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If it wasn't obvious, it was a tongue in cheek comment and in jest. Please don't take it seriously.

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Can't really fix 20 years of third-party mistakes in one meeting.

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The Virtual Boy was not Nintendo's main console at the time, nor was it meant to be, so that doesn't really work.

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Of course they're working on a new console already. That's generally how it works.

One console down, start R&D on the next.

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How Nintendo could release something fictional... Great basis of a story.

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Dualshockers continues their agenda.

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So it means nothing really and Dualshockers once again posted a rumor with a click bait title and little actual fact-checking? I would have never expected that.

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I meant incompetent with how they handled the Wii U.

- Had six years to prepare for HD development yet were still blindsided

- Further ruined third-party relations

- Called the system the Wii U despite the 3DS/DS having brand confusion prior to that

- Did not read the market correctly at all

That's why I think they were incompetent and not at all arrogant. Sorry for not explaining further with my initia...

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It has nothing to do with arrogance and everything to do with incompetence.

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Yeah! Put games in the Xbox One and PS4! Nintendo was hardly ready for HD development on Xbox 360-like hardware, so an even greater jump is a great idea!

And when Nintendo is ready to return to consoles, I'm sure consumers will not wait for their games to come to their competitors' systems!

Man, Pachter. You're so damn SMART, and the people suggesting you're right are FREAKING GENIUSES!

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Unfortunately a lot of gamers were happily wishing the Wii U death and proclaiming it was dead years before it came out. Not because of writing on the wall-- no, it's because they wanted it to happen. It's rather sad. We should want consoles to do well, especially ones that try to be different. The fact that some are relishing the fact that the Wii U is a current failure is absolutely pathetic.

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Considering most video game stories are laughable, and that if I wanted a good story I'd read a book or watch a movie, I play video games for the gameplay. It seems some gamers have lost the narrative on what this hobby is supposed to be about.

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Why was it okay to compare the PS3's library to the Wii U's launch library, but now we're not allowed to compare sales between the two? We were also not allowed to compare the Wii U's library with the PS4's launch library because "that's not fair." The double standards are laughable at best and pathetic at worst.

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I don't think you comprehend. They were nominated-- they did NOT win.

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It's amazing how unprepared Nintendo has been this generation.

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I want this game, but I still have GT 5 XL to play!

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I really enjoy ND Cube's mini-games in their Mario Party titles, but the actual boards feature way more luck than anything in the Hudson-developed games.

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Oh! Thanks for catching that! Why would people approve a dead link? D:

EDIT: Story is updated. Thanks Sentient545 and linkenski!

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We're glad it got some activity! Was it looking grim when it first popped up?

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