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VGChartz is known to fudge numbers, make unresearched estimates, and "correct" them when NPD numbers come out.

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...You're actually making the argument that a digital character with a backstory and age by the developers is in fact not any age, so it doesn't matter? Holy God. The mental gymnastics being displayed here to have you people not come across as utter creeps is astounding. Wow.

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And people who call others SJWs are usually pathetic Gamergaters who harass anyone with threats and intimidation when they don't agree with their opinion instead of acting like adults. I'd rather be called an SJW than be associated with Gamergate.

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Yi-Long, you're comparing an unapologetic M-rated game in GTA V with a T-rated game in Xenoblade Chronicles X published by Nintendo, a family-friendly company. If you want to argue that it might devalue the artist's vision, that's fine and well. I disagree, but arguing that underboob on a 13-year old is subjective in viewing as sexual is being obtuse for the sake of being obtuse.

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It didn't sell the majority or anywhere near close to even half of 87 million when it was $600.

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They need to mimic the HD twins because then there will be three completely alike systems that will surely bring innovation and excitement to the industry like never before. /s

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Where the hell do you look at kids dressing like that? Serious question. If you have seen swimwear like that that barely covers a girl's breasts, then that's on the parent and it certainly doesn't make it right.

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The girl in question is 13. In Japan, child sexuality isn't as big a deal as in the West, where it could be construed as child pornography. If you find it pathetic, that's your perogative. I'd love to see you argue how not having a scantily-clad 13 year old makes this version of Xenoblade Chronicles X any worse without coming across as a creep.

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Yeah, Banjo-Kazooie is one of my favorite platformers of all time. I own Metal Arms and still need to play that. I know I went out of my way to pick it up.

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No worries. They're coming in a future edition!

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I wonder how Epic Games handled NDAs. They must have allowed employees to say whatever they want to anyone without repercussion. Oh, wait. They don't. Just like Nintendo.

Everything from the clickbait article title to the trolling of Nintendo for doing something any multibillion company would do for someone who admitted to breaking an NDA, man, this whole thing reeks of immaturity and ignorance from people who have no idea what they're talking about.

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Sorry you didn't care for the list. What didn't you specifically care for?

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Was gunning more for games where you have to roll to a goal.

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*doomed forever

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Funnily enough, the press is once again mad today because they didn't know about the Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct.

This opinion piece works two days in a row.

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Oh, I definitely believe that at the time it was awesome. I didn't mean to discredit the game in any way. :)

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I liked Ultimate Spider-Man. I was late to the party on Spider-Man 2, only playing it about two years ago, and I didn't find it that thrilling of a game.

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First of all, Nintendo has never "skipped an E3." It had just as much a presence on the show floor than any other year last year. It simply didn't host a traditional press conference. You starting off with a falsehood doesn't really help your argument any.

Furthermore, I don't think I ever said Nintendo's mistakes were anyone's fault but its own. I said that Nintendo is right to bypass the media, who seemingly takes any positive news and somehow...

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I think it's already a good time to get a Wii U. Definitely try out ZombiU if you get one!

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Interesting. Surprised it wasn't "5 Reasons Why Uncharted 4 Could Be In Trouble."

Isn't that usually the type of article they like to spew out daily?

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