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Have microtransactions gone to far?

Does a Bear s*** in the woods?

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Terrible list really. Yeah one or two good choices but thats it. I just brought Superhot VR this weekend and have to say its 1 of the best vr games going. I would of included that along with RE7, Star Trek Bridge Crew (MP fun), Dirt rally VR, DriveClub, Job Simulator (daughter loves this), the free giveaway RIGS. Am going to buy EVE next so me and my mate can play against each other.

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The only thing that has come out of of this is that Fortnite has had a load of free publicity thanks to player unknown. Honestly, how many people are now playing Fortnite now thanks to this? And how many people have suddenly just heard about this game?
If PUBG hadn't come out in full retard mode then Fortnite would not be as high profile as it is right now

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Portal 2 is still one of the best games to of come out within the last 10yrs. Would love to see another title from the franchise, but this is valve we're talking about here and that magic number they avoid like it's the black death plague 😟

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Yes, but those tv's are permanently stuck on only 1 screen and are left running for months whilst on display.
The chances of such a thing occurring on your own home TV, whilst being in constant use with the image constantly changing is so remote these days that it is unlikely to happen.
This to me is nothing more than a drummed up PR stunt to make gullible people believe that they are buying into some wonderful magical tech that has long since become a non issue

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Excellent news. More VR games is always welcomed as it helps to raise the hardware's profile and hopefully makes more devs make games for it

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Let's be honest here, even when the next generation console's are released, there will still be some people who will still troll consoles user's with the tag line of "still not powerful enough" or "better off buying a pc".
As for games not progressing enough, I would say blame lies with developers who are more interested in their shareholders interests rather than the consumers. I.e. EA, Ubisoft, Activision. Why try to push innovation when a quick che...

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Another stupid article from Twinfinite. Asking a question like 'Should Sony Make a PlayStation Hybrid Console?' before completely blowing that question out of water, with a write up that leaves the question absolutely pointless for asking it in the 1st place!

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i love playing RE7 with PSVR. Really helps to add the scare factor into the game

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I'm sorry but elite dangerous at #87? That is not the greatest version of all time. It's good, but it is only a remake of the original 3 games which came out between 20-30 years ago. I would of choose either the first game or its sequel frontier.

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You confuse saltyness with disappointment. Have u read the article? Encounter with another player doesn't mean you will see them in the form of an avatar like the races u encounter. But merely as a glowing ball of light. Even u could agree that that is a joke

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No man's sky? More like One man's joke!

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Wow! Even Nostadamus would be impressed with their constant future predictions

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Thank you MS for giving us paid subs for playing online! worst idea ever!

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Here’s Why Even With Xbox One X On The Horizon, 2017 Will Be The Year Of Nintendo Switch

Wow yet another sensational header for a pointless article from thisgengaming
Simple answer is the Switch came out in March and the XB1X wont be out till Nov. Do the maths.

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Well if x play is so dam important, why doesn't MS allow it between games brought through their own store on PC and STEAM users?

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This is last week's news, can we please just move on

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Seems to be doing well enough

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41 here 😀 ........ Or at least I was last time I checked LMAO
Gaming since the 2600 days and if I could, would probably still be playing by the year 2600 😂😂

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You go on about Sony get exclusives, yet seem to have forgotten how it was last gen. Cod had timed exclusive dlc on Xbox. EA's Mass effect 1 held back to be PC and Xbox exclusive for a very long time. The new re-release of elite dangerous, again, held Beck by MS for almost 2 years.
Times have changed and tables have turned.
Personally think it's time for everyone to accept how things are and just get on with it

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