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It's a shame really to see a company go from "the greatest games line up" over a year ago, to this 😕

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No rise of the tomb raider for £21.99 on PSN sales mentioned? It's £30 in GAME stores atm

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Someone needs to send ubisoft a memo telling them it's Xmas...... Not April fool's!

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"Paying marketing funds so another consoles base can't play a piece of content doesn't feel like growth".
But it's OK when Ms pay to keep certain titles held back by exclusive deals from your competitors then? Tomb raider? The other team can wait a full year for that. Elite dangerous? Keep hold of that deal for a over year etc etc. But if it's a 10 min piece of dlc add on content?? Oh hell no!! That's so wrong isn't it hmm??

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Can't wait for the ad to show on tv on Xmas day when the usual assholes bring the networks down with ddos attacks /s

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Ive already added this to my library along with any other free piece of software on the store. Did the same with my ps3 and when I brought my daughter a PS Vita last year, I had a massive back catalog of games for it.

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I find it hilarious that it's a man complaining about something, that really, only a woman should be complaining about. Bit like protesters at anti capitalism March's, yet they are the ones who are loaded with cash.

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You forgot to add your own name to the list along with all your other user names, you dumb f***

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Selling 2 million units within the first 12months would of been a more realistic analysis. Expecting that many within 6 weeks is totally unrealistic.

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Can agree with most of what the article is getting at. Biggest problem I've found this gen is that devs are more interested in using the extra ram available to them to give us slightly better visuals, whilst keeping gameplay exactly as they were the previous gen.
Honestly, how much games advanced in way of playability over the last 5-6yrs? Not that much really. Open world games have all become the same. Fps games are the same etc etc

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Xbox Live was the first major contender in the videogame space...

Really!?! Then what heck was playing on for the near 20yrs before Xbox came out??

Oh wait, that's right, PC's, Dreamcast, ps1&2, gameboys, Sega game gear, Atari lynx, Amiga 500, 600, 1200 CD32, Atari ST, SNES, mega drive, NES, master system, c64, zx48, Atari 2600, Nintendo hand held flips, etc etc

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Collectors editions were there. 1 is a Diecast
Model of the Mako. The other is a remote control Mako.

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Def. Cant wait to get mine now :-D

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True Dishonored is not a 'full on' open world game, but i'd personally rather play dishonored 2 from Arkane Studio's, than yet another rinse and repeat format game from ubisoft

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Wish that hadn't announced it so early on. ME:A will have been shown at 3 e3 shows in a row if it gets another delay (possibly if pushed back in to summer)

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Dick move by EA. They sent the IP out to basically die.As far as im aware, EA have nothing being released throughout the whole of November. Wouldn't it of been better both for themselves and especially for Respawn if TF2 had been pushed back by a few more weeks and into a month when they have nothing else coming out?

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The game was as wide as the ocean, but as deep a puddle imo. Sold it a month after release as I got bored with it

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i would normally be the first person in my family to try out new tech, however with PSVR, im going to wait at least 6 months before making the choice of buying it or not. Still too early to tell if devs will have great support for it later down the line. Yes there are some titles that take my fancy, i.e. EVE, but im worried that it will be a trend/fad much like motion control was a few years back.

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@tussin: I wonder how we survived before people reviewed games over the Internet?

We had to rely on these things that were known as gaming magazine's. Expensive booklets that would often come with a free gift (usually in the form of a disk or CD) and almost always hit the newsagents shelves just after the game had been released. Crazy times, I know /s 😀

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While I don't agree with this practice, another way of looking at this is that "reviewer's" will be able to do a review on a "day one patched" game, which the consumer will be buying rather than reviewing a pre day one Patched game which normally is more buggy and still unbalanced in place such weapons and enemy's. Just saying.

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