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People keep failing to make the connection that violent video games is a huge industry, with millions of players playing these games each day. If video games were to blame, then we'd have millions of people killing each other in real life, but it's only a few people. Compare that to the number of people owning guns, and the numbers are much higher, but even so, guns are a pretty big industry too, but the majority are safe gun owners.

The question isn't "do v...

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Yeah, I probably won't put it like a games collection, but an interconnected world. Gold/Silver already connected by Kanto and Johto, so there may be some transportation (boat, train, or maybe even plane) to the other two regions: Sinnoh and Hoenn. I kinda wished the 5th generation was included though, just to have all the territories together, y'know?

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That may be true, but the rumor states that it's for Generations 1-4 (Kanto-Hoenn), so, having those features would be nice (I've been wanted to customize trainer looks and all), but I think after a few more generations, they could do the same thing with Generation 5 onwards, not to mention that new Pokemon for each series is enough reason to catch em all again!

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Great opinion piece. Expresses the game quite well.

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I agree with your points. Consoles are just too expensive nowadays; true, they've gone down quite a bit, but an early model of a PS3 cost close to half a grand when it first launched!

I'm in the middle in terms of the Wii U; on one hand, I'm a huge Nintendo fan and am sure that Nintendo will do some pretty cool things with it, but on the other, it's quite expensive (300 estimated for the console, a few more for additional controllers, and games will quickly a...

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I'm all for Ouya... it's about time that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony got a bit more competition. Of course, a free-to-play model mixed with cloud services is good on paper, but in order for a game console to really be worth something, it needs to have the backs of developers and publishers. With Square Enix and OnLive on board though, I see Ouya being one of the major competitors of the Big 3.

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In either case, the rumor's a fake: releasing a Smash Bros. title as early as Holiday 2012/Early 2013 is too early, considering that development for the games didn't even start until Kid Icarus: Uprising was finished.

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Actually... they do have some modern IPs, just not as popular as their retro ones. Operation Rainfall has done a great job at localizing the games worldwide: The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, and Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Wow... I've always wanted to try out this game! Seems like a pretty good deal.

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