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We need more guns, man. More violence. None of dat kiddie s%$#. I'm so hardcore. I play games wit gunz n sh$^. I be poppin' caps. We're so cool, you and I!

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Really? All of the main Rayman games have released on Nintendo platforms, Raving Rabbids did best on Nintendo platforms, don't know if the Wii version of Origins sold best.

It's not out of the realm of possibility, but I don't see Rayman's inclusion in Smash Bros. happening.

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The Wii version has been done, though, for a while now.

It's the 3DS version that would be the one that would sell best in Japan, as the country is much more handheld-focused than console-focused.

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You constantly stir things up by trolling people, insulting your fans and act like a petulant child, and then wonder why people don't like you and attack right back, you are not very bright of a person. This was Phil Fish's problem. He needs some kind of professional help. I don't say that in a joking/condescending way either.

You don't act like he does to fans and not get called out for it. If he couldn't take it, he shouldn't have escalated it.

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Hey! I'm doing my best!

(Obviously I'm not the Phil you're talking about. :))

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Another rumor posted on GoNintendo proven false. The owner will post anything and everything to rile up his user base of Nintendo zealots to get more traffic. Very sad.

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Hi there. No reason not be proud of being a Halo fan. We just didn't list it as there's really not much to talk about as of yet.

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So you're a bigot, too, Killzoner99. Good to know.

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Yeah, Kotaku is like the tabloid of gaming journalism, an already laughable concept.

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Of all the games to choose, they chose Pikmin 3? It's sort of flawed to think one game proves something while ignoring the several that show otherwise.

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I wouldn't even bother. That was just an incredibly lazy trolling attempt, probably made to antagonize.

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Yes, which makes it worse. I'm talking about how the actual piece is written. It's speculation that is baseless and trying to come off as fact. The misleading headline even begins the deceitful article.

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This article is merely speculating, yet it's posted as fact. Awesome games journalism right here, folks.

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Well to be fair, Nintendo EAD has two of the best reviewed games of the generation and of all time with Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. I think they might even have a higher MC rating than the awesome The Last of Us.

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I have no idea which one you are talking about, but whoever it is, I hope that character suits you and will have zero things that put you off.

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I'm going to get it no matter what the date is! I hope it runs better on Vita (edit: if true, ofc) than Jak & Daxter and Full Frontal Assault.

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Only if you're not selling the 3DS, which was profitable day one.

Also, if you're trying to argue that software is where money is made, you're right, but that argument actually benefits Nintendo more than Microsoft. lol

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Two of those are on the list, and a lot of the multi games (in fact all of them) are available on the Xbox 360 and some on the Xbox One.

If you're upset because there are no exclusives, then that is your prerogative. Just don't think we need to include QTE: The Game to justify our list to you.

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For consoles, Microsoft led again, but hardware-wise, Nintendo won for the second straight month with the 3DS.

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This is stupid.

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