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Good luck to him. Maybe he could help turn around the trend of shitty ports that they have done over last several years. Borderlands PS Vita and the Arkham Knight for PC

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Wow. Guys writes an opinion article. Posts article online for all to see. Then comes on n4g to defend the opinion article he just wrote instead of just leaving it as his own opinion.

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So I guess that your also hoping to see the pricing of PC games to sky rocket up to the same level of cost as they do on the xb1 as well then. PC games remain cheaper because of the smaller retail base of people who buy them. By placing everything under the win10 store, you'd be happy to shell out 45-50 on a game instead of the 30-40 that it usually costs, yes?

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They won't do to much as of right now. But look at this way, in 5years time, all new games that get released to pc will be win10 compatible only. Win10 can be patched making it harder to install third party software (steam for instance). Support for win7&8 will have ceased altogether. By that time it will be far to late to go back. Ms would of finally got what they've chasing after for so long now. A monopoly of the pc market. They tried before with GFWL (games for Windows live) p...

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For me personally it would have to be the Atari 2600. The first games console I got my little mitts on. Instead of just watching TV, I could now interact with it in ways that were impossible before. From then ive remained a life long game fanatic and have properly owned near enough every other major games console released in the UK. And will probably carry on to do so for another 40 years 😀

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You won't be able to play NMS on your Xbox. You do reliase that don't you?

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When Elite 2: Frontier come out, it only took up 1 floppy disk (1Mb in size back in those days) and was a whole galaxy.

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Don't know if you read the article, but they say that "they" estimate it will be around $599. But that's their estimate, we have now sure way of knowing if that will be the asking price once it's been released. I'm actually expecting it to be around $599-$699 (£500-£600) before any trade in offers. If it's at that kind of price, then would be better to wait 6 for price drops

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I've said it before in a similar post, devs will start look at put games out in two different variety's. CoD BO3 is the prime example of how it will go once neo and scopio are out. The last gen will get half of the game. If you want the full game, buy the next gen version

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Old news

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Spotted these last night. Can't believe that they weren't listed in the dlc notes

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Well put mate. I also tried the 4 floor elevator as I wanted to replace my own barn staircase which looked out of place. Bad design. If your gonna use it, then the top lvl would have to be without any doorways and have an open top roof 😞 in the end I settled for scaffolding instead and that takes patience to get it to fit together just right

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Sorry? But are you saying that itv is a small network?? Itv has been around for just over 60years and is the UK's largest commercial televised network that doesn't require a subscription

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He made a good point about games not being able to reach full potenial with various versions of the same console brand. Look at Black Ops 3 for example. You get a full version of it on PS4, XB1 and PC. Yet the PS3 and X360 versions were stripped of SP campaign in order to make them fit on those systems.
With these 2 new variations of consoles added to the Xbox family, chances are high that those who haven't had a chance to upgraded with be left feeling sour as their versions of g...

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MS trying yet again to break into the PC gaming market. They failed with GFWL so just rebrand it and try again. This in the long run will do more harm to the 'gaming' scene than anything else. After all, how many of the PC gamers here are willing to pay the full console price of a game? Seriously? how many of you? Because even if XB/MS games were to get on to Steam, do any of us here believe that the prices would be lowered to what Steam currently sell new release games at?

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I'd like to ask a serious question guys. How many PC users have brought games through the windows 10 store??

And if you have, how would you describe it when compared to Steam store?

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Im sorry Youguy, just a question here (no flaming i swear, just after your thoughts) but when you said "they made enough money to buy LinkedIn for $27 billion in cash.", would you of considered this as being a wise investment? LinkedIn is one of the least used social media platforms out there right. Also consider that their own share prices dropped massiveily between nov2015 - feb2016 from (roughly) over $250.00ps to (again roughly) $101.00ps (ps=Per Share)

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I see a lot of Sony hating on here, but did anyone stop to consider that may be the dev has ruled out a port to XBox for now because if they did, then maybe, they may of been forced to push it through the MS store, rather than steam, which we all know has the larger user base for PC owners and thus would of generated them less revenue back in return.

But that's my take on it. Not Sony's fault or MS. Just the devs choice

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Oh surprise surprise. Its twinifinte yet again. Didn't they do a top 10 mods only a few days ago??

Oh look, here it is

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Didn't we have exactly the very same titled article about a year ago? And the year before that too?

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