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o7 cmdrs

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I thought that we would be getting a new vr title through ps+ every 2 months. Can't understand why we didn't get one this month. Was kinda hoping for that battle tank game

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I have a prediction too..... That this article is going to get trashed for being BS.

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One month alone will not help the Xbox brand. MS need to release a exclusive game at least once every 2 months, with a score rating of 80%+, for the next year to even seem as a contender now.
Sadly they have been putting all their efforts mostly into providing "features" which, whilst certainly welcome, are not what gamers really want. We want new titles, with new experiences and with new compelling story and/or gameplay mechanics.
This next year is more crucial t...

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Keep hold of twin snakes, lost my version years ago to a so called mate. Wish still had it as its worth quite a bit

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Roll on Friday 😀 gonna get this and apex with me wages

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Shame, was hoping that the message read "this game sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls. Its that bad!".

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Pls Read down to the 3rd paragraph where it mentions that this is something that teachers in schools have asked for. Then ask yourself if you u would be OK about this being shown to younger children with nudity. Especially if they were yours.

Now I'm not say...

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Well considering that the series is quite often played by people who are younger than the stated age rating (it's an 18 btw) and as the author of this article says that it is "educational" when using the discovery mode, then I can understand the need for censorship. Ubisoft wouldn't want to deal with the backlash from up tight SJW's

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"Minority lesbians"! I laughed way to hard at this. Are they a new sub - gender group? Haha

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Yeah I know. I want to change it to blue rather than just orange all the time

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Holy shit what did I watch 😐 can I have 5 minutes of my life back pls 😂

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400 players! That's insane lol 😂

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It's actually quite a good little Indie game despite its basic looks. Slow motion is the key to it. Personally though (and this is my own opinion) I prefer the VR version

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Well I'm gonna say that this is a click bait video. Mainly because (a) he doesn't even start to mention what 'might' be available next month until at least 7 min into the video (just to keep you there) and (b) the video he posted is just over the 10 min mark (10.04 to be exact, (YouTube allows you to do this btw) which means he can monetize it by placing ads within the video). These 2 things are what most YouTube clickbaiters do.

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Could of saved yourself another $ by not wasting electricity, telling us that you have no interest whatsoever to own a psvr.

But I guess that's just "uncertainty" though 😉

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Don't bother people. It's about 20 clicks for 10 games and most of them have way more than just 3 games in the series. Example being batman arkham has had 4 games in the series yet they bring up knight (4th game) or even better, fallout 3 which was actually the 5th fo game to be released (fo1, fo2, fo tactics and the console game fo brotherhood of steel)

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It's definitely a fantastic deal for gamers for what you. My only real concern is how viable as a business model its going to be. I mean, it would take 4, 1 month subs to cover the retail cost alone of a new game alone. We know that Ms could take £ hit, but for how long? How long before cost is increased by 50-100%

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They've been saying this since the Magnavox odessey

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Even self published titles should be checked before being approved. This is something MS should of been able to sort before it went further. Either by a single person or by an algorithm that could of flagged the word suicide.

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