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@LemonParty45 I like how I mention Xbox 360 and something bad about it, and the first thing someone does is go "B-B-but Sony too!"

Not everyone deals in console wars or fanboyism. Chill out. Both consoles had problems. Heck, my Wii was the first Nintendo console to break down on me.

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Might be the time to pick up Okami HD!

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I guess that's them editorializing this news. I don't see the Xbox 360 as that. It was the highest malfunctioning one, if that's what they meant.

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I'm not a big proponent of eSports, so this news doesn't affect me. Those who enjoy that kind of thing will have something to look forward to from Gears 4, which is great.

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Legend of Korra released in 2014. That's not lately.

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That was the first game on part one. Still grinds my gears.

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Definitely. This seems like a really fun setting.

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I need to play this series. I've only heard good things about it!

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As long as a shooter doesn't tell the story while forcing you to slowly walk through a linear corridor, I'm fine with it.

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As long as the frame-rate is solid, it doesn't bother me.

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Agreed. More meaty games interest me for VR. Tech demos are nice for proof of concept, but once that concept has been seen, it is a bit vapid.

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The biggest success for the Wii U for me is the best exclusives imo. Third party titles? That's definitely PS4's and Xbox One's forte, but exclusives? For now, I really like the Wii U the best. Well, technically, I like the 3DS the best, but that's splitting hairs! :)

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The news that the studio was picked up was amazing. I was hoping the talent wouldn't be split up, but I thought that was a pipe dream-- some idealistic fantasy!

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I don't think it ever is, even if the other side is cheating. Two wrongs don't make a right, after all, as cliche as that is to say. Cheaters of any type online just ruin the fun. It's a reason why I don't play much online anymore and just prefer local multiplayer or cooperative play.

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I don't think anyone is saying BC is a system seller. It's just a really nice feature to have for people who don't want to hook up two consoles when they can just have one.

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That is so silly. :(

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My only card battling game I've ever played was the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and even then I was more about collecting. haha I think that's a good thing, because I'd get WAY too addicted to playing and collecting if I did another card game now!

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Is this unofficially official, then? If it makes the vanilla PS4 a bit cheaper, that'd be great.

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I'm not really feeling VR, but that's mostly to due with the fact that I haven't been able to experience it yet. I'm sure once I do I'd be sold.

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I mentioned The Library level in Volume Eight, so we're on the same page! haha

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