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I have no idea which one you are talking about, but whoever it is, I hope that character suits you and will have zero things that put you off.

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I'm going to get it no matter what the date is! I hope it runs better on Vita (edit: if true, ofc) than Jak & Daxter and Full Frontal Assault.

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Only if you're not selling the 3DS, which was profitable day one.

Also, if you're trying to argue that software is where money is made, you're right, but that argument actually benefits Nintendo more than Microsoft. lol

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Two of those are on the list, and a lot of the multi games (in fact all of them) are available on the Xbox 360 and some on the Xbox One.

If you're upset because there are no exclusives, then that is your prerogative. Just don't think we need to include QTE: The Game to justify our list to you.

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For consoles, Microsoft led again, but hardware-wise, Nintendo won for the second straight month with the 3DS.

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This is stupid.

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I managed to get all of the Rayman Origins trophies, so I'm excited to see if I could get all the Rayman Legends ones.

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I thought the first game was trash, the second was pretty fun, as was the third. Though things like synchronized swimming in the third did not work well with the Wii Remote at all. I'm interested in renting this one, as there are too many titles for the holiday season I already want.

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You do realize that Fez wasn't just released in Japan like Pikmin 3 only was, right?

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It was also available on Nintendo's site for sale.

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Thanks for clarifying!

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Thanks for the quick reply!

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Hopefully it all starts off well with Pikmin 3 next month (for us North American people). I wonder if it will boost Wii U system sales significantly in Japan, since it released this past week.

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Is this game still free to play and extra characters cost money? I'd prefer a retail release with everything. Killer Instinct deserves it.

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"All fanboys are so defensive."

Fixed that for you.

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If you think Nintendo games are being designed only for children audiences, then you haven't a clue. Or maybe I should write like you. You HAVEN'T A CLUE.

This is the same nonsense that Nintendo games are kiddy that happened during the GameCube era. Step your game up, haters. Calling Nintendo games only for children is such old, lazy trolling.

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Not that hard to have predicted this after both E3 2011 and especially E3 2012... Though I do love how people like you are coming out of the woodwork saying "I called it!" like it's some impressive feat or that they're happy that a game system is doing poorly. I thought we were gamers who wanted our industry to do well... Guess not.

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Yeah. The damn gimmicks no one uses to this day that they made famous for dedicated gaming like the d-pad, analog stick, dual screens, touch screen, and motion controls!

You sound bitter. :/

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This is like the third article you've come in and said "Wii U is last gen-- disagree me, now."

Are you mentally okay? Did a Wii U touch you in a naughty place as a kid or something?

The console wars on this site and with so many of you-- holy shit.

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You're not so evil after all! ;P

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