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Why bother competing at E3 when there's two important consoles going to be fighting it out for attention?

Nintendo can plan their own events on their own time and dime, get media attention, and be the talk of the day or week they plan their own event. They won't have to compete for attention that way. I like the idea. I don't think it will be just Nintendo Directs either. #4.1
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I liked The Lost Frontier and Daxter on PSP, but it would have been nice to see Naughty Dog back on a true platformer. They seem to care more about making games as close to blockbuster action movies as possible now. #3.2
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Good picks, WiiUsauce. We were deliberating and deliberating so much on this list! #4.1
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Yes. Another great choice! #2.1
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The moment people stop giving attention to people who think humor comes from being controversial, the better. #11
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Can't wait. I'm excited to see the pace of releases. Hopefully it won't be one game a week like the 3DS, but then again, it's Nintendo... #6
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Agreed on the account system, definitely.

But I see why releases are staggered. It's so games aren't overlooked. If all released at the same time, people would only play and buy the popular games and ignore the lesser titles. #1.1
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I think there's some confusion with this article, and people are just reading the headline and nothing else.

We're not saying the Xbox 360 lost to the PS3 in sales, or that Microsoft is the loser in the console wars. What we're saying is that the PS3 had more features and games that appealed to us personally, and that's how it won to us. Just our opinion. The fact of the matter is that the 360 did phenomenally and Sony stumbled quite a bit compared to last gen... #18
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No, I am referring to commenters on SPC. Kietz is just fine. He didn't call anyone names, act fanboy-ish or be totally disrespectful. #13.1.1
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We're already getting comments on the site from very angry (most likely fanboys of other consoles) gamers. And some of you wonder why this industry isn't taken seriously when we have people who get their pants in a wad over something that isn't for once a negative article in the game industry.

EDIT: And this article's intention was not to make people angry for the minority that is. Sorry about that. #13
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I could be a jerk and make fun of you by saying:

"Oooh! Another person who didn't read the article and made some silly knee-jerk reaction post because if they actually did read it, they would see how the opinions are backed up instead of just saying Sony is the bestest", but I'm trying to be better about that. #9.1
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I actually got it at Best Buy for the same price. It's a steal for a game that I think is not only awesome but the most enhanced version of the game. #1.3
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That's what's great. There aren't just five Batman games that are good. It was hard to come up with a list that we could agree on. #3.1
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Seriously. The marketing team needs to be fired. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the whole company needs a shake up. #1.2.12
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It's okay. Apology accepted. My intention was not to come off as a troll. There's enough of that in the industry, in the media, and on message boards as it is. I don't want to contribute to that. Our articles on SPC try to be as rational as possible, but sometimes we do get a little crazy. I hope this article is not viewed as more crazy than rational. #15.2
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I was going to give you an actual response to your PM you sent me (which actually had some good points to it), but then I saw this incredibly rude comment. It seems no matter what I'd say you'd dismiss me like you've dismissed our site. I'm sorry you disagreed with my article, and I'm sorry you will not be returning to our site. #15.1
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I found LEGO City to be my favorite Wii U game so far. So funny, full of content, and fun. A lot of reviewers liked it actually. #2.1.3
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I think that's the problem Nintendo has right now. They really can't just snap their fingers and make games finished, even though right now they sort of need to to have something, anything on the market.

Nintendo thought third-parties were going to support the Wii U and the company wouldn't need to develop so many games at first. Iwata was once again wrong in his assumption, unbelievably. #2.1.1
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You explained your side of the argument very well, Thirty3Three. Now I know why ZombiU is not the unsung hero of 2012. If you have any other thoughts on various games and subjects that you'd like to elaborate as well along the lines of "Um. No", then please tell me so I can read it. I look forward to your in-depth analysis! #2.2
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Excited not just for E3, but hopefully a new Wii U-related Nintendo Direct! #5
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