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Here’s Why Even With Xbox One X On The Horizon, 2017 Will Be The Year Of Nintendo Switch

Wow yet another sensational header for a pointless article from thisgengaming
Simple answer is the Switch came out in March and the XB1X wont be out till Nov. Do the maths.

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Well if x play is so dam important, why doesn't MS allow it between games brought through their own store on PC and STEAM users?

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This is last week's news, can we please just move on

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Seems to be doing well enough

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41 here 😀 ........ Or at least I was last time I checked LMAO
Gaming since the 2600 days and if I could, would probably still be playing by the year 2600 😂😂

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You go on about Sony get exclusives, yet seem to have forgotten how it was last gen. Cod had timed exclusive dlc on Xbox. EA's Mass effect 1 held back to be PC and Xbox exclusive for a very long time. The new re-release of elite dangerous, again, held Beck by MS for almost 2 years.
Times have changed and tables have turned.
Personally think it's time for everyone to accept how things are and just get on with it

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Only got my headset last weekend and yeah, the wow factor is there.
We're not just playing as a character in a game, WE ARE the character.
And that just adds such an amazing and different experience. I can't wait to get more vr games like farpoint with aim (out of stock in UK 😔) Skyrim, super hot and hopefully we get fallout 4 as well

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No mention of a destructble universe??

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You can throw Star trek bridge crew into your list too mate. Ps4>PC x-play

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Cool. Soon as get my daughter off job simulator will try it 😂😂

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As Xbox One X overtakes PS4 Pro as the best console on the market, will Activision rethink their contract with Sony?

I'm sorry but did i miss a launch window or something?? Pretty sure the X1X hasn't been released yet.

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The headsets generally do 120fps. Not 30 or 60. Which is why graphics take a hit

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N4G is the best metagame!

Please elaborate the context of that statement.

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I have question need to ask you mate...... Do you actually play any games? As I see you on nearly every single article when I pop on

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Skull and bones obviously. One is a multi plat game the other is a system exclusive.

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You forgot Star trek bridge crew

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Yep star trek bridge crew is bloody fantastic. Played 6hrs other day with player on psvr, Vive and rift at same time. If u can get a good team together, it can be a real experience. Just hold off from doing 1960's bridge till u finish game lol

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How would they 'give' their userbase to MS by allowing cross play? I honestly dont get it.

If cross play was brought in, all MS would have to do is sell the X1 console at a significant amount less than ps4 and the players whom are raving right now about how great cross play would be, would consider buying the cheaper system. Or new people new to console gaming would choose the cheaper option.

So yeah, Sony would be "...

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Phil Spencer: Xbox One X is not for everyone.

Whoa sorry what!?! Did he just do a Don on everyone?
"Cant afford a XboxX? don't worry we got a system for that....."

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The PSVR is going to have more single player support within the next few years than XBOX will at this rate!! This is truly sad really. To think that MS pretty much nailed it a few years back and are now facing a total wipeout on the console scene much like SEGA with a complete lack of supporting​ games for their​ latest piece of hardware.

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