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Oh! Thanks for catching that! Why would people approve a dead link? D:

EDIT: Story is updated. Thanks Sentient545 and linkenski!

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We're glad it got some activity! Was it looking grim when it first popped up?

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So you still can't come up with an actual argument. I see. You sure you're not the one with the low IQ? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if THAT was the truth... lol

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Your ignorance is astounding and embarrassing simultaneously. Congrats. Spoken like someone who doesn't play Nintendo games and just uses whatever talking point of the hour to form some horrible argument with no facts. If you're saying Spirit Tracks is the same as Skyward Sword or New Super Mario Bros. U is the same as Super Mario 3D World, then you are beyond worth talking to. You're just willfully ignorant. Pathetic, and willfully ignorant. :)

Oh, and you'r...

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The irony here is that the older I get the more I find games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and GTA more immature and juvenile. But hey, look at the comments on N4G on average. Immaturity runs rampant, so the industry gives consumers what they want.

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Enough calling people "kids" to try to talk down to who you're debating against. Did you learn that in the school of GameFAQs debating?

It would be nice if you said something with substance, but all you have to show me are one sentence "zings" that fail to amuse or even interest me. Please try harder, or if you aren't serious about debating (or actually reading the article instead of making a knee jerk reaction to the title), don't waste my tim...

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Yes, there has been a mainline Mario game every year for a while now(Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010, Super Mario 3D Land in 2011, New Super Mario Bros. 2 AND U in 2012, and now Super Mario 3D World this year). Heck, was NSMBWii in 2009? That's just way too much!

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What a boring and depressing list. Gaming is Hollywood, here we come. :

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You bought a Wii U, and the only game you'd buy is Super Mario 3D World? Then why did you buy one, or is this some pathetic not-so-thinly-veiled trolling attempt?

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We hope you looked at the article. I came up with the conclusion that I'd prefer to have Mario rest up a little before coming back. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Definitely agree about new franchises!

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@Ol_G We make it a policy to never quote or cite VGChartz. It's just an unprofessional thing to do.

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Hopefully you read the article, as I explain why it's not the smartest option. :)

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@mikeslemonade Considering his numbers are wrong and misleading much more than they are actually correct, I don't see why anyone would use the site for anything other than fanboy pissing matches.

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VGChartz isn't very reputable as a source. The owner has been caught countless times fudging numbers and then stealthily fixing them when the real numbers come out.

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So he's acting like a fanboy? They come in all sizes, I guess.

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That isn't allowed here, apparently, as evident by so many kneejerk reactions in every "controversial" article comment section.

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Well, a 10/10 isn't perfection on our score system. It just means it's a really masterful game with very minor flaws, if any at all.

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A rumor of a responding to a rumor? Is this time for an "Inception" joke?

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In the second to last pargraph:

"Nintendo is one of the few publishers who doesn't just market to the 18-35 year-old demographic, and seeing it struggle is disheartening to me. Some of us in our hobby don't want every game to be all guns and/or gore. That's not to say Sony, Microsoft, and others only churn out these types of games."

Please read better next time before arguing against something I never said.

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