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welcome to the club mate. Try rush of blood for arcade style shooter fun. its free on psn atm so worth it. the last guardian is a great demo especially if you have little ones. Skyrim and res7 are top titles and if multiplay is your thing their is EVE, Far point (best with aim controller) or star trek bridge crew for that community feeling game.

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Just done the last guardian vr. Very short demo, only bout 10min total, but have got to say, one of the most impressive looking vr demo's Ive actually seen so far on psvr. If you have younger kids then they will really enjoy this.

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We are going to get The last of us part 2 (ps4), the new God of war (ps4) Deathstrandng (ps vita) and skyrim VR + Doom VFR (psvr).
There you go, that's my predictions. /s
Proberly more accuracte than trash site

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Didn't realise this was a free DLC. Will be adding it now and doing it in VR asap

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Well, my daughter is going to love this at least

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It was EA BIG you was thinking of. Yeah I remember that game, more ssx 3 though. Also who remembers desert strike. Those were when EA was a good games publisher

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Wow, and some people think that VR is dying off! Don't seem that way to me if interest in Sony trail program is this popular. The next 12 months are looking dam good for VR as whole.

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I put the game on smooth locomotion and smooth turning. On telefrag into enemies. I have no issues with that set up. Although can understand that to new players of VR it can be off putting at first. People just need to slowly adjust into it rather than diving head first In.

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Is EA in real trouble?

Let's hope so

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What the f*** is an ARROWEST! lol think the author needs a few more years in school to know the word "Archer"

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Oh EA, you do love to send out good franchises out at the worst possible time just to watch them die a slow death. Just like with TF2 when wedged between cod iw and bf1

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If you have kids like I do (11 Yr old) I would recommend downloading Rec Room vr for them. Very kid friendly, multiplayer mini games like lazer tag, paintball, sword fighting and archery etc. And it's free
On topic though doom vfr is bloody awesome, if a bit on the short side

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Your correct on that mate, however FO4's game engine is the Creation Engine. the same one used on both FO3 and Skyrim, just with slight modifications to dynamic lighting and textures. Performance wise, the current gen of consoles should easily achive a high res as well as reaching 60fps

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I wouldn't say that the problem is the console it's being played on (let's not forget this ran on PS3 and 360 with shared 512mb ram) I would say the issue is that it's being ran on an old game engine that isnt/can't be optimized to make the best use of more modern tech

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I wouldn't bother with biscuit here,. account only created over a day ago,. Prob moldy with new name as he just loves dissing the PSVR.
On topic, an interesting idea. What regions does this apply too though?

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Without aim controller far point would not have been as good as it was. The aim is what makes the game great imo

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Wow! Can't wait for my copy to arrive now

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There you go mate

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Best year yet for VR. Good to see more and more headsets making their way on to the market and that publishers and developers are pushing more and more out

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It's Sony who gave Bethesda the Dev tools needed to port one of the best games of all time over into VR. Also we the VR community have been saying for quite a while now that people need to take VR (as a platform in its own right) seriously. Now we are seeing record numbers being sold and an increased library of game and developer interest.

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