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Man, the thirst for full 10's on Uncharted 4 is real.

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@ MRMagoo123

Nah, it doesn't say who you responded to. You just have a hard-on for crapposts towards me, so I just assumed. And one PM telling you to not be butthurt over an article you disagree with does not a stalker make, but keep trying to make yourself feel superior to a random N4G user, troll. haha :)

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Again, the Wii U is a sales disaster, and the console Pokemon games aren't as hot sellers at the portable entries. Why are we trying to lower the importance of this by saying "well, duh" when it wasn't obvious Street Fighter V would be the sales disappointment it has been?

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To be fair, VGChartz is very very shady of a source to use. Fudged numbers, corrected numbers that are stealthily added in when true numbers come from a real source, etc.

Anyway, I'm sure Pokken Tournament has done this, though. There was a lot of talk in the GAF NPD thread.

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This and Ratchet & Clank I NEED to get. Can't wait to play both.

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@ MRMagoo123

I love how invested you are in responding to me every chance you can get. I have a new person who has a crush on me. :3

<3 you too.

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Great. I have a stalker. Please stay away from my house. I will call the cops. Pervert.

I have someone in that article trying to make a claim that opinions can be objective. Is it you perchance? You have the same level of intelligence (or lack thereof), so I'm unsure.

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But it's on a complete and utter bomb of a system compared to the PS4 and was not given anywhere as near as much hype or marketing.

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Prepare to feel the wrath of Uncharted fans who will only read the headline, make a kneejerk reaction to it, and try to say you're wrong without reading the actual freaking article while further exemplifying exactly the fanboy-like behavior you're talking about.

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Since thoughtful posts here get crapped on, I'll just post like a typical N4G user now. Can't beat 'em? Join 'em.

"Wah! Uncharted fans are showing how embarrassing, pathetic, petty, and bratty they can be! Uncharted 4 DESERVES all 10's from every reviewer! Let's ignore that crappy and entitled behavior and continue to circle jerk for Uncharted 4!"

It's a crappy article to you because it dares question Uncharted 4 (GOT...

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"I'm a %##%poster." That's all I get all from your posts across multiple articles on this site. Get a life.

And most people didn't even read the article, so they don't even know what they're disagreeing with. That's the definition of jumping to conclusions and being idiots. Now I know why N4G has the notoriety it has. (I.E. A bad one.) Though I guess any defense I make is whining to you, so I'm done with you, GIWTK.


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It's ironic how so many people who are downvoting my comments or calling this article crap (funny, considering most probably didn't bother to read it and are only reacting to a headline, as stupid as that is to do) are probably some of the same gamers I'm talking about in the article who get mad that a Metacritic score isn't as high as it "deserves" to be or think reviews should be objective.

Uncharted 4 is one of the best games released this gener...

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Devs receiving bonuses based on reaching a certain Metacritic score is totally different can of worms that I don't like, but that's a topic for a different day.

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But why should it matter? Does one poor review score out of hundreds of awesome ones really matter in the end? If that really upsets some gamers, there is a big problem here. The Metacritic average of Uncharted 4 is still amazing, and even if it went down because of this "review", would that ruin the enthusiasm people have over Uncharted 4? Rather, SHOULD it?

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It's embarrassing, as said in the article, because Metacritic still has gamers by the balls, and the petition probably wouldn't have been made if it was a satirical review that still gave the game an 8 or 9 like the petition starter feels Uncharted 4 somehow "deserves." The article talks about how gamers need to realize that reviews are subjective, that reviewers aren't here to validate readers' opinions. That is the main point of the article that if you read, it wou...

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...Did you read the article? That might help. Seriously...

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Huh? Nintendo Treehouse is one of the best with jazzing up games and reworking dialogue to fit their games with personality. Am I misunderstanding you?

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Ooh! A mix of classic and modern sensibilities in the level design, then? That sounds awesome!

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Well, to be fair, I haven't played Arkham Knight yet for a good reason, so not always! :)

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One of the games I really want when I get a PS4!

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