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Hey sean_35. You actually mentioned a lot of the points I went over. I don't know if I want to say "great minds think alike", as you might not want to be compared to me! lol

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I feel the majority of people who think Nintendo going third-party would be a good idea are only saying so for very selfish reasons and only interest them and aren't beneficial for Nintendo if one thinks about the scenario for more than five seconds.

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That's very true, if you ignore the article entirely, put your hands over your eyes and ears and go "I'm not listening! I'm not listening!"

Instead of presenting a counterargument, all you have said is "there's no reason why Nintendo shouldn't go third-party because I basically ignored every argument Phil made because I said so." Why not actually, y'know, present an actual argument instead of posting something that is practically wo...

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God, that picture and that journalist still both piss me off. haha

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If they both had the same exact content, yes, but since they have different sets of stages and collectible trophies (and probably a mode or two difference), I think it was wise.

I definitely wouldn't have been able to buy both if they released on the same day, and delaying the 3DS version just to release after the Wii U version, the one that takes the most work, wouldn't have made me happy. I think a lot of fans can agree... hopefully! heh

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If you read the article instead of wanting the first comment, you'd see how one affects the other.

EDIT: Seeing a commenter who doesn't apparently read articles before he/she comments on them have so many bubbles is sort of telling of the state of N4G. Le sigh.

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Most likely, yes. I'd also think they want to see how the 3DS version is received and make appropriate refinements to the Wii U version.

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Sorry, but you're talking out of your ass. :/

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I think it is practically guaranteed that the Wii U version will get a mode of its own.

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This blog epitomizes a large problem with N4G and the majority of its users-- fanboys defending fanboyism while attacking other fanboys. It makes the industry look immature, which it is. Congrats.

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Pretty much. Well said.

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It's a place that makes me think twice about replaying The Lost Age.

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I definitely see how it was fun for some. This is just a subjective list anyway, so it's not as if we're trying to pass off our choices as cold, hard facts.

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We actually did Titan Joker in our first part of this series. Great minds think alike! ;)

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I'd say Nintendo doesn't get "Parental Controls" for online gaming. Mario Kart 8 could have it so parents could disallow voice chat for their kids, while Nintendo maintains its family friendly image and pleases gamers like us.

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You missed the point of the editorial entirely, if that's what you got from reading it. :/

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Yeah... the point of this article went over your head. At no point did I say I buy anything based on hype or popularity or for anyone to do such a thing. I also did not ever even mention only owning a Wii U and Vita.

I also never said I didn't own any others either, or whether one platform was better than another so I don't understand your post at all. I'm sort of thinking you didn't even read the article, which is sort of counterproductive to discussion, no? ...

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Putting up something libelous that could be a detriment to a guy's career and could ruin any future possibility of being hired is a HUGE DEAL. A lifetime ban is hardly ridiculous.

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I think both of those are worth a lot in complete form! I use a site called VGPC to determine values.

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Plus a lot of GBA cartridges' save batteries die. I know mine did for Pokemon Ruby.

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