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Yep, I just did that to your pathetic and butthurt comment. Put me on ignore already, big boy, I'm tired of your stupid and lame comebacks.

I'm sure it's easier to ignore one person than it is an entire site. Quick, come up with some lame statement about how I should just ignore N4G instead of wanting it to grow up. That will CERTAINLY help this site-- ignoring the problem.

Ugh. At least I can put you on my ignore list. There. Done. #15.1.1
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We mentioned Tales of Vesperia is only exclusive in the West to the 360 in the description of that game.

As for Ninja Gaiden II vanilla version, that is still exclusive to the 360.

Thanks for the comment! #1.1
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I'd say something nice about the Wii U, but that would just get the most disagrees while blatant trolling will get the most agrees.

Oh, N4G, you are a perfect reason as to why the mainstream world laughs at gamers. #15
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RUMOR: Rockstar doesn't even try building a new audience with Wii U owners, and if Wii U starts selling better than it is now, Rockstar still won't because they don't want to admit they were wrong, still think third-parties don't sell on Nintendo systems, thus creating yet another self-fulfilling prophecy. #3
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I wish I could afford one, as there ARE games I'm wanting. Those who say there's no games have their heads buried in the sand. #1
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It's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. Third-parties say the install base is too small, so they don't release games. However, games are the thing that get people interested in a console. Then Nintendo doesn't try to overshadow third-parties at launch(something third-parties complain about often) so Nintendo doesn't release much. Third-parties then are still unhappy.

Meanwhile, consoles with zero install base (PS4 and NextBox) are already getting loads of supp... #8
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I've pretty much surrendered the idea that Nintendo would ever get their third-party situation, especially with the West, in high gear. Nintendo consistently makes the same broken promises ("oh, we'll have third-parties on board", "oh, we won't have a drought", "oh, we won't overprice our system", etc.).

The Wii U constantly gets nothing but bad news. However, somehow I'm still enjoying my system. I know that I will not own a... #32
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That's also a great one. We've previously listed the Colossus of Rhodes from GoWII and the Minotaur from the original GoW. Poseidon will most likely be in a future installment of our ongoing series. #3.2
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We haven't listed those before, so thanks for those ideas for future installments! #1.1.1
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There wasn't even as much genre fatigue for me with the 90's platformer craze than there is for me and FPS games. (And the 90's platformer craze was immense.) So tired of this schlock and it getting hyped all the time, bought by some many. I understand they are fun, but in small doses. I don't need a new FPS every week. Perhaps that's why I'm hoping the Wii U finally does well, because just like the Wii, that system seems like it could offer more variety than a plethor... #1.2
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A relaunch with a strong marketing campaign, ads which clearly state that the Wii U is not an add-on to the Wii, and a price cut with a steady supply of games alongside it would make the Wii U do better. Without a steady supply of games, a price cut would be a really short term solution that wouldn't do much for the long term. #2
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Yes, but you say it like Nintendo won't be at E3 at all. They will, they just won't have a presentation. E3 is also becoming less and less important, as the past years have clearly shown. #4.1.3
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This is really awesome. I love Miiverse, and now I can easily share screens and pictures done in Miiverse. I don't need to take press shots for reviews-- I can take my own now! :D #1
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Why bother competing at E3 when there's two important consoles going to be fighting it out for attention?

Nintendo can plan their own events on their own time and dime, get media attention, and be the talk of the day or week they plan their own event. They won't have to compete for attention that way. I like the idea. I don't think it will be just Nintendo Directs either. #4.1
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I liked The Lost Frontier and Daxter on PSP, but it would have been nice to see Naughty Dog back on a true platformer. They seem to care more about making games as close to blockbuster action movies as possible now. #3.2
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Good picks, WiiUsauce. We were deliberating and deliberating so much on this list! #4.1
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Yes. Another great choice! #2.1
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The moment people stop giving attention to people who think humor comes from being controversial, the better. #11
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Can't wait. I'm excited to see the pace of releases. Hopefully it won't be one game a week like the 3DS, but then again, it's Nintendo... #6
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Agreed on the account system, definitely.

But I see why releases are staggered. It's so games aren't overlooked. If all released at the same time, people would only play and buy the popular games and ignore the lesser titles. #1.1
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