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Nintendo didn't publish Binding, so why are you trying to blame Nintendo for under producing a game that they have nothing to do with? Looking for another avenue to vent about Nintendo in an unrelated news article? Pretty pathetic, bro.

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Yeah, Best Buy was where I found my copy. :)

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Smart alleck answer: You could always buy a Wii U instead!

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It's amazing how GG went from Killzone to this. I'm excited to get the game from the library next week!

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I'm probably going to hold off for a hopeful sale. It depends on how this one sells, as those titles that do well for Nintendo don't generally go down in price that soon unlike the games that bomb.

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Have noticed the better controls immediately upon downloading the patch. There's still lag online occasionally, and many features are still needing inclusion.

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I really like the art in this. This would be a game I'd be interested in if there weren't so many other games demanding my attention at the moment!

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No, Nazis are the Nazis of this generation (see; the alt-right which a lot of gamers disturbingly associate themselves with). And SJW is such a lame insult. "Curse those people that want all races and sexes included. We should be intolerant towards everyone! Yeah! Trump 2020! White is right!"

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It's 2017, though, right? :)

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Bayonetta 2 and Mario Galaxy 2 weren't to your liking, mikeslemonade? Galaxy 2 is a big surprise to me, as I consider that my favorite 3D Mario. Then again, all of this is subjective anyway! :)

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No worries at all. Sonic 1 definitely would have been on the list otherwise. :)

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That's because Sonic didn't release at launch for the Mega Drive/Genesis (the system came out in 1989 while Sonic launched in '91), nor was MediEvil a PS1 launch title. :P

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I need to first pick up the Mass Effect Trilogy to get into this series. Too many games already this year, but that's a good problem to have!

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We'll be playing something fantastic either way. :)

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Horizon is going to have to wait unless I'm unable to get a Switch for Zelda. Both are going to be awesome regardless.

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I'm excited for this one. If I'm unable to get a Switch immediately for Zelda, I'm definitely going to get this. Regardless, I'm going to play it and probably love it.

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Breath of the Wild's 10/10 makes this EDGE's 19th 10/10. The last was Bloodborne.

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These aren't the types of games that would appeal to me for the Switch, but obviously that doesn't mean they wouldn't bolster the library. I'm hoping the Switch becomes a destination for all those 3DS budget and Vita budget and type gaming experiences. That would rock for me.

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Part 16 had Prince Vorkken, or Vorkkie as Wonder Pink liked to call him. :)

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Especially if there's some longevity, side quests, and enough enjoyment to play through it more than once!

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