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So this is one video game publisher corporate suck-up article. EDIT: And it starts off with something similar to a straw man argument. Not a good read. D:

It's like the author saw how much the "Ubisoft are jerks" article got in the way of hits on N4G and thought up a way to try to get even more hits and/or controversy. (i.e. a typical games journalism tactic) #5
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I can taste your rage towards Nintendo and its fans.

Yours is one of the most pathetic and bitter posts I've ever seen on this site. Such anger over video games. So freaking pitiful. XD #1.1
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The fact of the matter is that SE released Dragon Quest X on a console that at the time had already been abandoned by Nintendo for the Wii U. Not to mention they released the game on a system with a very weak online infrastructure. No wonder sales weren't great in the long run. #30
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Articles like this only make Wii U owners look bad. Somehow yes, it makes them look worse than the trolls that get their rocks off to bad news regarding the system or anything else.

Also, boycotting the game will not hurt anyone but the innocent dev team who got screwed over from the suits' decision. This is the same dev team that worked many hours of overtime just to get the game to the release date they thought was at the end of this month.

Ubisoft as a... #1
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Simply reading the summary where it says "UK software sales for Wii U last month were rather abysmal. Just 34,000 games were sold in the territory throughout January" should have made it obvious, and you didn't even have to visit the site to see it. #45.1
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Comments from fanboys like you do nothing but perpetuate the stereotype that gamers have the maturity of 12 year-olds. Congrats.

I'd LMFAO at you, but I just feel incredibly embarrassed for you... Too bad. Maybe one day you'll exit middle school and grow up. #40.1
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Arguing that Nintendo was "arrogant" to release "a current gen console" is pretty ignorant of a side to take.

Nintendo went with lesser power because they honest to God cannot compete in an arms race with Sony and Microsoft. They don't have the resources, any TV, computer, or film division to bail them out of any failure like the other two do, and they simply couldn't support a high price console. Satoru Iwata even said the first part himself.
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Did a Nintendo fanboy beat you up as a kid (that would be, what, two years ago?) and now you get your revenge on them by trolling their favorite company?

I don't know who is more pathetic here. Them or you. Nah, it's you. #19.1.1
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There is no losing money in releasing the already finished Wii U version first and then releasing the other versions that probably just started later, so I have no idea what you are on about, nor how it relates to what I said. The point is that those (Wii U owners or not) would be able to play the game in three weeks as opposed to seven months from now. Not that hard a concept to get... #2.2
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By delaying the Wii U version when it was basically complete is punishing ALL gamers who wanted to play the title, whether they had the system, were going to buy the system for the game, or were going to use a friend's Wii U to play it-- not just Wii U owners. Don't post saying something silly like "journalism at its finest" when you clearly didn't think things out well enough.

EDIT: And you have a history of *insert company here* (*cough* Sony *cough*)... #2.1
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Well said. #10.1
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Until the Wii U starts getting system sellers (which don't seem to be coming for some time), the console will continue to stay irrelevant in terms of market share and mind share. Nintendo absolutely screwed up big this generation (their one year lead will amount to jack), and something (or someone) has got to go. #9
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It's the Rayman news, which Rich at IGN posted on Twitter: "Yes this is the news. It's pretty significant. Not my problem you guys assume things, come on. Be realistic."

Well, it sort of is your problem because you used "pretty interesting news" again after knowing you did for that 3DS news, which turned out positive. You knew exactly what you were doing, teasing for hits on your site. Games journalism, folks. #25.1
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Also, might I add that the third-party situation on the Wii U is somehow worse than the Wii.

That is absolutely pathetic. Get your shit in order, Nintendo. #26
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The port begging is pathetic, but so is the demographic of N4G so not surprised. #22
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Somehow you have four bubbles with comments like wanting a game company to go out of business (screw how that would negatively affect the industry! I want people to suffer because I have an agenda!) and calling things "not real gaming."

Congrats. You have the most pathetic fanboy-esque post I have ever read on N4G. That is really hard to do, but you managed to do it. Congrats. And the five people who are fanboys that agreed with you can go away too.

... #6.2
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The price is a placeholder because of how Amazon operates. They have a preorder price guarantee. If Amazon has a preorder price at $39.99 and Nintendo announces the game for $59.99, Amazon has to sell you the game for their $39.99 price. That is why it is $59.99, so Amazon is simply covering their ass.

But yeah, pretend it's because Nintendo sucks or whatever. Doesn't make you look like a moron with an agenda at all.

And LOL at the person who wants Ni... #8
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You didn't even have to click on the article to see what it means for DLC. It clearly says on this page in the summary, "All of the game's future content will be handled by Sony's internal studios." #1.1.1
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"I'm sure we'll get our 3D Mario game eventually."

Which Satoru Iwata announced was coming and will be at E3 in playable form at the Nintendo Direct two weeks ago. #1.1.1
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I love NeoGAF because it's a great source of hypocrisy. I love it when they make fun of other sites for fanboyism and trolling, yet they have an (easily found) abundance of users (mods included) who act just as horribly embarrassing. If NeoGAF is the best message board this industry can come up with, then no wonder gamers are still constantly the butts of so many jokes.

As for Pachter, sites like GAF give him the attention he wants. If sites like that didn't give him... #4
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