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Some would say that people looking forward to this game are only doing so because it's one of the few games coming out for Wii U. I say I am looking forward to this game because it looks charming, awesome, and most importantly, fun. #1
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After I posted that I saw the update, downloaded it, looked up what it did, and lo and behold!

tl;dr - Yep! Thanks. :) #1.1.1
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The game freezing when one backs out of it on the Wii U keeps me from downloading it. That's the system I want the game on because of off-TV play. #1
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I can see someone in the TV's reflection! Not bragging as it is easy to see, but still. I found it funny! :)

EDIT: It takes little to amuse me tonight apparently. #1
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I just wish it wasn't $14.99. It would be much easier to jump on if it were a tad less. #1.1
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^ EDIT: heh I edited that to be nicer, but I think it's still mean of me. :) #1.1.4
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Thanks for that, LOGICWINS. I'll file that under the "no shit" category.

I'm saying it's not an original article or an original topic to discuss. That is all.

It'd be just like if we had 500 "Why the Xbox 360 rules" articles. Too much of anything is bad. Thanks for misconstruing what I was saying. #1.1.2
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You should have just posted "wait until GDC." Then after GDC, "wait until E3." And then after E3, "wait until Tokyo Game Show." And so forth.

That said, these negative articles showcase nothing new in the field of originality, so there's no point approving them (unless you are a fan-thing that thinks that approving negative Vita articles is "owning Sony fans" or whatever nonsense). And no, writer of this article, I will not follow y... #1.1
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"everyone is getting tired of Mario games"

*sees the great sales for Mario games*

Sorry. You are mostly incorrect. (Edit: You have some form of being correct with the NSMB series.) As a general rule, never use massive generalizations like "everyone" and "all." Instead, please speak for yourself. There are plenty who are excited for Mario because each game is not the same. It'd be different if each Mario game was of the same g... #10.1
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If only the game were being released in February or April. March is packed as it is, Wii U included (Monster Hunter and LEGO City). Still, good work and effort by a developer should be rewarded, plus I missed this game on the other platforms. I might check out the Wii U version. #29
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The article isn't asking about the future of Nintendo or any company. The article is clearly talking about the future of the Wii U, which people who own one or are interested in getting good games care about. Not that difficult.

Thanks for clearly not reading and wasting both of our time. As for why you, because God needed a punchline. #1.2
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Your reprieve will be extremely momentary. :( #1.1
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The only offensive thing here is you posting your opinion as fact. Speak for yourself next time. #6.1
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So this is one video game publisher corporate suck-up article. EDIT: And it starts off with something similar to a straw man argument. Not a good read. D:

It's like the author saw how much the "Ubisoft are jerks" article got in the way of hits on N4G and thought up a way to try to get even more hits and/or controversy. (i.e. a typical games journalism tactic) #5
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I can taste your rage towards Nintendo and its fans.

Yours is one of the most pathetic and bitter posts I've ever seen on this site. Such anger over video games. So freaking pitiful. XD #1.1
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The fact of the matter is that SE released Dragon Quest X on a console that at the time had already been abandoned by Nintendo for the Wii U. Not to mention they released the game on a system with a very weak online infrastructure. No wonder sales weren't great in the long run. #30
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Articles like this only make Wii U owners look bad. Somehow yes, it makes them look worse than the trolls that get their rocks off to bad news regarding the system or anything else.

Also, boycotting the game will not hurt anyone but the innocent dev team who got screwed over from the suits' decision. This is the same dev team that worked many hours of overtime just to get the game to the release date they thought was at the end of this month.

Ubisoft as a... #1
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Simply reading the summary where it says "UK software sales for Wii U last month were rather abysmal. Just 34,000 games were sold in the territory throughout January" should have made it obvious, and you didn't even have to visit the site to see it. #45.1
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Comments from fanboys like you do nothing but perpetuate the stereotype that gamers have the maturity of 12 year-olds. Congrats.

I'd LMFAO at you, but I just feel incredibly embarrassed for you... Too bad. Maybe one day you'll exit middle school and grow up. #40.1
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Arguing that Nintendo was "arrogant" to release "a current gen console" is pretty ignorant of a side to take.

Nintendo went with lesser power because they honest to God cannot compete in an arms race with Sony and Microsoft. They don't have the resources, any TV, computer, or film division to bail them out of any failure like the other two do, and they simply couldn't support a high price console. Satoru Iwata even said the first part himself.
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