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Trust game to try and come up with a way of making money.

Basically, join up for £36 per year and get back a few pence extra on you trade in's. Nice one game, nice one /s

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I thought this was called the micro transaction age

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It’s 2017, Why Can’t I Stop Seeing Click bait Articles everywhere?

There. Fixed

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The problem could have something to do with the fact that for the past 9months at least, there has been a dozen articles a day about the Scorpio or MS say this, or Phil said that, etc etc.
It's been shoved down our throats a bit to much. Yes I understand they need to get the message out there "hey look, new console" but when it's all just talk and hyperbole for so long it becomes tiresome and worn out, then hype and interest turns into hate and non interest.

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Sony Shouldn't Release Any PS4 Exclusives This Holiday Season

ERM... Ok.... So Sony shouldn't put out any titles what so ever, despite the bleeding obv that their nearest competitors will be releasing their next version of console around the same time, with the hope of pulling back in some of their own fanbase whom may of left that platform for Sony's.

Did someone wake up and leave their brains in a jar this morning? This is called business. Y...

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How can u dominate a market when your already planning to out price your nearest competitors and out price which most people (not the hardcore gamers on this site) from buying your product?

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She's obviously never played tomb raider or horizon zero Dawn or infamous first light

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Lmao I still got my copy of jet set willy on MC for the c64 😂

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there only 3 possible kind of settings that cod could be set up in? I.e. the past, present or the future?

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"Looks" and "is" are two very different things.

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Can't wait to get this on PS4

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Can't be taken seriously until it's actually out on shop floors. Ask this question again in about six months.

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Oh believe me pho, I find it hilarious. Mainly because it's so over the f***in top lol but still don't see why it's the top story 😀

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Why is this the top news story? This is hardly an epidemic. One shop located in Manhattan is reporting that this is a common occurrence. One shop, in one city ppl

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1 complaint that's all it takes!!! Just 1 to get this ad banned. Only here in blighty could that happen 😂😂😂

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At that price point it would be around £500-550 in the UK. Way to much for most gamers except the most hardcore.

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Because most people are only willing to pay out so much for a product, before cost outweighs the need.
Good example would be phones. What would you prefer, paying out top price for an iPhone or pay out half the cost for a near similar spec wise phone. They both do the same, just the cost is different.

When it comes to gaming it's the same. Even though consoles are cheaper than PC, they offer the same game experience. BF1, AC, ME all play the same no matter the ...

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@trekster gamer

This isn't a minor upgrade as with the Pro.

The pro is hardly a 'minor' upgrade when you compare the stats next to og ps4
1.84-2.10 GHz CPU 30% increase
800-911mhz GPU approx 15% increase
Gddr5 1.84-4.20 teraflops over 200% increase
Additional 1gb ddr3 (og ps4 didn't have this)

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Seriously!!! This is the worst list ever. No Elite, no EVE, no Freelancer, no wing Commander......... F***in space jam!!! A good space game GTFOH

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Don't worry guys, EA will sort this 'Mess' Effect game out....... most likely over the course of a year, with paid for patches in the form micro transactions and DLC add-on content /s

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