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Most people's perception of what constitutes as a AAA game is whether or not that game has come out on physical disk or not and if it is published by a company whose name they know and recognize. #1.2
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New "Fantastic" DLC heavy Games Confirmed for this Fiscal Year

There, corrected for you ;-) #21
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Ha-ha I said this last week to some guy who reckoned that the £40 he payed for the season pass was worth its value. This just proves that EA are only interested in conning people out of their money by giving away more in free content than in paid DLC which he'll have to wait for until late March/early April at best.

I do feel a bit sorry for those people #4
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I almost spat my coffee out when I saw the "weather variation DLC" post. Like WTF!!! lol #1.1
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I'm sorry mate but I don't see how this could possibly make you feel better about your investment.

I was one of those people who brought Battlefield 4 + Season pass. We got 5 pieces of main DLC (20 maps) over a 1 year period and its only within the last few months that free maps (3) have been given out. Do I think it was worth it? yes, due to how it has been handled.

By giving away free maps now, before your season pass has even started, they are givi... #6.1.1
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For those who brought into the season pass must be feeling slightly pissed at this news. 2 free pieces of DLC before the paid for material is even out. #6
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You can find extra stairs within (flooring + stairs) floors section #2.1.2
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Have you placed flooring down first mate? As I generally find that's the best way to get an outline for each new building I start. I created a fairly large multi floored complex on my ps4 doing that. Can try to pm pics if anyone interested. #2.1
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Nah. Been here for few years now. But this site is so full of opinion pieces now #16.1.1
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I'm sorry but I've got to say this. But shouldn't opinion pieces be relegated to discussion forum, rather than being to of the page 'headline news' as it were.
I'm mean come on, isnt this is meant to be a Gaming News site with article from publishers, developer's and other well known and credited sites? Rather than an all open site where any one can post whatever any day of the week just for clicks! #16
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While that is a very fair point, so far things are leaning very towards his guilt. As I said above mate, I live in the next town over (belvedere) and the news papers and news shows all indicate that his actions since HE reported them missing and then 2 days later in Ghana Africa would lead almost any person to only 1 conclusion. #27.1.1
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Hmm, the FAIL is strong in this one :-D #3
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I seem to remember an article in a gaming Mag back then about this. Yes people were upset that it wasn't being ported over. However, as stated above the Sega Saturn simply wasn't up to the task and Sega were taking a hell of a beating back then with bad business decisions (I.e. announce a brand new console at E3 and tell the people they can buy it that same day).
Nintendo's biggest issue was sticking to cartridges which as most people know we're severally limited in t... #8.1
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Many people on here may of only know of her through Final Fantasy, however she was also an actress on a popular TV drama series back in the 90's.

I actually live in the next town over from Erith where she was sadly murdered. It's become the most talked about matter in my area atm.

R.I.P. Sian and her 2 children. Hopefully they catch that S.O.B. of a husband of yours whom fled to Africa and bring you the justice you and your children deserve and the in... #27
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Apple iphone's would have been a better example #1.1.2
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"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad"

Erm... Duke Nukem waves "hi" to you #1.2.1
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Only 5 for me. ME2&3, Farcry 3, Fallout 3 and TWD season 1. Going for Fallout 4's atm #12
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For a £50 season pass I'd expected nothing less than a whole new game!!! #1
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I CAN speak from experience, as my own marriage fell apart due to me becoming addicted to a space based shooter video game which was also my very first online game I played.
Looking back now with hind-sight(what a wonderful thing), I can see that I did have a problem and still regret the marriage it cost me and my family 10yrs later.
It's his own fault for what has become, no-one else's. #12
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Do you mean the Nuka Cola Quantum bottles? Cause they make great display pieces :-) on my PS I got 3 set on a bar complete with beer and wine and a Nuka machine with 3 inside. #3.1
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