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Hopefully the new platforms do well.

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Reminds me of a cuter and more appealing Order Up.

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It came across as just another zombie game at the Sony press conference, but I have hopes for this game.

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It really is great, especially in motion. But darn that frame-rate in lava levels!

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Is Hyperstein Heist the Jewish TMNT game? (Just kidding, bud!) :)

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The soundtrack is especially awesome outside of the actual gameplay.

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Well, that's good it's not like The Division. I know that was a concern of a lot of people.

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It's a different take on the God of War franchise, and I absolutely love it!

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I'd love a LEGO Spider-Man game, just dedicated to Spidey, as he's my favorite superhero alongside Batman. Don't know if it could happen, though.

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Yeah, I'm honestly totally ignorant about terraflops and all that technical stuff. Sometimes it's fun being dumb! hehe

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I'm so far behind on the Call of Duty franchise. The last one I played was Modern Warfare Reflex on the Wii, and that was fun because of the pointing and aiming controls. Made what might have been an average game to me much better.

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Not really interested in these newer consoles. I think I'll just go with the OG models.

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I just wish a failed AAA game didn't have the possibility to sink a dev. It's still a very volatile industry.

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Well, if more devs find it easier, then they can continue doing console work over PC, I guess.

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I don't have a PS4 (not yet anyway, but I'm saving up!), so all I got was Disney Art Academy. hehe

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Inafune talks about maybe biting off more than the team can chew, but then says stuff like doing a sequel, anime, and live action film for a series that doesn't even have its first release yet. What a con artist and a disappointment, as someone who loves Mega Man. Though he didn't really create that character either...

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Play it! It's the best of the campaigns imo.

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Sumo Digital last did work on Disney Infinity 3's vehicle stuff, I believe.

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If the visuals are somehow downgraded again, then no. haha

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Finally the realism in games we've been waiting for.

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