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I don't think anyone is saying BC is a system seller. It's just a really nice feature to have for people who don't want to hook up two consoles when they can just have one.

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That is so silly. :(

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My only card battling game I've ever played was the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and even then I was more about collecting. haha I think that's a good thing, because I'd get WAY too addicted to playing and collecting if I did another card game now!

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Is this unofficially official, then? If it makes the vanilla PS4 a bit cheaper, that'd be great.

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I'm not really feeling VR, but that's mostly to due with the fact that I haven't been able to experience it yet. I'm sure once I do I'd be sold.

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I mentioned The Library level in Volume Eight, so we're on the same page! haha

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Those are awesome prices. You can get all three for essentially the price of a brand-new AAA title and get much more longevity and replay value out of them! I MIGHT be biased since I love Rare's works and Mega Man!

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Better that than a sloppy, inconsistent frame-rate at the very least!

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The DS's Ring of Fates and Echoes of Time are really fun. Online doesn't work anymore on the latter, but I enjoyed both's single player modes.

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When I get a PS4, this is the first game I'm going to download.

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If you mean in sales, definitely. Game-wise, it was pretty close in 2013 and 2014, though that is purely subjective and not objective like sales are.

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A lot of the gameplay requires aiming with the GamePad while flying in a completely different direction. Using a traditional control option would make the game very difficult, if not impossible to play well.

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I apologize then. That definitely wasn't my intention to mislead.

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The intro paragraph more than explains everything. It just requires a middle school reading level. These were my favorite games I played this year. Simple as that.

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Definitely check out our reasoning with the paragraph dedicated to Xenoverse. :)

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I think this article is about Nintendo Life's five favorite moments from past Nintendo Directs. Not just the new one. Though your picks are good! :)

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You didn't "lose" Tearaway and Gravity Rush. Those games are still available for you to play on the Vita. It's just that more people get to play them now. I don't know why anyone would be against more people getting to play great games unless they had some emotional attachment to a piece of hardware.

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VGChartz is known to fudge numbers, make unresearched estimates, and "correct" them when NPD numbers come out.

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...You're actually making the argument that a digital character with a backstory and age by the developers is in fact not any age, so it doesn't matter? Holy God. The mental gymnastics being displayed here to have you people not come across as utter creeps is astounding. Wow.

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And people who call others SJWs are usually pathetic Gamergaters who harass anyone with threats and intimidation when they don't agree with their opinion instead of acting like adults. I'd rather be called an SJW than be associated with Gamergate.

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