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No worries at all. Sonic 1 definitely would have been on the list otherwise. :)

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That's because Sonic didn't release at launch for the Mega Drive/Genesis (the system came out in 1989 while Sonic launched in '91), nor was MediEvil a PS1 launch title. :P

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I need to first pick up the Mass Effect Trilogy to get into this series. Too many games already this year, but that's a good problem to have!

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We'll be playing something fantastic either way. :)

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Horizon is going to have to wait unless I'm unable to get a Switch for Zelda. Both are going to be awesome regardless.

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I'm excited for this one. If I'm unable to get a Switch immediately for Zelda, I'm definitely going to get this. Regardless, I'm going to play it and probably love it.

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Breath of the Wild's 10/10 makes this EDGE's 19th 10/10. The last was Bloodborne.

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These aren't the types of games that would appeal to me for the Switch, but obviously that doesn't mean they wouldn't bolster the library. I'm hoping the Switch becomes a destination for all those 3DS budget and Vita budget and type gaming experiences. That would rock for me.

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Part 16 had Prince Vorkken, or Vorkkie as Wonder Pink liked to call him. :)

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Especially if there's some longevity, side quests, and enough enjoyment to play through it more than once!

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I actually prefer Woolly World to Yoshi's Island for reasons like it being less stressful to get 100% each level. Will get this just to have an excuse to play it again but on the go.

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I played it for 31 hours, and just scratched the surface of post-game content. A lot of good stuff in Fusions to be found, that's for sure! :)

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The original Zelda games, despite me growing up with them, have always kicked my ass. They're quite challenging!

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The Kickstarter page has numerous typos on it, which is odd for something with this talent behind it.

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No sales numbers have been revealed, but I recall Sony saying it exceeded expectations. Who knows what the expectations were, though.

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I would love Microsoft to look back at its treasure trove of franchises that they're just letting languish. Less focus on Halo, Gears, and Forza (not saying to never make them again), more focus on Mech Assault, Crimson Skies, Rare's IPs, etc.

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Thanks, Microsoft, and the many Xbox owners who happily shelled out even more money for what should be free, giving both Sony and now Nintendo rationale for charging for online.

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Always amuses me how some of you have to bring up other consoles in these types of articles to either continue your pathetic console warriorism towards companies that don't care at all about you or have to rationalize your choice of console.

Fanthings being fanthings. Again. Grow up. You're an embarrassment to this hobby and this industry.

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Hoping the name is just a tentative one for Project Octopath Traveler.

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Might wait until after launch for more releases to materialize, but I do want one from what was shown at the reveal event.

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