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"time to kick sum ass "


I will be playing it on PC, tessellation, DX11, hi res textures #40
for me its condemned criminal origins, the best horror game i ever played #10
i really appreciate the idea of free tekken DLC's, Namco FTW #10
love how tekken dress up their female characters, no obscenity yet satisfying to play with, DOA what an irony #4.1
tekken tag 2 is 7GB on ps3 #18
i was never a fan of street fighter, the control mechanics are stiff and clumsy unlike tekken #1
i wanted it to be dark, and shady like previous installments, i hope they retain the fear factor though, the color scheme looks albeit like gears of war 3 or is it my eyes ?? #27
well said #38.1.1
you need to see the whole picture dude, what if there was no tekken, bruce lee was a legend, he had to be experienced, i respect harada for making tekken such a thoughtful, beautiful and addictive fighting game this generation has ever seen, there are so many fighting styles to choose from, for example lei is the most accurate representation of jackie chan, what would u say about that ?

there is everything for everyone in it, i believe its not mockery but a tribute to the leg... #2.1
define the term, 'hardcore' #38
i like the touch of fry cry 1 ambiance in it #1
^^ #9.6
^^ #9.5
touche #3.1
i am really waiting for this to hit India #4
valve always makes a game enjoyable, they know their values #16
i was never a fan of tekken ball, sure it was fun, but than not my type, i always like to play that serious, if they make it available for free, well what's the harm #1.1.1
well said #18.1
My 40GB phat ps3 suddenly stopped reading any disc i put in, the clock keeps on spinning but nothing happens, i sense its the laser, unfortunately its not in warranty, either i have to replace the drive or get a new one, this might be a good bet

sure its ugly looking, sony is surely losing on aesthetics with every iteration, i dont know why #19
nothing can beat tekken, tag 2 is flawless and with the release of periodic free DLC's it makes even more sense to rejoice,

namco job well done, this is how you should support your game Capcom #1
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