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...Did you read the article? That might help. Seriously...

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Huh? Nintendo Treehouse is one of the best with jazzing up games and reworking dialogue to fit their games with personality. Am I misunderstanding you?

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Ooh! A mix of classic and modern sensibilities in the level design, then? That sounds awesome!

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Well, to be fair, I haven't played Arkham Knight yet for a good reason, so not always! :)

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One of the games I really want when I get a PS4!

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I made several friends take their PS4's back to the store. They became shells of men and women after the Metacritic went down.

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People are actually getting upset over this? Holy crap does Metacritic have so many of you by the balls. Does this ruin your enjoyment of Uncharted 4 in any way? If it does, that's just incredibly pathetic.

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Overwatch looks like my type of game. I love the color and personality presented!

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This is DLC done right, imo.

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Why'd you and all these people click on the article, then, if no one cares, especially you? Seems counterintuitive. Sorry, but it seems like this article from some random site really hurt a lot of people's feelings. Hilariously so, too.

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I'd love an E3 2006 style coming out party for the NX. I hope Nintendo's event to showcase the system is more like the Wii and how exciting that was instead of the wet fart the Wii U's unveiling was.

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Interested in seeing some gameplay for sure.

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Splatoon isn't an FPS (it's in the third person), but I know what you meant by that.

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Not much of a wait now!

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Looks like there will be a lot of longevity with this game for achievement hunters!

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Yeah, I like the pace as well. Nice and easy!

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As a casual observer of Western AAA titles, I get these two games confused all of the time.

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I can definitely understand this point of view. Which title would you personally replace Dirge with?

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"Unofficial data source VGChartz "

That's putting it mildly. Sorry, I don't understand why people continue to take this site seriously. It always fudges the numbers and then stealthily adds the real ones when they're given by the publishers, if they're ever even given. The site is the greatest con in gaming.

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I really dig the art style. It's refreshing for this type of game.

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