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I'm personally tired of the Kitase's fascination with Lightning and wanting her to slam her down every gamer's throat.

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So... game characters that are beloved and star in games that are still of the utmost quality (let's pick Mario and Luigi for now) should be killed and have no more games released for them because the author is tired of them?

Yeah, that's not selfish and entitled at all.

Saw the word "rehash" a lot. Did you go to the University of GameFAQs, too?

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Speak for yourself, Mr. Hyde.

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That was the tipping point at least. I've seen the argument go around at many other venues, N4G included.

EDIT: It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back (i.e. it was the same old argument I've seen elsewhere but this time on a new site boiling down to "Wii didn't win because reasons." I felt the need to write about it.

EDIT 2: It's very easy to see who has actually read the article before commenting. Those of you ...

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Totally agreed! One would have thought it dropped support to work on Wii U games, but then the Wii U launched with missing promised titles that were delayed a year. I don't get Nintendo sometimes.

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Hey NYC_Gamer. The PS2 also had much more third-party support, so that's a very good reason why.

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The PS2, NES, SNES, and every other leading system received tons of shovelware. Perhaps those systems weren't wins for gamers, either, by your logic?

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Actually, if you read the article, the attach rate for the Wii rivaled, but was lower than the 360 and PS3. Software sold rather well on the Wii, many of which, of course, being Nintendo's own titles. You don't sell over 20 million copies of Mario Kart Wii from people who have put their systems in a closet.

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I'm confused. This is the fourth Mario & Sonic game.

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Total ripoff of Madden NFL '99.

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Cautiously interested...

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Better check again.

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I just read the score. Bad review.

Nah, I'm kidding. It was an informative review. I don't like how you can't play against CPU opponents offline. That is just an astounding omission to me.

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If it wasn't obvious, it was a tongue in cheek comment and in jest. Please don't take it seriously.

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Can't really fix 20 years of third-party mistakes in one meeting.

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The Virtual Boy was not Nintendo's main console at the time, nor was it meant to be, so that doesn't really work.

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Of course they're working on a new console already. That's generally how it works.

One console down, start R&D on the next.

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How Nintendo could release something fictional... Great basis of a story.

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Dualshockers continues their agenda.

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So it means nothing really and Dualshockers once again posted a rumor with a click bait title and little actual fact-checking? I would have never expected that.

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