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When the obvious right answer is "not normalizing or condoning racism and bigotry" and you decide not to go with that, then that says more about you (Boogie in this case) than anything else. And that's not a good thing. I find him to be a coward who would rather get "nice points" and "victim points" than take a stand on intolerance.

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"You fascists who want everyone destroyed... [more racist grandpa-styled diarrhea]"

No one is censoring or banning anybody and that was not mentioned anywhere in the article (that you obviously didn't read), so your post is off topic and a waste of time at best and some alt-right outburst that would be more appropriate for Breitbart's comment sections than this one at worst. I don't know what I expected comment-wise, though. This is the same site who h...

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No, you're able and free to disagree with "mainstream opinions" like bigotry and racism are awful. You just look like an intolerant backwoods hick when you do. And if you read the article, you'd see why being "in the middle" in this situation (there's a whole damn paragraph or two discussing that) is idiotic. Let me post it for you, since you seem to not be able to read it on the site:

"But, really, what is the middle ground between &quo...

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@00 Hmm. You alt-right losers have your own buzzwords like "cuck" "snowflake" "trigger" and yet you're very bothered (triggered) by JonTron (who wished Playtonic the best regardless) no longer having a part in Playtonic's game. Why is that? Why are you so quick to defend his comments? Do you agree with them? It's just easier to call you a hypocrite with no morals instead.

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@bluefox755 Um, JonTron being on record as saying non-Whites are diluting the gene pool is textbook racism. That is a fact. It also so happens to counter to my ideology, because I'm not a racist ass. If you're fine with that comment, then that says more about you as a person than anything else (and that's not a good thing). So it does both, AND it makes you wrong. So take your condescension and desire to hand wave JonTron's comments away and shove them.

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Aren't you the one that thinks the only type of racism is "one race is superior over another?" Guess what? It's not. Read the f--king Twitter conversation and stop being so damn purposefully obtuse.

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You can stop with the "one race is superior over another" thing. If you think that's the only definition of racism, then you're not very bright. If that is your only definition, then no wonder you don't get it. >_<

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Are you someone's grandpa thinking you're posting on a Rachel Maddow Show Facebook comment section? You sound just like one there with your "you lefties" nonsense. Well, except the "SJW" part. No one but alt-right losers do that. Then again, what's so wrong about wanting inclusion in our hobby? I'm sorry that we're not all anti-social losers who use sites this as a safe space to spew our bs and get hot and bothered whenever
Oh, and can you plea...

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No one is trying to silence JonTron, though. Nor is anyone threatening his livelihood. Actually, it's the "snowflakes" (that's the language you guys use, right?) that are trying to ruin Playtonic's livelihood by saying they're cancelling their pre-orders (or whatever lame thing that won't hurt the company in the long run). JonTron was simply called out for saying stupid racist $#$%. He has the right to his opinion, no matter how bigoted, and everyone else has the...

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Speculation? What is this, then? Were these made up to hurt poor JonTron?

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I think Playtonic can feel good about people who side with a racist (it's in JonTron's tweets, it's in his discussion with Destiny-- his words are blatantly there) not buying their game. The youth of the world go against racism, but many gamers don't or don't give a damn at all, instead calling people "SJWs" for having the gall to not like it when someone says a race of people dilute the gene pool. Funny how much of a deplorable community this hobby has.

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Really amazing!

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Sounds like you're doing some wishful thinking with the "before the system flops" talk. You should quit the pretense with the "unfortunately that will happen much sooner" and just go full console warrior and just get hard at daydreaming about that, bud. Then again, being a console warrior/fanboy towards a soulless corporation and hating the competition (even though competition is good for the industry) is encouraged on this site. Very pathetic community here, N4G has. ...

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Nintendo didn't publish Binding, so why are you trying to blame Nintendo for under producing a game that they have nothing to do with? Looking for another avenue to vent about Nintendo in an unrelated news article? Pretty pathetic, bro.

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Yeah, Best Buy was where I found my copy. :)

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Smart alleck answer: You could always buy a Wii U instead!

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It's amazing how GG went from Killzone to this. I'm excited to get the game from the library next week!

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I'm probably going to hold off for a hopeful sale. It depends on how this one sells, as those titles that do well for Nintendo don't generally go down in price that soon unlike the games that bomb.

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Have noticed the better controls immediately upon downloading the patch. There's still lag online occasionally, and many features are still needing inclusion.

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