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Just makes it seem like Activision has no faith in Infinite Warfare to sell on its own merits to me.

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I agree. A lot of gamers and fans adore Modern Warfare, would love to play a remastered version, and want to do so without being forced into buying a game they might not even care about anymore.

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It's nice to see the developers trying to change things up so this annualized franchise can stay fresh to fans.

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It would help if you actually read the review instead of just looking at the score, as that fully explains my stance on the controls, but I assume that's to difficult for your level of console warrior fandom. Though, it's always funny to see a fanboy call someone else a fanboy. Unfortunately for a good amount of reviews, I actually went into the game without an agenda, and went in-depth on the controls instead of using hyperbole and snark for clicks.

I could give yo...

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Well, to be fair, it'd be really hard to do worse boss fight-wise for Uncharted 4, since I believe the series has had pretty weak, sometimes even bad boss fights.

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"One of the worst purchases of my life"

Not just clickbait, but hyperbole and clickbait. A very sheltered life one must have for a Wii U to be one of the worst purchases of one's life. Horrible article, but it will appeal to fanboys of other consoles since both kids and adults behave like children towards inanimate toys and faceless game companies.

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I can only imagine the pressure the devs are facing.

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The yearly release schedule burned me out of the series.

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Though I don't like his tone, most of what he said was true. Sales are not tanking, and have been admirable. The game lineup is one of the best Nintendo has ever had. If that makes me a fanboy for saying that, then we obviously can't have a civil discussion without turning into total crap, alas the way most gamers want it.

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I think your need to capitalize unnecessary words, misspell, and have to act like a total jerk to prove a pont make you really dumb, and I'd honestly rather be me than you. :) Sorry you didn't like the article, but maybe don't be so disrespectful because you have anonymity.

And no, the levels are not exactly the same, and it's easy to say why the game is a reboot. It can be a matter of opinion, but personally, since you found it right to sass me for no reas...

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Beat me to it, Sciurus_vulgaris. Thanks!

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"A list that doesn't completely suck." I do my best! :) I will take any compliment I can get!

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Pending on your tastes, the Wii U can have the best lineup of exclusives easily. Fine if you don't care at all, personally I don't care about the clickbait negativity for traffic on low level websites like this.

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It's a really fantastic online system, but I don't like how it made players and influenced Sony to have to pay for online multiplayer.

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Your anecdotal evidence is understood. My anecdotal evidence has a whole group of people enjoying the game as well as those who don't like it. It's a polarizing game. Nothing wrong with that, but to try to say the controls are objectively terrible (you didn't do this, but some have) is highly disingenuous at best and highly childish at worst.

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If everyone hated Star Fox Zero, the Metacritic would be even lower, and there wouldn't be players and reviewers commenting how the controls are engaging and fun. I have, however, seen that apparently people who do like the controls are obviously people who love everything Nintendo does, which is nonsense, and quite console warrior-ish.

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Ooh! That's an excellent idea for a future list. Though since the genre is much smaller, it might be hard to think of ten underrated ones.

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I've read about how the devs keep patching new things, but the players keep finding new exploits. It must be maddening to be on the development team, and I can't help but feel sorry for them.

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A lot of gamers care about that sort of stuff.

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With approvals needing to be at 10/10 now no matter what, buried stories (or ones that don't get 10 approvals as soon as they're posted) generally have a death sentence, or in N4G's terms, serve as failed posts now. Not liking that at all.

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