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Aquamarine, a poster on NeoGAF, posted actual numbers with actual merit to them, and without needing to click bait or stir the pot.

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And for an article with a headline starting off with "Facts", the 6 million is more than half of 10 million.

Also, the article leaves out some very important details, like the aforementioned $50 price of the Dreamcast at the time.

Unbiased journalism-- the type that this industry is used to, unfortunately.

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Sega didn't really have much money is a big factor to what killed the Dreamcast. We have to remember that Sega was coming off multiple failed systems, unlike Nintendo.

I dunno. It just seems like a lot of so-called gamers are really obsessed with the Wii U's failure. It almost seems like people are happy. Why are we supposed to be happy that one of the biggest and oldest video game creators is doing poorly? How is that good for the industry?

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Wasn't the Dreamcast $50 by the same amount of time?

Sorry if it's explained in the article. I can't open it for some reason.

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I can't trust that "it's true it is made for CASUALS" is a fact from someone who comes off as psychotic with their capital letters is performing revisionist history, and have a history of fanboy-esque comments in other stories.

That's a reason why I don't even bother debating against you. It'd be like telling modern day Nintendo their business sense nowadays is too old fashioned. They'd just go "La-la-la Can't hear you!" Much li...

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Also, I should add about Capcom, it's not really good that Capcom did poorly in the mobile space, as they are financially hurting right now.

I mean, it's great if you have a grudge and want the company to die, but even then, that's sort of pathetic to think that way.

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Hmm. Which consoles are still being supported? Which haven't had their manufacturer completely stop making new games in years now?

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It wasn't until Nintendo was winning the "console wars" nonsense.

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"if a company tries to expand their audience while kicking their main consumers to the curb,"

Nintendo didn't do really do this. On the Wii, while it did make titles for so-called "non-gamers" or "casual gamers", it still offered games like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, it brought back classic franchises like Punch-Out!! and Sin & Punishment, it made only two of the best rated games of the generation with both ...

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Good points, mr. monkeyman! A lot of what you said touched on what I said, so bravo! :)

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Hey sean_35. You actually mentioned a lot of the points I went over. I don't know if I want to say "great minds think alike", as you might not want to be compared to me! lol

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I feel the majority of people who think Nintendo going third-party would be a good idea are only saying so for very selfish reasons and only interest them and aren't beneficial for Nintendo if one thinks about the scenario for more than five seconds.

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That's very true, if you ignore the article entirely, put your hands over your eyes and ears and go "I'm not listening! I'm not listening!"

Instead of presenting a counterargument, all you have said is "there's no reason why Nintendo shouldn't go third-party because I basically ignored every argument Phil made because I said so." Why not actually, y'know, present an actual argument instead of posting something that is practically wo...

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God, that picture and that journalist still both piss me off. haha

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If they both had the same exact content, yes, but since they have different sets of stages and collectible trophies (and probably a mode or two difference), I think it was wise.

I definitely wouldn't have been able to buy both if they released on the same day, and delaying the 3DS version just to release after the Wii U version, the one that takes the most work, wouldn't have made me happy. I think a lot of fans can agree... hopefully! heh

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If you read the article instead of wanting the first comment, you'd see how one affects the other.

EDIT: Seeing a commenter who doesn't apparently read articles before he/she comments on them have so many bubbles is sort of telling of the state of N4G. Le sigh.

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Most likely, yes. I'd also think they want to see how the 3DS version is received and make appropriate refinements to the Wii U version.

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Sorry, but you're talking out of your ass. :/

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I think it is practically guaranteed that the Wii U version will get a mode of its own.

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This blog epitomizes a large problem with N4G and the majority of its users-- fanboys defending fanboyism while attacking other fanboys. It makes the industry look immature, which it is. Congrats.

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