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Didn't we have exactly the very same titled article about a year ago? And the year before that too?

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Rumors all sound nice, but I would like to know "who" these sources are, as knowing them would give some credit to these rumors. Hell, i could call IGN and claim to all about the versions of consoles!!

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Very interesting

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@darklink28 Using some of your own logic, one could say that Tomb Raider is a fraud as that game series took inspiration from both Indiana Jones films and the game "Pitfall" from the Atari 2600 days!

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Must be a slow day over at polygon for a trash piece of an article like this. More to the point, why was this even approved in the first place?

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This guy is nothing short of being an apologist for sh@#$y business practices from a major games publisher and developer.

I'll wait till I can buy MW as a standalone product alone.

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The real problem is that most devs nowadays are run by shareholders and management types, who are only interested in £'s & $'s rather than people who have a passion for making creative games. Hence why every year we see the same copy and paste model games being put out. Farcry, assassin's, call of duty etc etc

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Coming soon "50% more settlements that need your help" - there, title corrected ;-) /s

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The best water in gaming

Must be a slow news day

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UWP is still in very early days: Technically your wrong there. MS have been trying to bring about a 1 OS fits all systems since windows 8 was announced and tried unifying it with any ARM(compatible) device. I.E. Laptops, Phones and Surface RT etc etc.
They've had plenty of time to try and perfect a 1/OS/FA and still have not got it right after what? 3 years now??

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a new xbox is coming next year

Please provide link proving that claim.

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I'd be skeptical too, what with a company whom appear to change direction as often as the wind.

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A work around using the Pip-boy app! Hmm. That's something that Bethesda will no doubt fix. But from what I'm hearing is, is that beta testers are asking for fast travel between settlement, which would be a good idea really. Or a vertibird on stand by at all times lol

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It more of a 6.5/10

Adds a few more hours worth of gameplay within 1 quest line. And the robot workshop certainly adds some extra enjoyment for those who like building and customizing.

It's main let down is that it is only a small slice of game when compared to the main game itself, which is huge.

If you haven't played any Fallout games before then #4 is a great place to start as its more of a shooter than an rpg like previous Fallout...

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Why are there all of these "ps4.5 & ps4k" articles???
It's been long enough now for Sony to come out and actually announce something, but they haven't even done that.
Let's just accept that this was nothing more than a rumor/hearsay with no real evidence to back it up and leave it at that for now.

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You got that backwards mate :-D i was talking about Elite coming to PS4 lol thats on a time exclusive deal atm with MS but the creator has said it will be coming

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It's gonna be the ps4's version of Elite, until the exclusive deal expires. Cant wait for both :-D

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It's launching at the same price as the PS4 was at launch 2 & half years ago. Lots of people brought it on day one. The same will happen with psvr

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Zavod night map is already out mate on ps4. And there's 2 other free maps. Dragon ?something? From bf2 and another one can't recall the name though. Sorry

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Check out cex stores for cheap second hand move controllers if ur on a budget

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