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I hope the sequel turns out well. I enjoyed the original.

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Thanks for bringing this game to my attention. Looks awesome!

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Yeah, this is definitely a case of the word being used correctly. hehe

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Mega Man Legends 3 is the one cancelled game that sucked the most for me. Blaming it on the fans was a real jerkish move, too.

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If more people get to play games that were formerly only on Xbox One, that seems like a good thing to me.

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Thanks for the extensive write-up, Mithan! I'm definitely going to give the series a try.

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That's really cool! Makes me want to do another play-through of NSMB2, though I don't think I'd have the patience for a no-coin run!

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Between the Wii U and 3DS versions, I've played about 120 hours. 77 on Wii U and about 48 on 3DS!

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Yeah, I thought I'd hate it on the regular 3DS, but I actually found it a lot of fun despite the technical issues!

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Dark Souls (or the Souls series in general) is one I have yet to play. I want to start with Bloodborne when I get a PS4, as I've read that's the easiest to get into.

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I'm quite excited to see where RPGs are heading with regards to the West. It's going be interesting for sure!

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Cross-play is really cool if the developer can get it to work!

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If it means I can buy a cheaper vanilla PS4 or Xbox One, then I'm all for it. The added power of the new updates to the systems don't bother me.

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The EA of yesteryear is not the same of today, but I agree with you.

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*disregards gangsta_red's posts completely, acts like fanboy in process, gets very defensive*

This is what is happening. Why bother responding gangsta_red? People are just purposefully ignoring what you write. Some Uncharted fans are really upset over one review out of the hundreds of positive ones. They have an irrational need to get that score removed from this obviously perfect game. It's pathetic and petty, and it makes me ashamed to say I'm an Uncharted fan...

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It's funny because I don't understand people who care so much about a review score "hurting the Metascore" (Dan_scruggs' post comes off as sarcasm, but there ARE people who think like this) that they let their zealotry out in full force. I don't understand people who defend people like that either.

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I love the art style. Really pleasant to look at.

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And remind me to stay away from Uncharted topics or discussions. You fans are touchy and insecure as hell. Wow.

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Not at all. I love the series. Just because someone wrote one judgment about it doesn't mean they hate it or some other tinfoil hat theory how they want to burn the game to the ground. Not everything is a conspiracy.

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That was my version of a joke. :P


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