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Which is how it's suppose to be played

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Ps3 has 256mb of ram +256mb of vram, quiet impressive game for those specs

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Been brushing up on the ps3 version for practice, really looking forward to this!

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Best thing is, it still outsold forza

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When he picks up the picture ff the floor it disapears

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Quiet an improvement, especially for the size of the game

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Yeah resident evil 4 was not really a horror game, I liked the style of game in general but for me it wasn't a "resident evil" game. Glad silent Hill 2 and 3 are on the list

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Girl in pic looks like lulu from final fantasy 10

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This comment wasn't really thought through was it? at most it would be 4 million now, were your getting that extra 200k from i have no idea

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lol that made me laugh as well, he must be lying of course!!!

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looking forward to climbing that mountain and exploring the wilderness, online is going to be sick!

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Grand theft auto is definitely to blame here, the game clearly put the gun in an accesable place for an 8 year old, and it also sold itself to an underage kid and let it play it, how dare the game be that EEEVVVIIILLLLL

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think we all know who is going to be #1 this christmas

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to me its saying , we are delaying it, but not till 2014

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was that all you could pull out the "downlplay it" hat?

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except its not pricless, its the reason its $100 more expensive, $100 well spent!

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No, Sony are doing it to reduce size,weight and reduce production and shipping costs..

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@ Thechosenone, its phinch, also welcome to the UK.... its called tax and we get taxed 20% on most things so yes way to sony charging that much, ps3 is still about £249, thats $378, you get it easy guys!

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$600?? if your refering to the guy who mentioned £599 above you thats probably nearer to $1000 usd

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I think it will be before november, Tesco retailers have the offical pos display come from sony saying ps4 coming soon

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