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I wonder how Epic Games handled NDAs. They must have allowed employees to say whatever they want to anyone without repercussion. Oh, wait. They don't. Just like Nintendo.

Everything from the clickbait article title to the trolling of Nintendo for doing something any multibillion company would do for someone who admitted to breaking an NDA, man, this whole thing reeks of immaturity and ignorance from people who have no idea what they're talking about.

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Sorry you didn't care for the list. What didn't you specifically care for?

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Was gunning more for games where you have to roll to a goal.

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*doomed forever

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Funnily enough, the press is once again mad today because they didn't know about the Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct.

This opinion piece works two days in a row.

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Oh, I definitely believe that at the time it was awesome. I didn't mean to discredit the game in any way. :)

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I liked Ultimate Spider-Man. I was late to the party on Spider-Man 2, only playing it about two years ago, and I didn't find it that thrilling of a game.

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First of all, Nintendo has never "skipped an E3." It had just as much a presence on the show floor than any other year last year. It simply didn't host a traditional press conference. You starting off with a falsehood doesn't really help your argument any.

Furthermore, I don't think I ever said Nintendo's mistakes were anyone's fault but its own. I said that Nintendo is right to bypass the media, who seemingly takes any positive news and somehow...

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I think it's already a good time to get a Wii U. Definitely try out ZombiU if you get one!

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Interesting. Surprised it wasn't "5 Reasons Why Uncharted 4 Could Be In Trouble."

Isn't that usually the type of article they like to spew out daily?

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Aquamarine, a poster on NeoGAF, posted actual numbers with actual merit to them, and without needing to click bait or stir the pot.

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And for an article with a headline starting off with "Facts", the 6 million is more than half of 10 million.

Also, the article leaves out some very important details, like the aforementioned $50 price of the Dreamcast at the time.

Unbiased journalism-- the type that this industry is used to, unfortunately.

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Sega didn't really have much money is a big factor to what killed the Dreamcast. We have to remember that Sega was coming off multiple failed systems, unlike Nintendo.

I dunno. It just seems like a lot of so-called gamers are really obsessed with the Wii U's failure. It almost seems like people are happy. Why are we supposed to be happy that one of the biggest and oldest video game creators is doing poorly? How is that good for the industry?

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Wasn't the Dreamcast $50 by the same amount of time?

Sorry if it's explained in the article. I can't open it for some reason.

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I can't trust that "it's true it is made for CASUALS" is a fact from someone who comes off as psychotic with their capital letters is performing revisionist history, and have a history of fanboy-esque comments in other stories.

That's a reason why I don't even bother debating against you. It'd be like telling modern day Nintendo their business sense nowadays is too old fashioned. They'd just go "La-la-la Can't hear you!" Much li...

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Also, I should add about Capcom, it's not really good that Capcom did poorly in the mobile space, as they are financially hurting right now.

I mean, it's great if you have a grudge and want the company to die, but even then, that's sort of pathetic to think that way.

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Hmm. Which consoles are still being supported? Which haven't had their manufacturer completely stop making new games in years now?

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It wasn't until Nintendo was winning the "console wars" nonsense.

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"if a company tries to expand their audience while kicking their main consumers to the curb,"

Nintendo didn't do really do this. On the Wii, while it did make titles for so-called "non-gamers" or "casual gamers", it still offered games like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, it brought back classic franchises like Punch-Out!! and Sin & Punishment, it made only two of the best rated games of the generation with both...

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Good points, mr. monkeyman! A lot of what you said touched on what I said, so bravo! :)

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