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Never got into this series. What would be a good starting point?

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My favorites were Doom and Titanfall 2.

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I agree as well. Too many devs focus on both single and multi and that makes both suffer.

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If the digital content issues aren't remedied with the Switch, I'm going to be flabbergasted.

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A nice way of putting it!

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The problem is in part with the audience of gamers. Many just want confirmation bias, and many only click on headlines that are either "this is garbage, here's why" and "this is the GOAT, here's why." There's very little room for middle of the road opinions. Most just want the extremes, and thus, the gaming sites have to provide that content to stay relevant. I mean, how often do we see clickbait and extreme opinions as top stories on N4G? A lot.

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I think VR will only get better, and hopefully cheaper too. I have yet to try VR, but it seems like a hefty investment for gen-one tech.

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The purpose of Nintendo entering mobile, according to the late Satoru Iwata, was to get greater brand awareness and perhaps people transferring over to Nintendo hardware. With Pokemon GO, we saw just this due to increased sales of Pokemon Sun and Moon compared to past installments and even past installments increasing in sales after many years being off sales charts. To say this mobile venture is doomed because fickle investors and a fickle stock market didn't turn out the greatest is dis...

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40 million downloads for Super Mario Run (regarding of those who paid) shows Nintendo easily has relevance and mindshare in the market still. Then, there is Pokemon GO, which remains on the top of the charts, and 3DS Pokemon games that have returned to sales charts due to hype from Pokemon GO. Then, that's not counting the 20 million who viewed the Switch YouTube trailer or last E3 where Nintendo showed off Breath of the Wild to high acclaim and hype.

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What is a real gamer? Sounds like someone with an inferiority complex annoyed that a gaming company isn't giving them 100% of their attention. Mobile has helped Nintendo with Pokemon GO outside of the mobile market. Pokemon games on 3DS have picked up in sales, even older titles saw a sales resurgence due to the hype from Pokemon GO. If Super Mario Run gets people to buy console Mario games like they bought console Pokemon games because of Pokemon GO, where is the problem? Does it really ...

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Then it's a problem with mobile, devaluing games and products so people expect and feel entitled to get games free or ridden with microtransactions, developer livelihoods be damned.

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It's weird to me how gamers and fans of Nintendo wanted them to do F2P and microtransactions for Super Mario Run, things that I thought were cancer to gaming, but now gamers want Nintendo to do that?

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I'm hoping Hot Shots Tennis somehow gets a sale in this month of sales!

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Nicolash Cage has made my evening.

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The first thing I noticed was the art style as well. Well, I guess that was the most obvious thing, but I agree-- looks great! :)

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That's quite the task to accomplish. Really cool!

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"Long-running conspiracy theory."

There you go. It makes no sense and is again, rather naive to think that.

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Why wouldn't Nintendo want third parties to be successful on its own platform? Seems rather naive to think differently. More third party games = more licensing = more money for Nintendo.

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Doom is one of my favorite games of the year. Loved the exploration and combat!

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Never heard of this one until now. Interesting!

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