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The original Zelda games, despite me growing up with them, have always kicked my ass. They're quite challenging!

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The Kickstarter page has numerous typos on it, which is odd for something with this talent behind it.

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No sales numbers have been revealed, but I recall Sony saying it exceeded expectations. Who knows what the expectations were, though.

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I would love Microsoft to look back at its treasure trove of franchises that they're just letting languish. Less focus on Halo, Gears, and Forza (not saying to never make them again), more focus on Mech Assault, Crimson Skies, Rare's IPs, etc.

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Thanks, Microsoft, and the many Xbox owners who happily shelled out even more money for what should be free, giving both Sony and now Nintendo rationale for charging for online.

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Always amuses me how some of you have to bring up other consoles in these types of articles to either continue your pathetic console warriorism towards companies that don't care at all about you or have to rationalize your choice of console.

Fanthings being fanthings. Again. Grow up. You're an embarrassment to this hobby and this industry.

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Hoping the name is just a tentative one for Project Octopath Traveler.

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Might wait until after launch for more releases to materialize, but I do want one from what was shown at the reveal event.

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"It almost tanked an entire billion dollar industry"

Well, this is a new argument I've never seen before... Probably because it's incredibly stupid and shows how bitter many Wii haters still are. Want to tell me how it almost tanked the industry? I really want to know, so I can laugh at you some more. The Wii almost tanked the industry by having amazing software sales (see the attach rates for proof) and bringing more people into gaming, but AAA developmen...

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Needed boobies, blood, and brown haired straight white guy shootin' guns, but OK.

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I'm very happy to see Bomberman back on a home console. The game looked fun, too.

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The WinStore needed improvements long ago, but at least they're finally coming.

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Yeah, the Switch definitely doesn't have that much third-party support. Couldn't buy any third-party games at all for the Switch as of right now. /s

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I got to play Aqua Moto Racing Utopia, and loved it. It was like a spiritual successor to Wave Race 64 but with more content. Too bad the price tag was so high, though.

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Have to put it out to pasture, for sure.

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Sounds massive.

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I remember starting out with Star Fox Zero's tutorial and going, "WTF am I supposed to do!?!"

By the end of my experience with the game, I was flying around using the TV screen, pointing the GamePad slightly to the side to shoot enemies out of my traditional line of sight, and getting all the medals in the game. Really rewarding experience, but there is a barrier of entry, for sure!

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Definitely. Idiotic to put it right between CoD and EA's own Battlefield.

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When I just saw the story image I got confused, thinking "Titanfall 2 actually SURPRISED me with how good it was." Then, I read the article and was just nodding my head through the whole thing. :)

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We're not even a 4K household yet, and here comes 8K. :O

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