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Jeremy Corbyn "I will never, ever use the ion cannon to disable the Star Destroyer blockading our forces on Hoth from escaping! The ship could crash into the planet and kill everyone onboard!" #5
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War of the monster's #75
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"The problem is, this is all too typical with games that just don’t have the attention of bigger names."

Whoa there a second... Are you telling me that Tomb Raider (a franchise of near 20yrs) isn't a big name!!! & Square alongside MS didn't push the advertisment enoungh!!! /s

What a joke of an article. Only part I can agree on is that maybe, just maybe, it shouldn't of been released slap bang in the middle of the xmas period with eve... #14
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I think the point he's trying to get at is that there is NO classic DeathStar trench run or battle over endor type space battles. Which (as I've said in a previous post) will probably be one of the DLC packs, for which EA, will be asking money for and IMO just wrong. #1.1.3
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Expect the inevitable fighter squad DLC pack to include the 2 DeathStar's and battle over endor just like Rouge Squadron had. #4
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Even though the title is misleading, he does make some very good points about the state of the gaming industry and how bad practices like MT and pre-order bonuses are now all too common in order to entice us to buy.

I enjoyed reading it. #2
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Have you played Fallout 4 yet? & if so, have you tried building your own settlements? #4.1
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Graphics - content - gameplay.

Fallout has a near perfect balance of all 3 of these. Sadly a lot of games devs now scarifice content and gameplay to make their game look all shiny and nice for release date whilst leaving game devoid of things to do and interact with.

But that's my opinion though #30
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Yeah a sqeuals coming out... Its called "Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate collectors special edition deluxe with DLC" & it hits shelves in 6 months time guys.

Wallet 5 standing by! #9
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'they have to make their money from somewhere else' I got into a heated debate with my best mate who used the same tagline in his text when I said it will be a 7/10 at best and its lined up for DLC milking. not sure if we're still friends now lol #7.1.2
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He is saying that on the XBox ONE it managed 183000 copys of TR remastered at launch week. And only 63000 for ROTR at this launch week. That's quite a big difference. #9.2.3
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Good to see a dev who still supports their product after 2 years #2
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For those who aren't aware, the Guardian is a London based newspaper group with very left wing views. Kinda like FOX in America but without the news channel to spill its one-sided views. #7
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Zz,z #1
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GAME are totally useless. Ordered PIPBOY through store in Crayford. Still not got stock in, so can't put money down in advance. Even been told they're not even sure if they are getting them in!!! I order in June and now this BS!!!

Hell they're not even doing a display for it!!! #4
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That guy went from top left to near bottom right. I say near because he did go into the sea or anything. A better way of doing it would of been top right to bottom left (covering more land mass). #5.1
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I hope square got a good pay deal out of MS for it. Cause its gonna hurt them in the long run for time exclusive of one of their biggest franchises. #9.1.1
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@cortaaa I don't believe that exclusivity has anything to do with it mate. Look at ubisoft and the ac series. PS gets access to content, but xb gets the back log #1.1.4
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Third party Publishers go with whoever has the largest install base for their games. Look at last, x360 released what? 12-18 before the ps3 did. Publishers pushed that as the leading platform for fps games. This gen ps4 has the larger install base, so everybody switches. Next gen may see things switch back. #41
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Only thing that would stop me from playing Fallout at launch would be if GAME screw up my Pip-boy edition and say they never got the stock. I'd go elsewhere. #21
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