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To be honest, I'm starting to get really happy with the Wii U. Sales are sadness, though, definitely. :/ #2.1
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I might get both versions, as they're two games with differently designed levels. #5.1
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On N4G and many other communities for gaming all fanboy groups are pathetic and act immature. No group is better than another, and a person trying to argue against that is probably a fanboy themselves. It's absolutely embarrassing for this hobby, and it's no wonder why the industry is seen as such a joke-- which it absolutely is. #42
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If you read the article instead of coming up with a kneejerk response, you would have read this part:

"Another reason as to why some folks say they've outgrown Nintendo has nothing to do with their games and more to do with company's policies. In a generation where $400 and $500 systems will be the norm with their beastly power, the Wii U, in comparison, has all the power of a kitty cat. These critics who have "aged out of Nintendo" have possibly grown... #13.1
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Hi there. No, I did not mean you were obligated to like Nintendo or their games, or it's lunacy that a given person doesn't like Nintendo games. I thought I made that clear. It IS lunacy, however, to say you've outgrown an entire company's entire output of games when it is so vast and varied.

Sorry if there was any confusion. #6.2
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There are great alternatives from Sony and Microsoft to Nintendo. It's just Nintendo has more IPs that are for everyone-- not just what you say "colorful, kid friendly platformers" either. They also have plenty of other series they do, such as Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Smash Bros., Pikmin, etc. #4.1.1
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I don't think he bothered to read the article anyway, as I went over what he just said. #2.1.1
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I was going to get this until I learned that the quasi-exploration aspect of entering dungeons was gone. #1
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The WWE fans would have put us into a headlock if we didn't include it. hehe #1.1
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Lol. Disagrees towards a fact. This community gets worse and worse in how pathetic it is. #1.2
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Don't worry about disagrees. Fanboyism is rampant here. #2.1.1
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This was the seventh generation, though. The Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One are part of the eighth generation. #1
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Wow! A console that costs $100 less and has more positive hype around it is going to outsell a console that's $100 more and has a lot of negative buzz around it still?

How does he do it!? He truly is the Nostradamus of our time. #66
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They were UK only, I think. #8.2
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It's the greatness of games journalism. Got to get those clicks somehow from fanboys. #3.2
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"Figures the biased Nintendo fans would come to his rescue as if that proved anything.. haha."

It was one person, so that = biased Nintendo fans?
And he had an actual reason for doing so.

Please, if you're going to crap up the comments section of an article, do it for one of those click-bait "most overrated game of all time", "BEST GAME EVAR" or "this system sucks, here's why" articles. Some people here... #2.4
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So you think Nintendo will anger their existing user base and ruin any trust they had by ending their current console and moving on quickly? I'm glad you're not running a game system manufacturer. You wouldn't have many customers for long.

PD: Putting PD at the end of your post doesn't make it any less stupid. #17.1
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Your taste is very limited, then. Then again, looking at your user name, I probably am wasting my time. #2.1
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You both speak the truth, and say exactly what this article goes over. :) #1.1.1
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We're judging interest in games from petitions (that hardly ever work so why bother?) now?

Man, some of you are getting sadder and sadder by the minute. #32
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