of PS fans. No one was telling the 360 fanboys to be quiet in 2006.. so its not a big deal.

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If you are a gamer with a budget, than plus basically makes your life that much easier.

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Whats the point of trying to prove him wrong. X1 is obviously using a 7700 series gpu while the PS4 is using a 7800 series.

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I think its safe to say this thing is packing a 7770

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Me? A troll? I am just stating facts. A virtual item vs a 900 dollar E3 pass is a big difference

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Fun fact:

Xbox Ambassadors get virtual avatar items for helping out

Playstation Ambassadors were sent to E3 absolutely free

Really says something about how these companies treat their users

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And make things easy for you?.. NEVER! Hahahaha.

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Hahahaha. You are trying to hard my friend. Like shooting in an empty barrel hoping to get fish, you are delusional. You speak for a long line of gamers who are hypocrites.. You claim that ps4 is nothing but an upgrade, but what more have gamers been asking for. Xbox One does nothing that my smartphone can't already do.

Face it. You are sad that the tide is in favor of ps4. You are upset that people would rather invest in a strict gaming device over a media hub that...

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Obviously they were booing Microsoft and not DH. The harsh reality is that to the main audience, the xbox is the "bad guy" for trying to pull drm. You can spin it anyway you want but that's how it is.

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Don't bother explaining. When people like Anandtech and others explained in detail how x1 just doesn't stack up compared to ps4.

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Does it pain you to see this type of stuff?

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Tl;Dr. Microsoft has been losing to the competition for for a long time now. Call me when the almighty Microsoft can keep up with Apple or Google.

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Face it, times are changing and everything cost money. The idea of free multiplayer on consoles is dead.

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Oh my oh my... I just love it when people get worked up on material items. It's like watching caveman argue over rocks... ahh evolution how you are slowly going backwards

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Check this internet tough guy out - he doesn't care about what about opinions or things he prefers but forces his opinion out. Haha you are like a crazed religious person

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I am a big fan of yours. You define a good example of products meant to keep people locked in their homes and away from society.

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